I Would Walk 500 Miles

So, as promised, here is the list of knitted projects that I took with me across the big pond.  Nothing special, really.  Just socks (hence the title of this post – a song I will not be able to get out of my head for at least a week).  Well, not really just socks, but that seems to be the only item I actually completed.

This week has been kind of crazy since our return.  I dived head first into work again, revolving around coffee for several days straight.  When I wasn’t caffeinating the Evanston populace, I was cleaning.  Somehow, despite the fact that I tried, rather desperately, to get the majority of the house cleaned before our departure, I came home to a mess.  The stove and oven was covered in junk.  The recycling bin was overflowing with things that were not by anyone’s standards recyclable.  There was some weird yellow liquid behind the toilet (and I tried for the life of me to convince myself the toilet was leaking and rusty).  The bathtub was scummy and the edges and tiles were covered in a reddish pink mold, dishes hadn’t been put away, and the floors were covered with a muddy film from people traipsing through the house with heavy boots.  (Now, as a disclaimer, Odin is going to tell me I am blowing this entirely out of proportion, but, seeing as how I am the only that gives a s#!t, I was rather upset by the amount of work that awaited me as soon as I stepped in the door).  Knitting as well as general crafting (which is necessary for the upcoming shows) was put on hold while I righted our house, bought groceries, and tried terribly hard not to kill maim discuss the overturned, remade “bachelor pad” with our roommate.

Anyway, to make myself feel better, I will show you yarn:

These are the socks I began knitting the day we left.  I showed you a picture of how much I was able to complete between Chicago and Arhus here.  In a moment of diligent determination, I added the toes, wove in the ends, and when I ran out of clean socks, wore them for a hike.  While I do love them, I realize that the stitches are a little loose (US 2 is a tad to big for the yarn, it looks better smaller).  Also, my turned heel was done improperly and my grafted toes aren’t award winning. However, for a first pair of socks – not bad.

I also took the Bacchus Socks with me, determined that I would see them completed if it was the last thing I knit.  I finished them our last night in Europe, when we were spending the night in Frankfurt airport and I couldn’t sleep.

(Please ignore the loose ends.  I’ve been busy).  While I do adore the yarn, the color, and the pattern – I do not think I will ever put bobbles on socks again (but don’t quote me on that!).  It limits the shoe choice in wearing.  I want to show off the patter, but many of my shoes won’t allow for that.  *harumph*

I also worked on another pair of basic socks in Berrocco Socks Metallic, which I love the color of.  It reminds me of peacocks:

This was primarily airplane knitting.  I am happy to report, also, that aside from weaving in ends, this pair has also been completed.

So, socks.  A lot of socks.  My goal was to improve my sock knitting abilities, convince myself that repeating the same pattern with the same yarn was cathartic.  I think it worked.  My next sock project is this – yeah.  Cathartic.  Ask me again how I feel when I start the second sock.

I did break up sock monotony with a modular knit shawl.  Again, this is a project in personal growth – I had never worked with modules before.  I am absolutely in love with this pattern, however, and will knit it again with a heavier yarn.

It is about halfway completed, but on the back burner now that we are home.  I have several projects that take priority, which I will be updating you on as they are completed.  I also have several ideas from Denmark and France that will be revealing themselves just as soon as I do the math and knit them up!

Until then, happy knitting!


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