Olympics – Day 5

We are on day 5 now of the Olympic games and the parallel running Ravellenic Games.

My start was a shaky one.  I cast on exactly at 3:00 and started knitting.  Not for very long, of course, because I was still at work, but enough to feel satisfied with my start.

Then, I realized that I had started all wrong, and had to pull out my inch of work.  Not like an inch is much when you’re doing what I’m doing, but it was enough for me to cringe.  I cast on again and started correctly.  I got to the same point again when I snapped a needle in half.  I held the two broken pieces in horror.  I had no idea where the rest of my size 1 needles were.  I was rapidly falling behind.  I sent out an SOS on Team Windy  Knitty’s Ravelry page, asking that anyone going to the kick off party – please, PLEASE – loan me a set of needles until I could locate my spares.

I did a massive search when I got home.  I contemplated chosing a different project instead.  And then I remembered I had thrown all of my bamboo size 1s in my sock project bag for the road trip, to protect against needle breakage/loss during our vacation.  With the crisis averted, I set to work once again on the chess pieces and set off for the opening ceremony kick off at Fireside.

And here are in the present – Day 5 – and where am I?

8 pieces done.

24 pieces to go.

25 % completion.

High probability of having enough yarn for the board.

Medium probability of actually getting the board done, if I do have enough yarn.

Completing an average of 1.8 pieces per day.  Need to complete 2 pieces per day to finish in time – more if I expect to knit the board, too.

I’m a little worried.  This week is packed.  Tomorrow we are celebrating Odin’s birthday (even though it is on Friday), then Thursday it looks like we are heading up to Milwaukee for more celebration.  I have faire again on the weekend, which cuts into my knitting time severely.

How are you doing?

Fourth Weekend

Quickly I Write

I had every intention of writing a blog post yesterday about th Ravellenic games that will be kicked off this afternoon in conjunction with the opening Olympic ceremonies.  I had every intention of going into detail about my goals during the next two weeks and how I was going to see them through.   I wanted to do that so today, I could post a picture from work at exactly 3pm central time showing the first feeble stitchs of my self-imposed challenge.  As you can see there was no post yesterday.

What happened was that, while I was typing away, a pile of work fell in my lap and consumed my attention for the rest of the working afternoon.  I got off work, picked up Ellette from camp only to discover that she had – for the second or third time this summer – lost her lunchbox.  As punishment, I told her that she had to make up that money I had put into those lunchboxes.  I had a studio that needed to be moved into the attic and a dining room to be reorganized, plus generic cleaning in preparation for my sister’s visit.  So, I piled up boxes by the attic door and she carried them upstairs and put them neatly in a row for me to sort later, meanwhile giving me pitiful looks and whimpering slightly about how tired she was getting and how boring it was.    I then cleaned up the kitchen, swept and mopped the floors, and vacuumed the rugs.  By this time, we were all hungry, my sister was late, and I couldn’t lift another finger.  We ordered thai, which led to confusion about food, during which my sister arrived, with others in tow, and chaos reigned for a while, pushing the blog out of my realm of thought.

So, today I am catching up what I should have said yesterday and holding off on what I wanted to say today.

1) Info on the Ravellenic Games can be found here.

2) I am a part of Team Windy Knitty.

3) I will be competing in wip wrestling.  The goal is to tackle the works-in-progress that have been piling up.  I will be starting with the Chess Game:


4) Apparently, I tried to post and everything south of the picture was lost (including the picture) – I’m sorry.

5) If I finish this in time, my next wip would be the Panda Fan Shawl I started in Denmark.

6) Followed by the Cog Steampunk Scarf.

7) I have more in the line up if (IF) I finish the above 3.

8) The games end August 12 (that’s 17 days!)

9) Tonight there is a kick off party with Team Windy Knitty at Fireside.  Come on down!


Are you in the game?

Tiny Blossoms

I did not get nearly as much work completed as I anticipated this past weekend.  The Complete Fool received a shipment of new toys, and I ended up blowing a day’s wages on toys and all of my free time learning new Diabolo tricks.

Then, on Sunday, Ellette came down with a fever and we lef the fair early.  It was hot and sticky and the thought of working with merino was more than I could handle.  I just tried to get my kid hydrated and myself showered.

Yesterday, she still had a fever and I kept her home from camp, which meant that I stayed home from work as well.  It was a remarkably relaxing day for us.  Ellette was just exhausted/feverish enough to not want to do much, but not so feverish that I was worried about taking her to the hospital.  I pushed fluids and she sat on the couch with me watching Dinotopia and Rocky and Bullwinkle.  Around 3 or 4, she asked if she could lay down for a nap, and she didn’t wake up again until quarter to 8, when I made her drink a cup of juice and took her temperature.

In the meantime, I got a lot done.  I cleaned the bathroom, did a load of dishes, finished the laundry, and cleaned the attic top to bottom.  Swept, dusted, mopped, and started to turn the enormous space into a studio/spare bedroom/game room/Ellette playroom/mommy escape room.  All encompassing.
And I knit.  I knit a lot, actually.  I got almost all of the way through one Zigamorph scarf.  And if I hadn’t been so exhausted, I would have finished.

And I spent quite a bit of time crocheting tiny flowers to stitch into those loops of cording.


