UFO hunting

In cleaning my house, or rather – trying to clean my house – I came across several boxes of unfinished knitting projects.  I will share them with you, in hopes that the embarrassment of it all will spur me into action.  Unlikely, but worth a shot.



After laying everything out, I discovered things that were almost completed – the fairy dolls I began when I was in Arizona several years ago, a belt, the start of a shirt, and a competition project from a year or so ago.  I never did finish.  I think inspiration slammed the door on that one.


I found projects I had been intending to add to the shop – purses with interesting embroidered pictures like clouds and dandelions, and floral headbands that still need to be blocked and pieced together.


I found several project designs in their planning stages – some purses I was planning on needlefelting but got bored of.  The yarn was a cast off from another knitter and an undyed beige from Brown Sheep.  I designed a pair of steampunk Victorian gloves that took me to the fingers to realize I had made it too small, and didn’t actually like the pattern as much as I thought I would.  Elements of it have been stripped away for the next attempt.  I also discovered the dragon puppet scarf I was designing when I got stuck on the wings and cast aside.  I have the pattern written for everything except the wings, but something about this task is daunting and uninspired.


I found several projects that I had no clue as to why they were started.  The lace was being frogged slowly (which I completed after taking the photos) and the yarn will be used on some other project.


Of course, here is what I have of MAY and JUNE’s afghan squares!!  (Please ignore the fact that it is the middle of August and I am severely behind!)


The Settlers of Catan board that still needs to be reworked so the pieces are even.

The Cog scarf that I am still piecing together.

An entrelac purse that was sidelined for some other project.

The fan shawl I started in Denmark and the pair of socks I promised Ellette.  Just after this photo I tried the sock in progress on Ellette and realized they were too small.  They were frogged immediately and I haven’t had the heart to try again.  On a lighter note, I did take the shawl with me for a while and get some work completed.

These are all the projects that just needed the ends woven in – most of which have been completed while watching tv.

And, the racerback tank, which I haven’t actually worn yet but I am happy to have completed before the end of summer.


I also have many projects in the line up (why is my work never done???)  I have Dodo wings to make, as well as another wing commission.  Dog wings to make for several people (but, fair enough, I haven’t been paid yet, so it doesn’t exactly count in my things to do list)  I have also been commissioned to make a Doctor Who scarf (check out this website, it rocks!)  I have also been dieing to make the chess board I have been in the process of designing, finish the aviator hat, catch up on the afghan (and begin the afghan I have been designing in my head.)

So, my sanity may be hanging by a thread at the moment, and somehow, when the chaos starts to thin, I add more.  Why is that?



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  1. maria f
    Aug 17, 2011 @ 19:06:01

    Which year are you going to make.. Im making Season 18 as my first go.

    Hope you guys are great.. Enjoy back to school.


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