In A Funk

I must apologize for my lack of posting lately.  I have been in quite a funk lately, getting trapped in my own head.  Maybe there is too much time by myself, or maybe there is something else.  Either way, I have been kind of sinking inward, and that is just a sinkhole of disaster.

Of course, part of my absence is due to the start of my busy season, when I am preparing for and/or working tent shows and other fests and parties for 3 or 4 months.  I love this season.  It gets me out into the world, showing off and being my own boss.  I love making kids smile, I love meeting new people, I love the inspiration that follows.  Next weekend is the Janesville Renaissance Fair – which I have been working at for 3 years.  It has always been so much fun, and I am very much looking forward to it.  Last year, I almost sold out of wings, which means this year I am trying to triple my inventory.

The weekend after Janesville, I am working a new (for me) show in Dubuque, Iowa – the Dubuque Renaissance Fair, which is a fundraiser for Camp Albrecht.

I am still trying to fill a couple weeks after that, and then I will be at the Custer Street Fair here in Evanston, where I will be offering the compelte “Faery Transformation” – costume, fun, and face painting!  I am kind of excited for this one because it’s local, and having only recently moved to the neighborhood, I am hoping it will open many more opportunities for me.

All of my summer happenings will soon be loaded onto their own page so you can get a comprehensive list of where the Little Green Pixie will be represented.

Anyway, this has all had me somewhat distracted.  And, I apologize in advance, the next ten days are going to be jam packed with making stock and trying to scrap my spirit off the linoleum.

I completely forgot it was Monday until it was almost Tuesday, and realized I forgot to upload my Reconstructed segment.  (It’s all there, just hasn’t been published to the blog yet).  Would you prefer to get it tomorrow or have a double segment next Monday?

Tuesday I was feeling run down, worn out, and hung up to dry and my very lovely coworkers offered to take over the last bit of my shift so I could get out and relax.  Perhaps this was because by that point in my day I was the opposite of helpful.  I was spilling milk, mixing up drinks, forgetting things, and not feeling very social.  It’s hard to work an espresso machine and help customers like that.

So, I did the only thing I could think to do.  I went to the library, gathered a stack of knitting books, and sat down to peruse the patterns.  After which, I went home and cast on this:

This is the Louisa Lace Tunic from French Girl Knits – a book I highly recommend.  I found so many patterns in there I fell totally in love with.  This project was chosen simply because I have a little over 3 skeins left of the Cascade 128 Superwash merino that I was itching to use.  I am knitting it flat instead of in the round to add a little versatility.  Also, while checking out Ravelry, I didn’t think many of the projects that had already been made were terribly flattering.  There were a few body types and wool combos that were particularly appealing, but for the most part, it felt kind of shapeless – or worse, form hugging in all the worst ways.  Just – blah.  The folks who made it all seemed very satisfied with their creations, which – I’ll admit – is all that really matters in the end.  I know I couldn’t quite figure out the lace pattern in the round – something was off – so I can hardly be one to talk.

Ellette had a half-day of school today, so this morning I worked on top hats a bit and then mixed paints so I could paint more wings tomorrow.  I also made a new hat using the wicked green Madeline Tosh I picked up, but it didn’t want to felt cooperatively, so I’ve got it on punishment right now.


What I’ve got completed so far.  Click the photos to make them larger.  I am taking them with me to Janesville to get an idea of how the people react to them before I put them on Etsy – although I have somewhat of a fantastical following at that show, so it may not be in the realm of normalcy. (Have I mentioned how much I like that show.  I really like that show.  You should go to the show.  You would be my hero!)

Anyway, knowing I wasn’t going to get much done in the afternoon if I had a bored 6 year-old to contend with, I bribed her with a train ride, a yarn store, and a coffee shop if she would behave for the day.  She loves coffee shops, so that works pretty much any time of day, and for some reason, she really likes the Windy Knitty.  She likes to play hide and seek, play under the tables, touch the yarn and find colors she likes, and just be adored.  The owner is also very accommodating, which I appreciate.

I have been working on a design I would like to submit to Knitty for their Fall issue.  I think it’s a pretty neat design (and you can bet, if it’s rejected by Knitty, it will still be available to you!), so this afternoons jaunt to the fiber den yielded the perfect yarn for the project (after a bit of fondling and consultation – that sounds bad).

Once again, Madeline Tosh Merino in a beautiful Russet color.  Doesn’t that just scream falling leaves?  It makes me feel all warm and squishy inside.  Unfortunately, Knitty doesn’t want prospective designs to be displayed anywhere else.  So, until I know if I’m in or not, this makes very poor blog fodder, as I don’t want to risk being disqualified just because I want you to look at my wool.

As part of good behaviour, I told Ellette I would make her socks, so she picked out some Malabrigo Sock.

I can’t keep casting on projects or nothing will ever get finished!  Anybody got any good patterns for a girl’s size 13?

As if wool weren’t enough to push me out of my funk, I went to tell Ellette it was time for bed, only to discover this:

I must be doing something right if my 6 year-old wants to do nothing more with her evening than read chapter books to herself until she falls asleep.  There aren’t even any pictures.


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  1. michimusic
    May 06, 2011 @ 10:03:43

    awwww. Cuteness plus incorporated. And in further synchronicity, I will also be at the Custer Street Fair (performing with Shua in the street and in the train station). Can’t wait to see you at (or before!) Janesville! I’m willing to bet there are very many fairies out there who need teeny tiny top hats too…..


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