Giving in the Name of Fairy

Initially, this was going to be a post about how I’ve been inventorying again and putting things on Etsy.  And then I thought about it a bit.

It’s Spring – the sun is shining, flowers are sprouting everywhere, and festivals will be happening soon.

I have been having a rough week, and I could use some laughter.  So what I am going to do is create a giveaway. (yay!)

The rules:

    1. Write me a poem.  A limerick, to be exact.  As in:

There once was a fairy named Jane

She was unfortunately very plain

She was tricked by a fox

Put into a Box

And this fairy went rightly insane

  1. You can only win once.
  2. Multiple entries are appreciated, but will not increase your chances.
  3. Make them FUNNY!
  4. You have to comment on this blog – not on Facebook.  You do not need an account to comment here.  I want everyone to see what you are writing so we can all share the laughter.
  5. EDIT: it has to be about fairies or some fantasy some such.

The winners:

  1. One winner will be for the poem that makes me laugh the hardest (gets first choice of prizes)
  2. The other winner will be drawn randomly.
  3. (you see that, TWO chances!)

The Deadline:

April 1st (how appropriate!)  Winners will be announced on Monday, April 2nd.

The Prizes:

These are one-of-a-kind, never to be reproduced, hand made wings by yours truly.  They have been bouncing around in my inventory for a while, and I really want them to find good homes.  They are made from satin on one side, and a sparkly organza on the other.

This pair is an antique gold on the back and a dark burgundy on the inside, coupled with dark burgundy ribbon and spirals.

This pair is dreamy white on one side, and nighttime blue on the other, with white satin ribbon and white spirals.

The “U” shape you see in the center is a fantastic design feature.  I used to do squares, but I like this much better.  It holds the wings securely in place – no flopping or drooping for you.  It also allows you to slide the bar down the back of a dress or bodice so straps aren’t necessary (I can’t help but picturing the white wings with a beautiful strapless wedding dress!).

The wings are comfy, they flutter, they’re lightweight and sturdy.  I went running through a rainstorm once with wings like this on.  Apparently, it looked magical.

This particular style of wing is called “Celeste.”  That’s my own title, so don’t try to look for them in general.  I do have tons of them, but no more that are two-toned like this.

Randomly On A Tuesday

  • We are supposed to be going out tonight.  To be adults.  We even have a babysitter.
  • All I can think of is how much my body aches and how much work I have to do.
  • I have bolts of fabric that have to become wings.

  • I’ve got tons of things that need to be knit or knit and felted.
  • I have dozens of wings to make for the summer.

  • I have a child to take care of.
  • I have a house to clean
  • Although, today I did make a spreadsheet of our chores by frequency, task, and day that everyone has to initial because I am sick of being the only one who cleans and having Odin insist that he does “his fair share.”
  • Ha.  His fair share means reading, playing on the computer, and occasionally washing a few dishes.
  • I have secret knitting to finish and projects that need to be invented.
  • I have inventory to take.
  • Ellette is running around in her leotard waiting to go to tumbling and it is the cutest thing ever.
  • The sunshine is distracting me because all I want to do right now is be outside hula hooping.
  • We have an ant problem because Odin left a bowl of orange peels on the counter.

Tiny Houses

This weekend involved loads and loads of laundry.  Ellette and I went through her closet and dresser and got rid of loads of stuff that she doesn’t want or doesn’t fit, and everything else went through the wash.  (I recently discovered a cup of fermenting apple cider in her room, and the fear of little critters nesting about meant that her room has been ripped to shreds in the name of sanitation).

Laundry means that the dozens of knitted things destined for felting went through the wash several times, including a new item I’ve been working on:

The one in back is too short and wide for my taste, so this morning I hunted for my needle felting supplies and started decorating it.  I wanted to know how difficult/long it would be to decorate so I can judge my remaining 7 weeks (yikes!) wisely.

Ellette even helped!  She made half of the butterfly on the roof.  I think I have to get her her own kit so I can have full use of mine.

Ellette is keeping this one, for which she was so grateful she picked me a bouquet of flowers this afternoon.  And I am set to work making dozens more.  *sigh*

What do you think?

Psst…Your Dork is Showing

Enter…the wall

It is an uninteresting, innocent-looking specimen at the top of the flight of stairs that permits entrance into the abode.  It has a creamy oatmeal complexion, with several crack and bumps along an otherwise smooth surface.  It is part of a house built in the 1800s, so some cracks are to be expected.

In a house of odd angles and large windows (see object to the left of specimen), it is difficult to find large expanses of smooth, unadulterated wall.

Enter…the Tardis

A roughly 7 foot tall gentian blue specimen constructed in four segments to be applied to the wall above to add pizzazz and infinite levels of dorkiness to our already dork-ridden home.  The go ahead was given by the other dwellers of this establishment, and with the aid of Vinyltastic, purveyor of vinyl wall art (it would be well advised to follow that link), the Tardis made it’s way to our apartment.

Enter…The boy.

As I am nowhere near 7 feet tall in high heels, there was absolutely no way I was going to get this thing in place on the wall.  Boy is very handy (or so he likes to tell himself) and I thought perhaps his knowledge, heighth, and strength could be manipulated useful.  Boy, disappointingly, did not have a scraper or appropriate flat surface with which to smooth out air bubbles as the piece was assembled, so we used a spatula.

Now, all we need is a doorbell that makes that wooshing noise and a blinking blue light to complete the facade.

(I have been thinking that when we actually find “our town” and buy a house, we totally are turning one of the doors into swinging Tardis doors.  Boy has no say in the matter, whatsoever.)

