Today, my to-do list seems insurmountable.  There is simply no way that I can complete it all while retaining sanity and without time travel.  I wish I could ask Santa what his secret is.

This is my dining room, at the moment.  You see, I have had this terrible urge to just KNIT, and so that is what I have been doing.  However, my budget does not allow for frivolous knitting or yarn purchasing at the moment, so digging through my stock I found a lot of lace/sock weight yarn remnants (or balls that I had no idea how I acquired).  Well, what was I going to do with it?

Sometime in the past, I think perhaps last winter, Stitch Diva offered a solution to my predicament, and surveying my stash, this idea popped into my head.  I needed to practice knitting lace, but didn’t want to spend hours upon hours working on one project (which, in either case, I did not have enough yarn for!) so I began knitting swatches.  What a perfect way to practice both lace knitting and getting a feel for different yarns?

This is a mercerized cotton I had picked up in this beautiful ruby red, black, navy blue, and gold some time ago.  My intention was to knitting juggling balls out of them, but the idea of knitting more sets of juggling balls (I’d already made myself a set of 4) was too daunting, and I never got around to making them.

This was a silk damask yarn (I think?  I should probably look for the label) in an interesting combination of greens.  I purchased 2 balls of this colorway and 3 balls of a pink colorway that is currently being used in a top that made it into the Lost Projects pile when I realized I didn’t have enough of the pink.  I remember I purchased the yarn from when they were having a massive sale and I thought the colors were interesting and the idea of working with a fingering weight silk blend was enticing.  I first started knitting this swatch on larger needles and it just looked a mess.  So, I frogged it and started over, down a needle size or two, and, once blocked, it looks pretty cool.

This is remnants from an amigurumi project that I abandoned when my wrist issues flared up.  It turns out that crocheting cute ami dolls is not good for me, which makes me a little sad (I now have a plethora of dragons and faeries that are missing eyes, limbs, wings, and/or other accouterments).  So, the last bit of this Lamb’s Pride merino/cotton blend was turned into a small swatch of a lace ribbing.  I’m envisioning this as the edging of a sweater in the future?

Combining this pattern and this yarn was a risk, I’d thought.  The yarn is a thin sock weight superwash wool (very very soft!) that I had purchased years ago when I was determined to learn sock knitting.  Unfortunately, my gauge was off and I didn’t stitch the toe together right, and suffered Second Sock Syndrome (as a result of the gauge, perhaps?)  I have attempted a second, more interesting sock pattern, convincing myself it was simply the boring stockinette stitch that gave me SSS, but, alas, I didn’t even make it through the first sock!  (And this is in February of 2009).  Anyway, I kind of like the result of this swatch.

This was a more recent sale bin score that I had no idea what I was going to do with, just liked the color and texture.  It stretched a bit more than I was expecting in the blocking process (READ: the importance of blocking!!)  The color changes with flecks of white and the swirling lace pattern make for an interesting visual piece that I haven’t quite decided if I like or not.

So, 6 pieces done so far and my dining room table is covered, and you’re wondering now what I am going to do with all these swatches, yes?

Well, there is an awesome fair coming up in December that I am working, and this is what I will be making with the swatches:

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of weird dangly earrings and no where to hang them.  This is my solution, a picture frame of jewelry.  So, once the swatches dry, and providing my kitten doesn’t chew them up, they will become works of functional art, on sale by Little Green Pixie at the Garfield Inn and Museum Holiday Fair.  (

My next few weeks consist of taking inventory of stock, replenishing what is low, and preparing my display.  See you there!

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