All Hail the Mighty Mail

Just after posting about the end of the knitting being in sight, I added more commissions to my list.  Not many.  And they were for friends, so it was hard to saw no.  This weekend was a push to get one finished (sorry, I was so rushed I forgot to photograph) and this afternoon I popped into the post office to send it out to the recipient.

Now, quickly, count how many days until Christmas.  I can wait…..It’s not many, is it?  I was not surprised, when entering the post office, to see a line stretching the full length of the atrium.  Now, it is a well known and disheartening fact that the internet, UPS, and FedEx have all stripped the USPS of its business.  No one writes letters anymore.  Many POs are getting closed, and usually I wait a maximum of 10 minutes when I stop in to ship something.

Today, the wait was roughly 35-45 minutes.  But I am a Knitter, and I always come prepared.

Standing in line, I put my envelope in my purse, swung it securely over my shoulder, and held a bag of yarn around my wrist, while I steadily and quietly worked on Ellette’s swing coat, which, thanks to that stretch of nothingness, now looks like this:

I am probably about 40% complete at this point.  I know that I will be staying up late every night this week to work on it, and the other commissions I have to go.

The line did not move at a snail’s pace.  Considering the amount of people and the number of awkward packages that were being kicked down the line by people sick of holding them, it moved fairly steadily.  Or perhaps that was just the fiber fumes getting to me.

The stall came when I was third from the front.  A woman who had been standing in line at the self-service station had a complaint, and jumped in front of everyone else to voice her complaint to a clerk.  The two women on either side of me called out to her about how rude she was being.  The woman in front of me told the woman at the front of the line, who had two large boxes in her arms, to push that other lady out of the way because she was more important.

It took all my resolve not to tell these ladies off.  Instead, I concentrated on my knitting, with maybe a small smirk at the serenity the work gave me, and tuned out the bitter whispers of impatient customers.

And I thought.

Most people do not use the post office anymore.  That is a fact.  People are relatively used to getting what they want, when they want it, and, unfortunately, many people are not accustomed to having to allow for extra time because crap happens.  They do not think, it is the week before Christmas and if I have x-amount of things to ship, there are probably y-amount of people needing to ship packages as well.  There are probably c-amount of people working at the post office right now that give an average of t-amount of time to each customer.  Instead, they think it should not be busy and tension should be nonexistent.


This is the busiest time of year for the post office.  Problems will crop up.  People will be in a hurry. The best thing you can do is relax.  Bring a book, a crossword, your knitting – anything! with you to pass the time for effectively.  Do not take it out on the people who are doing their best to make sure your package gets to where its going (and I wonder if they have ever been tempted to put your item in the wrong pile so it is late reaching it’s destination).  Don’t get snarky if someone else is having a rough day and their to-do list is all jumbled.  Take it as a sign that you need to smell the roses for 5 more minutes.  You’ll suffer even more peace of mind in this bustling season.  Oh dear.

I made sure to smile to the gentleman that helped me.  I had everything ready and was polite and cheery answering the standard questions of where is it going, when does it need to be there, no I do not want to pay extra to get it there earlier.  I wished him happy holidays and left that place feeling calm instead of frustrated with the woman who cut in line.  My package is still being shipped and I added a few more rounds to my knitting.

With Ellette home, I have not been able to work on her jacket, and instead have been working on a commission.  I was given a ball of yarn, already wound, and have no idea what it is or what the colorway is, but I am totally enchanted with it.  Do you know?


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