To Ireland

Today is St. Patrick’s Day – as I’m sure everyone is well aware of.  They are probably beginning their celebrations now – at least in Chicago, and in Ireland will have finished their morning mass, with shamrocks pinned to their shirts and festivals in the streets going full blast now.  We probably won’t be doing anything so exciting – big crowds and alcoholism aren’t really my cup o’ tea.

Instead, we will be spending the afternoon playing games with friends, swinging by the fabric store so I can make new curtains for the house, and then having a date night (our weekend is blessedly sans offsrping).

But, I am remembering.

In 2007, I spent 7 long months in various parts of the country.  I started at Irish Language school in Glencolmcille, a little town on the peninsula of Co. Donegal.


I stayed with a wonderful family and made friends at the school, but we were only there for a couple weeks.  We did head back later in the semester, and I did manage to make it back for a week the next time I was in Ireland.

From there, we began our studies in Derry.  If only I’d known what I was in for.

I learned how to knit in Ireland.  There was a wool shop in the Derry Craft Village I frequented.  That purple scarf there is my first every finished project – and I still have it.

I miss the Bound For – our favorite hang out.  I got into so much trouble in that pub.

We also took weekend trips to other places, Dublin, Sligo, Gweedore, The Giant’s Causeway, etc.

I was there during Paddy’s Day, and one of my roommates took me home for the weekend to celebrate.  Hence, the prompt for this post.  This was my first time living on my own.  My first time out of the US.  I was alone – having just met my traveling companions on the plane, and on the bus the next day, but they were who I would be with the entire semester.

After the semester I stored most of my belonging’s in a friend’s flat and eked out on my own with only a small bag to accompany me.  I felt brave and adventurous.  I made it a few weeks before returning to the flat and spending the next few weeks with friends again.

Then I took off to spend 6 weeks doing archaeology work on Achill Island.

But these are stories for another time.

To my friends in Ireland – have a wonderful St. Paddy’s Day and please, stay safe.  I miss you all dearly and think of you often.

Photographing Fairies

It was the most fun I’ve had at a photo shoot yet, I think.

The kids had a blast, really getting into their characters – although it was a little more difficult getting Calvin into it than Ellette.  Go figure.

I, of course, had no trouble whatsoever.  We couldn’t stop giggling all throughout.


I am going to be making postcard adverts!  If you would like one sent to you when they are done, send me your mailing address via email at thewishingstar(AT)hotmail(DOT)com – changing the words for the appropriate symbols and there ya go!

Photographs taken by my friend Ted of Ted Glasoe Photography.

Spring Cleaning

I have been getting my shop in order lately.  Yesterday, I pulled out all of my old stock and left it on the floor of my studio so it would be conveniently in the way every time I tried to work, reminding me that I need to take care of it.  I needed to find out what I had left, pull out anything that was damaged in transit at any fair during 2011, and photograph and Etsy everything else.

I have gotten through most of the tutus and almost all of the Single Panel wings.  I am hoping to knock through the rest by the end of the weekend.

I have so many new ideas I’m working on, and I’m eager to clear out the old stuff.  To do this, I have reduced the price of old inventory on Etsy.  Get it out of here!!


Plus, with every order, I include a special Little Green Pixie sticker.  Seriously, how can you resist?

Visit my Etsy shop for more wings!

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Finally!  The first signs of spring have begun showing themselves.  Walking to work this morning, I spotted a robin and immediately had to tell my mom.  It has been a long standing family tradition to see who could spot the red-breasted bearer of warm weather first.

This past weekend the sun was shining brightly and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  Odin wanted to head to the beach for some kite-flying, I wanted to explore.  Finally, we settled on finding some place outside of Chicago to go kite-flying.  We ended up packing up the car and taking a trip to Long Grove.  Long Grove is a quaint historic village that has a lot of funky shops and galleries.  In the summer there are a number of festivals that occur.  Dandy Things, a consignment shop I am a part of, just relocated to a larger storefront in Long Grove, and I wanted to check them out.

After exploring the town and checking out the shops, we found a park and began to fly our kites.

Our pirate ship didn’t fly very well, which is why it was photographed on the ground.  I think it needs a tail.

I also remembered, while we were in the park, that I was wearing a piece of knitting I had never actually photographed, but wear often since it was made last May.

The pattern: Louisa Lace Tunic, from French Girl Knits by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes.  Yarn: Cascade 128 Superwash Bulky.  It stretched like crazy in the blocking.  I just pulled the lace down so it would be longer instead of wider in the overall shape.  Mods: I made left it open in the front instead of stitching it closed like the pattern called for.  I like it much better this way.

Unfortunately, Sunday Ellette had a very high fever and spent most of the afternoon drooling sleeping on the couch.  I went to work this morning for a couple of hours and returned home to take care of her.  She doesn’t need much care taking right now and I have been able to spend some much needed time on wings and things.

Another Pattern!

Once I figured out how to work in the program, completing the pattern was a cinch.  It’s so easy to knit and the pattern is simple and easy to follow.

The Tetris Afghan is now available for sale! Find it here on Ravelry, here on Etsy, and of course it is available via this blog.  Just go to the “Patterns” page at the top of this page and scroll down until you find it.

I am so relieved to have it done.  I’ve begun work on new projects already.  The ideas just keep rolling in.

Finally! A Pattern!

This may not be the pattern you were expecting, but it is something.


This afternoon I made a big push to complete the written portion of this project.  I struggled through the layers of Open Office during Ellette’s tumbling class to finally bring it to you.

It features a tutorial on adding the scales, complete with clear photos to make it as simple as possible for you.

Find the pattern on Ravelry, on Etsy, and of course, right here on this blog!  Just go to the “Patterns” page, scroll down until you find the Dragon Slayer Gauntlets, and click “buy now.”

I am so ridiculously giddy to finally have it finished!  I have continued beating the Tetris pattern into submission.  It should follow shortly.

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