Snowy Inspiration

I know that I have been MIA recently whilst handling some personal things.  I am back.  Mostly.  I think.

Last week’s blizzard really brought out in me the desire for warmth.  I have attempted, in my modest apartment, to create a sense of warmth and belonging.  It works to some degree, but I think it would work much better if the whole household pitched in instead of the burden being on me (but isn’t the definition of “mother” to be endlessly warm, caring, and accommodating?)  During the blizzard, while admittedly everyone was home, and I really enjoyed that, I just didn’t feel warm.  Hardwood floors, while beautiful, do not encourage ambling about the house.  I think our kitchen is the coldest room, and even though I know baking would produce some element of that warm feeling, I just couldn’t bring myself to stand in the room by myself, all the way at the back of the house, away from every one else, to bake things that would be consumed amid grunts and distractedness.

So, throughout the blizzard, I watched Rugrats with Ellette and worked on the sleeves of my Leyfi sweater.  I completed one sleeve and began work on the other, but was unable to finish in a single afternoon.  And, unfortunately, events over the subsequent days meant that completion was a little delayed.  And then I finished, and just tossed the sweater aside instead of weaving in the ends.  For shame, I know.  Last night, I completed the finishing process, snipped off the ends, and presto chango!  A sweater I absolutely adore!

The neck and sleeve detail is what drew my attention to this.  It is gentle, not overpowering, and somewhat sexy in a more classical way.  I do love nature motifs, so maybe I’m a little biased.

The really awesome thing about this pattern though – I have looked at all of sweaters by other knitters, on Ravelry and in the Knitting Daily gallery.  It looks fantastic on everyone.  The simple shape of it, the sweet lace – it’s all very flattering.

Well, I’ve been mostly staring at my stash and thinking: what can I knit now?  – Even though, I am currently working on Ellette’s birthday present:

I have all of 2 balls of yarn left, measuring 87 meters each.  I am a little nervous that the dress will not be long enough.  I am racking my knitting knowledge and my scouring my stash for anything that might be useful for a trim to extend the length.  The skirt portion measures roughly 13 inches right now.  I put that against her favorite sundress, which hits just below her knees for a measurement of 18 inches.  I still need to knit the straps – so yeah.  How did I get 5 inches out of maybe 110 meters?  I suppose if it doesn’t work, she can always wear tights under it!

This is my only true WIP at the moment.  Of course there are projects scattered throughout the house that are still on needles, but some of them are things I don’t care about and have the intention of frogging, and others have been abandoned for whatever reason.  This particular project is special – it is a present for my daughter, and thusly must remain mostly secret until the great unveiling (and hopefully not unravelling) in March.

I do like it, and I am sure Ellette will as well.  The top portion has little flower clusters.  I’m still trying to decide if I should make it a halter or not.  The skirt is made with increases every other round, totaling per gauge about 1 inch every other round.  Once I realized my possible yarn shortage, I counted and decided I had increased enough.  Hopefully, the sway I was going for in the skirt won’t be compromised.

I have been taking notes at every step in the process so that I can write out the pattern and let you all have it to make your own little Flower Fairy dresses!

It has been slow going because I have been knitting and working so much lately I’ve developed something of a claw in my left hand.  I am trying to hold off in my free time.  Tonight, however, I work square 2 of the Tech Square Afghan I began in January.  More to come on that front.

So, until next time.  Go knit a sweater and keep yourself warm!!


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