Chaos is the Life I Lead

My studio floor has been covered in fairy wings that are drying and getting ribbon put on.  My sewing table is covered in elastic and plushstaches.  The dining room table has tufts of tulle covering it.  There are boxes everywhere.  Yarn is spilling out of every available nook and cranny.

This afternoon, after living in a pig sty for the past few days, I made a push to cleaning.  Mainly because I promised Odin the writing desk would be moved out of his wood room by Friday.  And, my studio floor had floating bits of dust, ribbon, sewing thread, buttons, flowers, and needles that needed to be cleaned up.  I’m trying to reorganize while finishing inventory and it is driving me bonkers!

I’ve been dividing my work into three categories.  That which must be finished by Friday (wings), that which can be completed on site (tutus and some sewing and knitting), and that which must reach a point before I am able to complete it on site (top hats).

All of this, while I had to drive to the DMV to register my car, only to arrive and realize that I did not bring some necessary information.

It is now beginning to storm.  I can feel the thunder shaking the windows a bit.  There are still workers hammering away at the exterior of the house.  I have a feisty kitten attacking my feet.  And all I want to do is finish knitting the wedding present for some friends I will be seeing this weekend.

Next week I will provide you with better updates.  I promise.  Until then, I am trying desperately to hold on to my sanity as I am living in this chaos.


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  1. michimusic
    May 12, 2011 @ 08:29:23

    So *that’s* why I’ve been dreaming that Todd cleaned off the kitchen table as a nice surprise for me? I promised him the pile would go away as soon as my semester ended…which was last night. But then there’s this little ren fair, and other performances through July….sigh.

    In other notes, “plushtache”? with elastic? Must have!


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