Well Met and Sorely Parted

Sunday marked the *cougcoughcough* birthday of my grandfather and we all gathered round to wish him well.  I scrambled to finish my gift to him, finishing blocking Saturday night and weaving in ends Sunday morning before loading into the car.  (I don’t know why I prefer to block and then weave in ends – it gets me into so much trouble, but I just like doing it that way).

I did run out of yarn before the end, and Thursday at Knit Night I took drastic measures.  I unpicked the cast off edge on the other end.  I unraveled about three quarters of the pattern repeat, slipped those live stitches onto a needle, and work the rest of my end until I reached the same part of the repeat.  I judged how much yarn I had left over, and purled two rows and cast off on each side, with the strand of yarn still connected to both.  I was knitting one side while unraveling the other and I found it kind of amusing.  It reminded me of this cartoon.

In any case, I wrapped it before leaving and it was well received.

Now that that project is finished and the Doctor Who scarf has been handed off, I am looking at what else I have going and realizing that I keep forgetting about projects because I have so many on the needles.

I am working (and almost finished with) the Simple Knitted Bodice by Stitch Diva.  I also have the second sock of Ellette’s to complete.  Before you point fingers, no, I did not suffer Second Sock Syndrom (SSS).  I lost the book and couldn’t find it until yesterday.  Unfortunately, the metal DPNs I was using for it were transfered instead to the pawn for the chess board that has been stuck in my head for a few months now.  I am excited to actually have it started and hope to complete it by Thanksgiving next month.  I also have Ellette’s Gir hat to complete before Halloween (one ear, the tongue, and some embroidery to go!).  I also promised my neighbor a completed Aviator Cap for her daughter’s Amelia Earhart costume.  I figured it would push me to complete the pattern and work out the kinks (I foresee at least one frogging before I find the right set of increase/decrease).

Then, I downloaded the Felted Slipper pattern by French Press Knits because we have hardwood floors and the nights are starting to get awfully chilly.  I have also been obsessed with mittens.  I think as the days get colder I”m going to start doing my equivalent of a Ravelry Roundup to show you all of the amazing patterns I’m looking at.

There are also two more patterns that I am writing and charting and hope to test knit and upload sooooon.  Like, by December 1st at the latest so you all have time before the holidays.

Which reminds me that I actually want to do holiday knitting and Odin bought a bag of yarn for me to make gifts for his family.

I’m hanging in there, just need to remind myself that I need to stay focused.  I do not need to buy more yarn!


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