On The Table

Last night, in a fit of indecisiveness that overwhelmed me, I decided to be completely obvious with myself and my tasks by laying out all of the kips and holiday projects on the table, literally.

Realizing that part of the reason I felt unmotivated was the sudden cold and rainy days, I looked at the thermostat and saw that I had it set at 62* Farenheit.  We live in an 1890s apartment with 8 foot windows and an rickety heating system.  All of the hot air that was being pushed through the vents was being sucked out of our not quite right fitting windows, so I’m pretty sure it was colder than I was reading.  I turned up the heat, with a firm mind to put plastic over the windows in the next week or so, then cranked up the radio and sat down to examine what lay before me.

First up, Ellette’s future slippers from French Press.  These were such a fast knit!  I reversed the shaping really easy (even though I read that this is where a lot of people were having difficulty.  I just figured each k2tog could be swapped to the other side and become a ssk – voila!)  After watching Melynda’s videos for seaming, the slippers now look like this:

Pre felting. I modified the pattern so that after they go through the wash they will be about a child’s size 1.  I’m waiting to felt until Laundry Day – which should have been two days ago really, but it’s been cold and rainy and I have to go outside to get into the laundry unit.  I can wait.

Up next, the Simple Knitted Bodice from StitchDiva.  It looks almost done, doesn’t it?  It would be – I was hoping it was.  However, do you see that neckline?  See how wonky that is?  I doubt that would come out in blocking.  I originally cast off with larger needles, because my cast-offs tend to be really tight.  It was wonky, so I ripped it out and tried again with the smaller needles.  Still wonky.  I think I had picked up too many stitches per inch and need to rip back the whole darn neckline and start over.  I didn’t work on it.  It’s in time out.

This is my Halloween costume.  Er, it will be.  It needs to be by the 27th, at least.  (Please refrain from pointing out how close that is).  I’m going to keep it secret for the time being, but will be uploading a tutorial or two following it’s completion.  I did start working on it last night, and will continue this evening for a bit.

This is the pawn for the chess board.  I am glad I wrote up the pattern prior to casting on because I ended up making some changes as I went, which means that this pattern is almost perfect.  Luckily, there are 16 (I think?) pawns in a game, so I will have plenty of opportunity to double check.  I did not work on it any further last night, although I am itching to work on more of the pieces.  I’m very excited.

This has to become a hat I forgot I promised to make for someone.  She brought me the yarn yesterday and let me borrow the sample hat.  At least it’s really simple and I get to work with yummy Noro.  I wound it last night, but didn’t go further with it.

This is part one of Ellette’s costume, which turned into this two hours later:

We have every hope of finishing the costume this weekend – luckily that just requires acquiring a green hoodie.

This is the start of my holiday knitting – I keep looking at it know I should start something, but can’t bring myself to put aside my current projects.

I also have the second sock for Ellette to make, but I am happy to show you the first one is completed.  Maybe I will cast on tonight before heading to Skokie to see the Yarn Harlot.  We are looking forward to it.


I definitely felt like having all of the projects sitting there staring at me was helpful for my sense of motivation.  I’m sure if I hadn’t had class last night I would have more done.  Chastise me if I cast on anything new.  But ignore the fact that I am working on something that I haven’t shown you because I just cast on.

I’m going to cut up plastic bags…


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