All Tied Up

I am bringing this to you a little late tonight, but I must tell you.  For several hours this Sunday afternoon I had the house completely and blissfully to myself.  So, naturally, I spent a good deal of time reading blogs and knitting that never ending skirt.

I did, however, begin work on Part 1 of a 2 part DIY project for you.

All Tied Up Skirt
Now, I previously posted  about the tie dress that was in progress – which is mostly finished.  There are just a few tweaks that need to be made to the final product.  I did manage to get one day’s use out of it before a little mishap occurred, which is fixable.  In this day, Brooke photographed the piece while I was working and put it on his blog, all about ties, which you should definitely check out.

Anyway…he recently came into the shop again and handed me another bag of ties, which I added to my collection and this weekend began to work with.

So, naturally, Step 1, consists of combing every thrift store in your area for a selection of mostly complimentary ties.  If they do not match entirely, do not worry, this can be fixed fairly decently by a later step.

In the image here, I have chosen an array of greens, browns, pinks, and khakis to make a skirt out of.


Step 2 – decide how long you want your skirt to be.  I had decided from my hip to about my knee, so I measured and snipped. Using the original tie, I measured every tie on top of it, from the edge of the triangle point (not the tip!) to the snipped point.


I also decided that I wasn’t going to waste anything.  The number of ties I had wasn’t quite enough to fit around my hips, so I used the thinner ends of the ties as well.  This would create a nice repetition and dynamic to the skirt overall.  Some of the ends I did not use, which will more than likely end up in a later project.

Step 3 – After this, the center seam of the ties need to be ripped out.  This is the most tedious job so far.  Some of the ties had labels super-stitched to them (and some were glued, which I found odd).   The heavy lining can just get tossed, unless you can think of something to use it for.  I tried, but inspiration was elusive at best.

Step 4 – Lay out the ties how you would like them to go in the skirt.  I will advice you to take two things into consideration.  The first, the weight of the ties you are using. My ties were all different in weight.  If you have a portion of the skirt consisting of mainly heavy ties, the drape and sway of the skirt will be changed.  Also, if you width of the ties isn’t dispersed, the same thing will happen.  The pointy bit on the ties don’t always match up in length, and this can make a difference in appearance.  So, I advice you to mix and match to find the right combination for you.

Step 5 – From here you begin sewing.  You will notice the creases work wonderfully for lining up the ties and sewing them together.

Step 6 – Once you finish, the last two ties will get sewn together to make a circle.  These two will only get sewn halfway, however, to make room for the zipper

Step 7:

Step 8 – trim the excess fabric on the underside of the skirt, where you split the seam earlier.  You can either serge the edges or trim them.  I serged on the dress, but my tension was too tight.  It was a pain to adjust the tension as the weight of the ties change.  So, on the skirt, I didn’t bother serging, and simply snipped.

This is where I stopped for the day.  Part 2 will be presented next week.  Then, I will be adding the waist band.  I can’t decide between buttons, or a tie.  Maybe you have some suggestions?







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