Just a cup of coffee

I haven’t had a day of not working in over a week.  My next day off is Saturday, and I have to go to the Rainforest Cafe in Gurnee to celebrate my sister’s 17th birthday. Wait, 17?  How did that happen?

Ellette, Odin and I went trick-or-treating for Halloween, getting to know the neighborhood and our neighbors (whose houses we have somewhat enviously been checking out for the past couple weeks).  It was by no means as chilly as Halloweens I remember as a child – you know, long john weather.  But it was a bit crisp.  My little feline had a blast, wandering from house to house, occasionally running in to school friends and sometimes being to scared to approach a house by herself.  One thing about our neighborhood is that it is decently wealthy enough to afford the all out Halloween decorations, complete with realistic fuzzy spiders the size of your torso, bones (maybe real?) scattered about the lawn, and spooky sound effects.

I went as an autumn faery, despite creative ideas I desperately wanted to put into action.  I painted my face to look like a leafy mask and walked around with a basket of apples and business cards.  Unfortunately, whilst trick-or-treating, my camera battery decided to die on me, which meant I didn’t actually get a picture of myself.  I made it to getting a not-so-good photo of Odin as a lion before my battery shut off.

Getting a little chilly, we detoured to the coffee shop, got ourselves some mochas and hot cocoas, walked the few blocks to the Homemade Pizza Co. and picked up an herb and chevre pizza to take home and put in the oven.  The thing about the Homemade Pizza Co. is that they prep the pizzas, making the dough from scratch and adding only the best of ingredients, and you cook it at home.  On the one hand, it means you can pick up the pizza ahead of time and have it ready whenever you need it to be.  On the other, it makes ordering pizzas on those chilly nights a little more work, seeing as how the anticipation of having a sizzling pizza reach you ready to consume is deterred by the 20 minute wait of cooking and cooling the pizza.  Our problem was being patient enough to let the pizza cool down enough to eat without burning our mouths.  Needless to say, the wait was worth it and the pizza was amazing!

This afternoon calls me to cleaning, and working on my studio, which I am happy to report I have begun working on from the sheer necessity of cleaning up the parlour to show the apartment to our potential roommate.  Unfortunately, no pictures as yet.  (Tomorrow, I promise!).  After that, I am baking apple pie, hoping to consume the bushel of apples Odin picked up from Market on Saturday, and we are meeting with a potential roomie (see the necessity of cleaning?)

Perhaps I am enticing her to confirm by baking apple pie from scratch.


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