This was my Saturday.  Mine.  Something I’ve needed for weeks now.  A full day with no obligations.  Ellette is spending the weekend with my parents.  I didn’t have to work.  I had no orders that needed to be filled.  I could do whatever.  Heaven.

I slept in, for starters.  Nothing was going to disturb that.  Then, Odin made french toast while I made coffee.  It was all delicious.  We talked about what to do with our day and listed off the things we wanted to do, and then set out on our adventure.

Odin wanted his hair cut, so we went to Pivot Point to have a student do it for cheap.  I sat on the couch in the lounge area and knit quietly and contentedly.  One of the employees and several of the other waiting customers began to chat with me about my knitting and the possibility of commissioned work, which makes me happy as I need more work.  I must have been sitting there for an hour or more as the student works with Odin.  I wondered if I was going to finish my hat before they finished his hair.  Finally, when I worried about getting a parking ticket from the evil meter maids, I walked over to where the young woman was working with him and didn’t have to wait too much longer before he was done.

We had to go to the currency exchange at one point, which is close to Benison’s Bakery, which I had never been in but had heard much about.  We wandered in there and quickly became excited over German bread and applestrudels.  Yummy!

Across the street was a furniture store.  I have fun in furniture stores.  I sat in couches, ran my hands along book shelves, flipped through fabric catalogues.  It was a bit inspiring, and a little pricey.  And then, the best part of my day occured.  The owner gave me this:

Two bags filled to bursting with discontinued fabric samples.  I have found that many fabric stores, interior design shops, and furniture stores will just give away the samples if they don’t have need of them anymore.  Some of them are tiny and a little small to work with.  Others, like what was in the bag, are at least 12″x12″!  I can do wonderful things with them.

I have not yet gone through the bag entirely to see what sorts of hidden treasures are within.  But just from what tumbled out when I set the bags down, there are some choice pickings!

Later this afternoon we drove down to Andersonville to check out the Brown Elephant, a resale shop that I was told to check out.  One of the locations is in an old vaudville theatre, and Odin commented that it’s almost something you would expect to find out of a comic book.  We both had fun looking through the racks of stuff, trying out the furniture, and looking in the cases at all the old medical equipment and weird antiques they had.  Odin, because he’s a weird engineer, found an old glass syringe that he just had to have.  He also found this strange and lethal looking heavy blade that looked like it could have been used for amputations in the Civil War.  The woman who showed it to us (maybe the owner?) said she would knock down the price for us if we would just get the dangerous thing out of the store.  I think we will be frequent customers from now on.

Patchwork Purse

Then, we walked down the street a bit to the Kopi Cafe, which I had heard about from Coworkers as a place to look into.  It had a really rich atmosphere.  We had dinner there, (they had a full menu of vegetarian cuisine – heaven!) and looked around a bit before heading home.

It has been a full and relaxing day.  And, while there was much more I would have liked to do with my time off, I thoroughly enjoyed, as I always do, exploring with my love.

And, to wrap up, all I can tell you is to keep checking in because I had two bags of fabric scraps that are going to be turned in to fun little purses over the course of the next few weeks – all of which will end up on Etsy sooner or later!


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