I am going to try to make a big push on those tonight and have them all finished, as well as the last leg of the zig scarf.  Then, I need to do a yarn run for Zombie hats and count how many pairs of wings I have in stock.  Make more, and make more tutus to go with them.  A few more top hats to decorate, and some to felt, and I should be set.  Oh, and I have to buy fresh face paint, which is a chunk out of my wallet, but will be worth it.  Also, the Ravellenic games begin on Friday at 3, and I am hoping to add “completing the chess game” I started so long ago to the list of things to get done (i.e. wip wrestling).  We are going to the Windy Knitty kickoff party at Fireside on Friday evening for anyone interested.  It should be a laugh.

Third Weekend

Steampunk Weekend…

Sticking Too It

I have been a little all over the place as far as my craft is concerned.  I’m not sure if this is because I am getting bored in one task so I jump to another.  If I’m working on one task but realize that this other thing is just as important so I should work on that too.  Or if there is maybe a lot more on my plate than I can deal with efficiently.

Last night I sat down for 20 minutes and put ribbon wings in between doing loads of laundry.  And then my mom called, so I pushed the wings aside, forgot about the laundry, and spent I don’t know how long talking about my sister’s first date.  I’m so excited for her, and I have probably just embarrassed her a bunch, but I don’t really care.  That’s how our family works.  If your boyfriend can’t handle the embarrassment, he won’t be able to handle you.

I have intermittently been working on tutus.

But the heat makes it a little difficult.  The tulle sticks to me and then I start to itch all over.  Also, my kitten likes to try to dive roll through the mountains of tulle I create.  Distracting.

Then, I realized this week that I really need to pick a goal and a time frame each week, and just stick to it.  What do I need to do, how do I get it done, and when will that be possible?

Every morning this week I have been able to churn out cording for a new item.


It takes about 15 minutes or so to turn one ball of 200+ yards into I-don’t-know-how-many-feet of cord, which gets looped and looped and looped until I get a perfectly sized necklace.

Which I am packing along with me to begin the embellishments.  Maybe I will have 20 completed by the end of the weekend.  That is my goal.  Twenty should be all I need.  And if I need more, piece o’ cake.

Variation on a Theme

I am doing a combination of knitting, knotting, and painting around here and it is driving me up the wall.  I finally broke nd decided that, since our attic is not in use at the moment, I am moving my studio up there, where I can play movies and keep the lights on until the wee hours of the morning without being in anyone’s way (and without them being in mine) and I can leave projects cluttering the floorspace (of which there is much) without worrying about the cats trying to eat the tulle or spill the paint.

On the weekends, since we are away, I try to pack a big bag of yarn projects I can work on depending on various conditions.  I have the yarn for the rose headbands for occassions where I only have a few minutes, it’s dusty and I have no where to sit.  I have the yarn and implements for making miles and miles of cording for when I have a clean floor and plenty of conversation.  I have the fancy pants merino for the scarves and cowls for moments when there is peace without dirt and I can whip out those nicer projects for the shows.  In my purse I have colorwork mittens I am trying to work on, which take large amounts of concentration, so I don’t work on those as often.

I set a goal for myself for a large amount of knitted goods for the September and October fairs.  At the time, I thought this was wise, as those are the months when it starts to get chilly and people are looking to bundle up.  I am trying to make pumpkin hats and Zombie hats and flower hats, and a plethora of scarves and cowls.  That brings me to my topic for the day.  I have been trying to churn out Zigamorph scarves for weeks.  I have estimated that I could, theoretically, make one per day if I had not distractions and the perfect weather conditions (handling merino in 100* heat is terrible.  It’s like being trapped in h-e-double hockey sticks).

The Zigamorph scarf was designed as an eye-catching, quick knit using Madeline Tosh Merino – a soft and squishy single ply merino with a nice bounce and beautiful drape.  The subtle shifts in color and the sheen of the strands show of the dropped stitch pattern perfectly.  I have a few colors in this yarn, but is a bit on the pricey side.  Here is the scarf in MT’s Tomato Tart:

I have also been playing around with other yarns in thie pattern.  I have, in the past, tried plied yarn, and while the pattern is still stunning, it is not as inspired as single ply.  There isn’t the same look of loft about the project.  So, when I was purchasing yarn for stock, I also picked up Malabrigo.

I am not quite sure how I feel about this.  The yarn is soft and has a durable feel to it, like the un-plied yarn won’t start falling apart on you.  The drape is there, but missing that fluffy loftiness that the MT has.  It also has no sheen, so the colors look kind of flat.  Speaking of color, the all over patterning of this yarn, while interesting, is a bit distracting from the dropped stitch pattern.  This is just one color (Malambo), and I have a few more colors left to try, but as a point, I probably wouldn’t recommend this particular yarn for this project.

Lastly, I picked up Cascade Lana Bambu (color 08).


This has the loosely plied yarn with a nice drape and sheen.  The color patterning is somewhere between MT and Malabrigo, and I can’t quite decide if I like it.  It works with the pattern, I think, I just can’t decide if it is too much shifting or the specific shifts between colors that is throwing me off.  I also felt like the yarn was a bit splicey, and it makes me wonder what the life span of the scarf will be.  Will it pill and pull and end up mangled?  Or will the slippery nature of the yarn and the dropped stitches prevent that from happening?  I also have two more colors of this yarn to try.

The pattern, Zigamorph, is located here on Ravelry and here on Etsy; although right now it would be quicker to order from Ravelry.

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