My life generally functions in seasons.  I record things by week, rather than by day, and plan 3 to 4 months ahead, always.  Sometimes, I even plan 6-9 months ahead, if the future event needs that much prep time.  Mostly, my world and business work by 2 seasons – the busy season, and the slow season.  This coming weekend marks the end of my busy season with the Stronghold Renaissance Festival in Oregon, Ill.  It is a wonderful festival to end with.  Not terribly big, and the weather is quite chilly, especially at night, but it is in the woods, in the country, and many familiar faces are out to say good bye.

And then my slow season begins.  This lasts until April, when I begin making costume stock fervently for Spring festivals.  It is my desire to enter several larger festivals next year, many on the East coast, such as the Maryland Faerie Festival and the Spoutwood Farm Faerie Festival.

For now, I am entering the slow season, and trying to decide what to do with myself.  I am going to try to work on non-costume stock and become more versatile.  The coffee shop in Evanston has inspired me to make aprons, as I want funky crafty aprons to wipe my hands on at work, instead of using my new trousers.  In the brainstorming ideas for the apron, I came up with several.  This could lead a larger stock which means I will have more to offer the shops in the Chicagoland area.  I want to expand.  The question now is can I do that, and how much time will it require?

I am happy to announce that Odin and I got the apartment we were hoping for, I begin moving in on Monday, and I think I have convinced him of the wisdom of using the attic as a studio.    I am excited to begin the transformation!

I advise whatever readers there are to this infant blog to keep reading.  After Stronghold, I will more than likely have some stock left (although selling out now would be wonderful!) and as such will be offering Halloween discounts on much of the leftover stock.  If you continue reading, you will find out when I will have the stock available and get it before anyone else does!

Not to mention, I will have more updates coming shortly!

Yarn Bomber

I stopped at my dad’s house on my way through Milwaukee as I was expecting a few packages to be delivered.  Seeing as how I do not yet have a stable address I felt it was safest to have them delivered there.  I received several catalogs concerning yarn and the yarn craft.  I was reminded of Yarn Bombing.

popping the graffiti cherryIn New York last fall, in the middle of my East Coast Road Trip, I spent an hour or so in a bookstore waiting for a friend.  I am not a city person, and to avoid the over-stimulation from the crowds, I tend to retreat to safe zones.  Safe zones are primarily coffee shops and book stores.  In this case, I sat down in the “craft” isle and began pulling books off the shelves.  One such book was on yarn graffiti as an emerging art form, what it means, and where it’s going. It’s voice was telling me to be brave, be creative, and leave my mark.

I finally did, in Dallas, Texas the following spring (see above). My daughter and I had finished our tour of the Dallas World Aquarium and were waiting for Odin to get out of a meeting.  We decided to play in the park across from our hotel until he called.  I saw the bench, sat down, and quickly made the little sleeve to sew around the arm.  It felt amazing.  I left a mark in Dallas.  Has anyone seen it?

If you’ve seen yarn graffiti or been a part of it, I would love to hear when and where!  It’s such a brilliant global movement and takes crafting to a whole new level.

Rock on, rebels!

In The Middle

I am in the middle of something drastic here.  I’m sure the Feminists of the world would tell me I’m being ridiculous.  And the Hopeless Romantics might even tell me I’m too hopeless.

In short, I have relocated my entire life to be with the man I love.  Luckily, my business is rather portable.  It may have taken a few car loads (thank goodness we didn’t travel THAT far!) and my crafts, although slightly more organized, are as big a mess as ever, but we’re doing it.  We have spent the past month staying wtih friends in Beach Park, Illinois (thank you Brian and Rose!) which is located nearly exactly halfway between where we were and where we are going (there has to be something poetic in this situation).  We have been searching for a suitable apartment (with very strict creative demands!) and I have been searching for a part time “day” job.  This move has caused a nearly insurmountable level of stress between the significant other and myself, I have not seen my daughter for over a week, and I have several shows coming up back to back and only a 3 bedroom trailer shared with another family in which to work.  (The first of these shows begins this Saturday.) 

Luckily, we found the most beautiful rehab Victorian flat with 3 bedrooms, a marvelous kitchen, a parlor (how fancy!) and a beautiful common room with a coal fireplace (not working, but still aesthetically pleasing).  However, the application process caused a glitch in our plans, as someone finally felt open enough to discuss his true feelings for me…..and well, it wasn’t a happy night.  But I have faith, even if it is somewhat visually challenged, that this will work out.  (And if nothing else, I have my own income a stubborn will). 

The most exciting part of this, (we go in to sign the lease next week) is that there is an attic, painted dusty baby blue, with natural light and crazy angles, that we have to ourselves, and I can’t wait to create a studio for myself.  A studio, and maybe a library, and host wonderful parties.

I will take photographs of the transformation, I can promise you that.  And, dear readers, should you have any suggestions on what inspires you, invigorates you, or calms you, I would love to hear them!!

Check back in tomorrow and I will give you more of an update on the upcoming shows, how to get there, and a little more about myself and my business, to which this blog is dedicated.

For now, I will be signing off.  Have a wonderful day!


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