Let it Begin!

…This is the space I had to work with when creating my studio.  Spacious, well lit, and open, right?  That’s what I was thinking.  The slanting roof makes it a little difficult to work with.  Initially, the picture on the right was going to become the main point of my studio, but once I began to put it together, I realized the layout wasn’t as streamlined or inspiring as I’d hoped.

This is a half completed studio in that space.  I stopped when it came to placing tables, because I realized that any place I put the table was either in the shade of the slanted roof or blocking traffic towards the rest of the attic.  If you notice, the stairs are located to the left of the studio space.  Yikes.

I turned my attention towards the other end of the attic.  You see that door down there?  That leads to a small, dark room that’s somewhat full of cobwebs with a gaping hole in the drywall.  Perfect for long term storage, and so it doesn’t need to be easily accessible (I’m hoping to put up a curtain over the door).  Well, my little girl helped me move all of the shelves and boxes to the other end of the attic and had fun drawing while I organized.

I’ve been collecting milk crates from work and trying to create more shelf space, but it’s a slow process.  I’m still trying to figure out how to organize my works-in-progress.  And the white walls are really getting to me.  I’m wondering where I can put curtains up and whether or not I can paint.  I do have these:

I need help screwing these into the wall, but I’m hoping to entice the faeries into my lair and play with my creativity.  What sorts of things can I make now??


For now, I leave you with a photo of my daughter’s knitting project.  She is learning how to knit, and having a perfectionist mother, I won’t let her get away with mistakes.  I gently take the yarn from her, show her the mistake and how it happened, and have her correct it.  She’s a trooper!


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