This Little Thing Called the Holidays

This is my first year knitting for the holidays.  I have never been big into this time of year, although I do appreciate the way everyone I care about tends to gather in one place.  The craze for gift giving, however, has never been my cup of tea.  At least, not in my adult life.  I would rather share experiences together than anything else, but possessions aren’t really my thing, either.

This year, however, is a bit different for me.  Odin’s family has taken me in, and the past couple of years we have traveled to Virginia to spend the winter holidays with them, and they have always made an effort to include me (even when I was being a little emotional and unreasonable about one or two things).  Last winter, I finished a pair of mittens while at their house, and went off by myself to photograph them.  When I arrived inside again, Odin’s mom looked appreciatively at the mittens and mentioned how much she would like a pair.  She is an extraordinary woman, and I am not about to divulge the details of the lives of Odin’s family, but I have several reasons to be grateful to this woman, especially considering she gave birth to the man I love.

I mentioned to Odin the idea of going in on presents for his mom, sister, and nieces this year.  He purchases the yarn and helps me pick out the pattern, and I make the items.  He agreed it was a good idea, and together we spent many hours searching Ravelry and then the yarn store for the perfect materials.

I started knitting.

This was the hardest, and so I started on it first.  This is the only one I couldn’t find a pattern for, and had to make one up on the fly.  I have the left hand finished and have started on the right, but I am trying to reverse the stitch pattern and finding it a little tedious.  There is no chance of me writing this out for you, as it is far too fiddly for my tastes.  The intended recipient, however, will love it. (But, she’s a teenager, and one can never be certain of that.)

This is still waiting to be started – the gifts for Odin’s mom.  They will be fairly easy (read: words to fall by).  I am going to work on them on our trip to Texas next weekend.

This is the other present’ in progress.  This is a slow going one because it requires so much concentration.  It is not one I am going to take with me places.  Pretty much, I sit at the table with the graph in front of me, focusing intently on making even stitches.  The yarn (Knit Picks Palette) is a lot thinner than I would think of using for mittens, but the colors are so perfect for the recipient.

I also have a scarf for Odin’s other niece and I want to make socks for Odin, but when the yarn arrived, I realized that I had made a huge error in yardage.  I am going to purchase other yarn from me LYS and use this stuff for something else.  I also can’t decide what to do for Ellette.  Any suggestions?

Besides all that, I have something to offer all of you – in case you are still looking for projects for presents.  I have uploaded two more patterns to Etsy and my Ravelry store.

The Keyhole Cowl:

Available on Etsy here and on Ravelry here


And, the Zigamorph Scarf:

Available on Etsy here and Ravelry here

Also up this week, Holiday preparations and then a road trip to Texas to visit friends which is promising so far to be a spectacular experience!


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