How many curse words does it take to make a sweater?

Day 3 of Project:

Band 1 completed!!  I am currently halfway through band number 2 and exercising every measure of self control I possibly possess.

Time taken: about 3 hours

Alcohol consumed: 1 glass of wine

Number of expletives yelled: at least four, mostly while grafting the ends together…

Excitement levels: Stable

Mood Swings: frequent

Family: annoyed by my obsession

Outlook: Sore hands, frustration, and temporary uneasy family relationships.

In other news: I am pulling together stock for the upcoming Garfield Inn and Museum fair in December, which isn’t going to be too difficult considering Stronghold was such a flop for me this year.  60 pairs of wings and I still have 40…  I am making tutus, although I’m not quite sure how many to make.  Usually 10 is sufficient, but that was both a less expensive style and a different sort of show.  It is difficult for me to prepare based on my ignorance.  What sort of people will be present and how heavy are their wallets?  Nearing the holiday season, I expect sales to pick up slightly, but I also need a more “mature” selection of items that are suitable for gifts.

I will be setting up the studio further, cleaning up, and making a dress form, after which I will be able to take photographs of high-end stock and get it up online.  Fingers crossed that is completed by Friday!!

Until then, I keep on trucking, making tiny little stitch after tiny little stitch, coming closer to a happy ending (I hope) and getting ready for a relaxing trip to Virginia.

Happy Knitting, My Friends!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kelly M
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 05:50:07

    You’re bonifide funny! (Yes, that’s spelled wrong!) I am pondering which yarn to use for this. I fell in love at first sight. I want to do this cost effectively. How are you finding the yarn? Gauge? I need feedback before I jump in. What are you using for the fancy pant Artyarn?


    • Little Green Pixie
      Nov 23, 2010 @ 18:40:55

      Thanks!! I try to apply humor to every aspect of life, especially this sweater! The pattern originally calls for Noro “Flower Bed”, but my local yarn store says that line is not available in the US, so I subsituted Noro’s Silk Garden Sock in it’s place. I needed 3 different colorways, but only 1 ball of each. I would choose a naturally variegating if you want to further economize. In place of the Art Yarn, I used Blue Heron Yarns in the rayon metallic. It’s still a fancy, somewhat expensive yarn. One skein has 550 yards, however, and as this is simply the embellishment, I imagine I will have enough left over to make a fancy scarf or headband. I love both yarns!! Noro has always been one of my top brands. They produce an excellent quality yarn with some of the most amazing color blends I’ve seen. And the Blue Heron is like silk, very swanky. Apparently, I knit loose, but didn’t realize this until quite a bit into the sweater!! It calls for a size 6, but I’m using a size 3 right now. What I like about this pattern is that it’s knit in bands horizontally until just under the bust. I’ve had time to adjust my gauge and still have it look fabulous (without having to rip it back!), and I think with a little tweaking it could easily make a stunning mod mini dress. The pattern is available on Ravelry, as is the artist! I’m sure you could talk to her about the design as well. Good luck, and happy knitting!!


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