Time sort of got away from me again.  I want to say that this post will catch up and put everything right, but, unfortunately, I would be lieing.

My summers are usually like this – frantic, fast-paced, exciting, and exhausting.  At the end of the day, I want to shower and sleep, not write about the adventures I just had.  My apologies.

So, in recap, my summer looks like this: 3 days a week I am working at the coffeeshop and Ellette is in gymnastics.  2 days, it is just me and Ellette (last week we took a trip to Tom Thumb craft store to purchase a load of things she can make by herself so I can get work done), and the weekends are pretty much swallowed up whole by the Bristol Renaissance Fair, which opened last weekend.  In between, I have a few face painting gigs and a Faerie Festival in Elgin.  It would seem I would have a lot to write about, and I suppose I do.  A lot of it would be simple repetition.  I am making a hat.  I am felting a hat.  I am decorating a hat.  I am making another hat.  I am felting that new hat.

My bouts of zombie working are punctuated by self-preservation knitting.  I am working on the Racerback from Knitty, which is just over half completed, and a pair of purple knee high socks for Ellette, of which only one is ready for the heel turn.  I have been putsing with sewing up bustles out of scrap fabric, and the first one looks ok.  It did inspire me to begin designing a knitted lace sampler bustle.  Math for that is being done now.  Unfortuntately, I have photographs but can’t figure out how to upload on this new desktop we’ve got.

My creativity has been a tad consumed with the opening weekend of the Bristol fair.  I am a rose seller and have to be quick and witty.  I have been consumed with costume updates and basket adornments.  I have been searching for photos online from the myriad photographers roaming the site but can’t seem to find any just yet.  I will update more about fair another time.

Yesterday, I had every intention in the world to update, or at least to sing the praises of my wonderful partner, who for some strange reason has been doing all of the right things lately.  I love it.  He found out Cirque du Soleil was coming to Chicago and decided to give me an early birthday present (my birthday is in August).  He bought tickets for the two of us, my daughter, and my younger sister, and last night we went to the show.  It was amazing.  I have always wanted to see a show live – I have been feeding my soul with dvds and youtube clips.  The Ovo performance lived up to my expectations.  My favorite was the duet Spansih Web act.  I think being in the aerial acrobatics class has given me a new appreciation for watching people perform, especially those apparatuses that I find cumbersome or painful.  Spanish Web is a 2″ in diameter nylon rope.  It can give terrible rope burn (I believe I uploaded a photo of my feet after a routine on the web that had me hanging by one foot for 3 minutes).  This act was a husband and wife duo (I can only assume; I don’t actually know).  Because Ovo was all about insects, the two on the Spanish Web were spiders.  They did many tricks where they were tangled up together, dependent on each other for support.  It was very romantic, and the two would “steal” kisses throughout the performance.  I lamented rather loudly after the show that I wish I had a partner I could perform with.  Hint hint nudge nudge.  There was one point where the woman was hanging by one hand, with another bracer on her foot, and her husband, who had to be a bit heavier than her, hung from her foot.  I know how painful it is to hang from your foot on the web, and I cringed to think how painful it was to have someone hang from you.  But they were very graceful and beautiful and did not show any discomfort.  It was a magical evening.

Today, I am driving my sister up to Milwaukee. That is my day, nothing too interesting.  I will update again as soon as possible, and will try to keep it at least once a week for the remainder of the summer.



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