Almost Over

Last night, I cast off the last stitches of the scarf.

This morning, I grafted the two pieces together.

I pulled out the grafted stitches about four times, checked references, tried again, pulled it out, contemplated chewing scarf to little bits, and tried again. Realized the proper way to graft garter stitch would be to stop knitting one row before end.  Decided you wouldn’t notice the one row of stockinette after it has been blocked anyway.


Scarf needed before Halloween.  I will actually be in the same town as the recipient on the day of my Grandpa’s birthday, so  I hope to cross paths at some point and hand over a perfectly completed scarf.  17 days to go – and I have to weave in the ends, block, and add the tassles to the ends.

I realized about halfway through that I hadn’t been weaving in the ends as I went, and noted that this would have been the smart thing to do and it wasn’t too late to start.  And still I did not weave them in as I went.  Now I pay the price.

I am dreading these final stages.  My sanity will truly be tested.

So close!

A Little Nookie

Last spring I allowed myself to be pulled into the fad of the e-Reader.  For a while, I held out against them – nothing could compare to the weight of a book and the pleasure of turning it’s pages.  The romantic desire for a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves has always stayed with me, and this new electronic device seemed to be the antithesis to all things classic.

And then I learned, as a knitter and crafter, how the e-Reader could solve many of my problems.

You can surf the web, download apps for notetaking, a calculator, etc.  You can store photos on it as well.

There is a built-in dictionary; just highlight the word, select dictionary, and learn.  There is a highlight feature and a note feature!

Modified a pattern?  Keep track of it!  Need to remember to work a chart while decreasing AT THE SAME TIME?  Highlight!  It’s brilliant!

I am using it for the scarf I am making as a gift, and there is a cable chart.  I am horrible at remembering cable crossings and tend to either make them too soon or too late.

This is portable, I don’t have to worry about pieces of paper getting lost, I can zoom in if I need to and keep track of my chart.

This is the Nook Color, by the way.  I went into Barnes and Noble and tried everything they had.  They even let me download a knitting book on their store copies so I could check it out for the use I intended.  I fell in love.

Not to mention, you can download books, magazines, and games as well.  It’s pretty neat.

This is the present.  Pattern: The Seaman’s Knot  in Lamb’s Pride Superwash Worsted.  Color: Antique Silver (it’s a bit lighter than in the picture).

Better Late Than Never

So, I must apologize for my tardiness in publishing this post.  Saturday, with every intention of submitting the Witch Hat Pattern, I was struck with a fierce migraine that had me bedridden all day.  Sunday I was working from sun up to sun down and completely forgot about the hat.

The witch’s hat is now on Etsy here.  If it is sold before you can get to it, I will try to relist as quickly as possible, so keep checking my shop page for updates.

In other news, the Doctor Who scarf looks the same, just longer (I’m almost finished).  Ellette’s socks look the same, just with a few more rounds worked.  And I am just about to begin the scarf for my Grandpa.

The knitting is broken up by the necessity to cloth my family in clean items, sweep and mop the floors (which might be a little sticky in some areas), feed the mob, and work a day job.  Advances aren’t made quickly – just steadily.

Random Friday

  • Let me begin by apologizing for the lack of creativity in this post, as it is, afterall, my blogversary, and my first at that.  It should be something amazing, profound, inspiring – and instead I am completely lacking all of that at the moment.
  • It has been a rough month for me.  Rather than having time to relax and collect myself, I am rushing around like a chicken.  I keep making promises, forgetting that I made them, and then at the last minute remembering what they were and scrambling to make up for it.
  • I also have a lot of thing I wish I could do, and simply don’t have time for.
  • For instance, I keep telling friends that I still have top hats available (which, I have neglected to put on Etsy like I’ve been meaning to), so here is a small parade of the hats I have available.  Click to see in full detail.


  • It may yet be a while before I can sit down and upload all of them to Etsy, but if you see one you like, please let me know and I will make sure to make a listing for it so you can purchase it straight away.
  • The Doctor Who scarf is 73% complete.
  • I feel like it has consumed my soul and that is all I can work on.
  • I am also only watching Doctor Who right now.  Per recommendation, I started with the new version (halfway through Season 2) and have been getting a better idea of the character behind the scarf.
  • I fully understand that I will not entirely grasp the character (if I can even hope to fully grasp this character) until I graduate to the original version of the series.
  • Either way, I think I’m hooked.
  • I received yarn in the mail today that had no hope of diverting my attention.

  • This is going to be come a scarf for my grandfather’s birthday next month.  I am still designing the scarf in my head.  I really should get on that, since it’s only three weeks away.
  • I know it’s a bad sign when my inner Knitter tries to convince my brain that three weeks is plenty of time.
  • It’s not.
  • Ellette’s poor socks have not been worked on all week.  I seem to have finished the heel and just now have to work to the toe and finish it, and one will be complete, but I keep putting it off.
  • I even took it with me today to try to work on it more and that plan failed.
  • I also managed to take some decent (ish) photos of my new pattern:

  • A Little Witch’s hat.  awesome.  It’s attached to a headband that sits wonderfully and doesn’t pinch, but you could attach it any way you want – clips, ribbon, etc.  I chose not to decorate mine, but that doesn’t mean you should refrain from adding flowers, tulle, ribbon and the like.
  • I just need to update the file and this pattern will be available through Etsy tomorrow.
  • Cross my Heart
  • No really, I am trying to get more on top of things, and I know how perfect this hat will be for Halloween.  Tomorrow.
  • I have also started a new sweater thing,  My own pattern.  I’m about halfway through now.  I will have photos for you soon.
  • Thanks for reading!  This past year has been quite a whirlwind.

