Dear Klimt Sweater, I’m sorry…

I have been sewing in hundreds of loose threads.  I have been grafting pieces together, and ripping out the seams to do it all over.  I have fussed and cursed and stuffed the object away so I could regain sanity.  And then I did something worse.

I cast on a new sweater.

I don’t know what came over me.  I don’t know how I could have been distracted.  My five year old daughter even chastised me for it!

But you must understand, it was only a moment of weakness!!  The easy top down construction with a delicate lace edging and then simple stockinette stitch – that mindless, monochromatic stockinette stitch.  That’s what got to me.  I just couldn’t take the color changes, the glitz and glitter anymore and I needed something simple to reestablish sanity.

I am sorry.  Truly.  I want to try you on, Klimt.  Feel that victory of having completed such a difficult project – and my first sweater, too!  And, even though my family has repeatedly accused me of favoring you over them, they, too, want to see you in your shining glory!

I know you understand.  You are constructed as a challenge to Knitters, that our resolve stay steadfast and our minds sharp.  And I am working on you, I promise. But, in order to stay focused on the finishing process and not toss you in to a bag in the closet, I must break it up occassionally (ok, I know today I spent more time on Leyfi, and I apologize).

I promise that I will have you completed as quickly as possible – say one week or so?

And if I don’t I promise you can unravel and regurgitate all of those loose ends I just finished weaving in!  Cross my heart!




PS: My kitten has become the lover of yarn as well.  She knows not to eat them, but she can’t help loving them:

This particular ball of Frog Tree Alpaca she seems particularly fond of. I have found it stolen from my stash on a number of occassions and today spotted her trotting through the house with it in her teeth.  She then set it down and wrapped her little paws around it possessively. Maybe it’s her favorite color?  Or maybe it’s just that awesome!


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