Roses and Tulle

It is not that I have been, necessarily, neglecting work.  It is merely that my excitement may has gotten the better of me.  Again.

I have been picking up my slack, however.  Mainly because I realized that, while my stitch gauge is correct, my row gauge is off.  And, as the sweater is initially knit horizontally rather than vertically, it has come to my attention that the sweater is a lot wider than it ought to be.  And, because the knitting is done in small block of 22-26 rows, interspersed with 4 rows of sparkly yarn, with a nightmarish amount of loose ends I will have to weave in, ripping back does not seem like a viable, nor economic, solution.  As such, I have slowly begun reducing needle size, in hopes that by the time width actually is supposed to fit snug, I will have corrected my mistake, and will end up with a more A-line, swirly sweater than I had initially intended.

But an update on that:

Completion: Almost done with Band 4 (of 6 full bands)

New needle size: 4 (down from 6!)

Time taken: Approximately 10 hours

Number of expletives muttered: probably a dozen at this point, especially when I realized my gauge error

Excitement levels: Rocky

Mood Swings: less frequent, but more severe

Familial relations: Deteriorating steadily (if I’m quick however, I can salvage them!)

Besides the sweater, I have been working on Faery Skirts (Tutus) and Rose Hair clips.  I still have several items to knit and patterns to complete, as well as a new supply of baby wings to sew and some coffee cozies and coasters to finish.  The ones I had up at the coffee shop are beginning to move, much to my excitement.  It also means that while preparing for the upcoming show, I am also working on restocking existing locations.

This photo was particularly amusing because I had tutus and roses covering the dining room table when company arrived.  Rather, a potential roommate arrived and saw me standing precariously on a chair with random floor lamps positioned in different spots and trying desperately to get a good photo.  At least he had the humor to laugh at the situation with me.

These are the roses that I have been working on.  They are rather popular because they are both hair clips and pins.  I make them out of 100% cotton, in an assortment of colors (including black!)  They are also relatively inexpensive and versatile.  I have several small ones for myself that I made using scraps of bamboo, soysilk, and wool yarns.

Another hiccup has occurred in my creative process, involving this quest for a roommate.  A friend asked if we were still looking, and could he perhaps come over and check out the space, the room, and talk about our options.  As it turns out, he is interested in renting out the attic from us, which might work.  My significant other and I got into a little spat involving the movement of our studios, and finally, I think, came to an agreement.  This means, however, that while I had gotten the studio mostly set up, I now have to relocate to the front room of the house.

Today, I took out the measuring tape, feeling rather dominating in my stubborn determination to figure this out, and began to measure and record the dimensions of EVERYTHING!!  This, I converted to a ratio of 1 ft = 1 inch and mapped it out on pieces of card stock.  I marked off windows, doors, entryways, the fireplace, and sockets.  Then, I measured the rough dimensions and the used dimensions of chairs, couches, tables, and shelves, cut these out of card stock, and began playing puzzle-maker on the room charts.  Somewhere in the process I had the “EUREKA!” moment involving the movement of our bedroom (if we are no longer renting out the best room in the house, I am determined to move my bed in there!) and following closely was the layout for the front room and the parlour.

With some time to spare before picking Ellette up from school, I began sweeping, cleaning, and rearranging furniture as best I can into the new layout.  I must say, it suits the space better than the original layout.  Once Odin gets home from work we will deliberate on this layout and how he likes it, and then I will begin, finally, putting holes in the wall for artwork, photographs, and the like.

Probably the most significant portion that I am looking forward to is the drapes.  We have two “entryways” into the front room, one of which is over 4 feet wide and smack in the middle of the wall, making it a little difficult to define space.  In order to give me working privacy, and offer me the mental separation of home and work, we are putting up drapes that, at will, can be pulled back.  My favorite part of all this?  Tomorrow and Saturday, Vogue Fabrics on Main here in Evanston is having a Warehouse Sale.  I just got my paycheck.  Me in a fabric store is about as dangerous as me in a yarn store.  And really, I through the “on a mission” mentality out the window.  I look at this as business, and if I find something that inspires a new product, or will perk up an old one, I grab it, thinking to myself that one must spend money to make money.

But, I will try to behave.  Honest.

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