Journey’s End

The project:  An Authentic Doctor Who Scarf

Started: September 8, 2011

Completed: Octobr 7, 2011 at approximately 4:25 pm

Finished Measurements: Pre-blocking – 10.5 inches wide by 10 feet long (11 feet 3 inches with fringe).  I did not block, knowing full well that the sheer weight of the fiber will stretch the scarf out over time.

There was a real push in the end to complete the finishing process.  Took several hours to weave in the little ends (which I really really wish I had worked in while I knit) and then add the fringe.  In the end, however, I used far less yarn than I expected.

Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Superwash Worsted in Mysterious Fuschia, Wild Honey, Oats ‘n Cream, Red Baron, Cactus, and Charcoal Heather.  When the last color – Pecan Toffee, turned out to be back-ordered, I instead subbed Cascade 220 Superwash Worsted (I can’t find the ball band, sorry)

Invaluable Reource:

I am totally in love, and I hope the recipient is too.  I will send you photos of his complete costume.  He owes me one.

Part of me wants to make a second one.  I may not have escaped with my sanity intact….


Things I May (Or May Not) Have Done

  • I may (or may not) have made peach cobbler.
  • It may (or may not) be delicious.  (No, seriously.  I haven’t had a bite of it yet)
  • I may (or may not) have finished the Doctor Who scarf.
  • I may (or may not) have finished the Seaman’s scarf.
  • I may (or may not) have let myself be distracted by a fancy little sweater that may (or may not) be made with the most squishable chocolate wool available.
  • I may (or may not) have had to rip it back. Twice.
  • I may (or may not) go to Knit Night tonight.
  • I may (or may not) make my family dinner before I leave.
  • I may (or may not) take the above two projects with me that are on a serious timeline.  (One more week.  I can do it in 1 week, right?)
  • I may (or may not) instead spend the evening making an orange poncho for a paper mache ghost that will hang in the shop window over the Halloween season.
  • I may (or may not) have promised my daughter a knitted Gir hat as part of her Halloween costume.
  • I may (or may not) think I have too many projects on the go and they are messing with my sanity.
  • I may (or may not) have spent the entire day lounging on the couch, knitting a sweater, and watching Doctor Who.  (Watching Doctor Who may have felt like working on the scarf.  And at least I got myself dressed)

Medival Fair in Autumn

We have had a very busy weekend over here.  With Odin out of town, it was me and Ellette finding ways to amuse ourselves.  Saturday, we attended the Stronghold Medieval Fair with a friend and her son, and Sunday – a glorious Sunday – we did absolutely nothing.  I couldn’t bother updating when I had my first true day that I could do absolutely nothing.  I did not have to wake up at a particular time, I did not have any intention on going anywhere, and it was a beautiful autumn day.

But, to tell you about the fair!  See below:



A day when I did not have to work.  I opted out of selling at this show in exchange for a chance to be social and relaxed.  The weather was beautiful, and we were a little surprised at how quickly the day got away from us.  The kids absolutely loved it as well.  The most appealing part for me was that I didn’t have to wear a bodice.  I woke up, decided I was going to dress up, but as my inner pixie instead of regulated costume, and enjoyed adding layers and adornments.



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