Who Found the Yarn?

The Project: an authentic as possible, Tom Baker, Doctor Who scarf

The Deadline: Halloween 2011 – 37 days to go

The Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Superwash (purchased from Yarn Mountain at a steal!) in Wild Honey, Mysterious Fuchsia, Red Baron, Cactus, Charcoal Heather, Oats ‘n Cream, and Pecan Toffee  And Cascade 220 Superwash in Color 1961 (lightish brown).

The Cascade is a little bit lighter weight than the Lamb’s Pride.  Also, it has a different drape.  I am hoping most of the differences will be evened out in the blocking stage at the end.  I’m just a little worried that this yarn will stretch more and make a few odd patches.  We can only tell when we get to that point though!

My Work To Date:

Total Knit:  598 of 1042 rows or 57.4%

More news:  I had a little yarn accident on my quest for the replacement brown.  It involved mohair.  And this sweater thing pattern that has been stuck in my head for weeks.  So, theoretically, I should have a new pattern available for you in a couple weeks.  On top of that, I realized I have this wicked little witches hat pattern that I never put up, and it’s getting close to Halloween, so I should probably put it up for you.  I’m going to try to get that done by the weekend.  Following that, I have to rewrite the Aviator cap, test knit, and post that as well.  I don’t know how I let myself fall so far behind!

Who has the yarn?

The Project: an authentic as possible, Tom Baker, Doctor Who scarf

The length and width of the original scarf is 11 inches wide by roughly 12 feet long.  It includes 7 colors (red, beige, brown, green, yellow, gray and purple) and comes complete with tassles on the ends.

The Deadline: Halloween 2011 – 40 days to go

The Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Superwash (purchased from Yarn Mountain at a steal!) in Wild Honey, Mysterious Fuchsia, Red Baron, Cactus, Charcoal Heather, Oats ‘n Cream, and Pecan Toffee

Still very satisfied with the yarn!  The colors are so vibrant and the yarn is so soft.

A setback:  The pecan toffee was back-ordered, which I did not know upon purchasing yarn.  The company called me to inform me it will be several months before that color is back in stock (they understand the concept of “time sensitive project” – kudos).  While I had been holding off on the project until I got the brown, I decided instead to knit the scarf in sections, with the brown being the divider.  I used a provisional cast-on and waste yarn for the edges, and will graft everything together once I have acquired the right brown.  My yarn search begins Tuesday.

My Work To Date:


Total Knit:  450 rows or 43.19%

More news:  I just started watching Doctor Who – I felt it wrong to undertake this project without the understanding of how iconic this scarf is.  I am planning my next projects and still working diligently on Ellette’s socks.  Indeed, the pause caused by the absence of the brown has opened much time for sock knitting.  I am about to turn the heel of the first sock and should have this one done by the end of the week.  The second one may take a little longer – especially if I keep eyeing up new projects…

These Cheating Needles

I am diligently working on Ellette’s socks.  They are my travel knitting, staying snug in their plastic bag until I have time to work on them – a few rounds here, a few there.  The pattern is already memorized, fairly easy – no cabling (woot!) and the yarn is lovely (Malabrigo Sock).  They measure a few good inches now.  I have maybe 4 more to go before I turn the heel.

I am obsessed with the Dr. Who scarf.  That is my home knitting.  I enjoy how mindlessly simple it is.  I am able to hold a conversation, watch a movie, play a board game with the family, and still work at it, quietly tallying the rows so the stripes are perfect.  I had a little mishap with yarn order, however, that I am trying to make up for.  The brown color (Pecan Toffee) was backordered, which I did not know at time of purchase and only figured out by calling the company and saying “Where is my crack yarn?”  I have since decided to work the scarf in sections, using the brown as the divider.  So, using a provisional cast-on, I am working each section individually, and then when all of the sections have been worked, I will add the brown.  Hopefully it will have arrived by that time, but if not, it’s a yarn crawl for me!

In the meantime, the temperature has dropped significantly and the woolens are being pulled out of the closet at hyper speed.  Everyone is wrapping up in scarves and boots and heavy hats.  Some poor souls not used to our winters have pulled out their winter coats already (I hold off until the last possible moment so to not incur the anger of the snow gods).  The trees are shaking with the cold, too, and some of the leaves have begun to change.  We are excited to go apple picking and make all sorts of appley goodies.  I make a stellar pie, and was just beginning to perfect applesauce when we ran out of apples last season.

My needles are starting to tap with impatience.  I want a nice warm cardigan or new sweater for myself – something warm and snuggly to wrap up in.  I keep telling myself to worry about the projects at hand already, but my needles are persistent.  Not only am I being bombarded with the beautiful sweaters other knitters are wearing, but my mind as also decided to grace me with several inspired designs.  I came on hear to either reason, or a clamor as to what I should cast on next!

The options?

A – Ginevra’s Pullover (Interweave Winter 2010)

B – Simple Knitted Bodice (Stitch Diva Studio)  – I would make the long sleeved version

C -Nightingale Socks (Vintage Purls Sock Club)

I know – socks.  I have been eyeing up this pattern for months now.  Maybe I have the nerve to make it.


So, cast your vote, and give your reasoning as to why I should stick-to-it with the other knits.  I am desperate for warmth in these chilly days!

PS – I wouldn’t mind color suggestions either!

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