Some Call it Discipline

I call it it heat exhaustion.  We have had really high temperatures lately, which makes me lethargic and unproductive.  I have not wanted to work, let alone blog.  I want to sit in front of the fan and…nap? read?  Be slow and languid.  I worry the rest of the summer will pass similarly, mainly because my weekends are packed and my weeks are spent recuperating, no time for crafting is allowed.  Well, no energy at the very least.

I must admit I have been distracted lately, and that also has been counter-productive in an odd way.  Instead of working on stuff (I have been working on stuff, it’s just hard to get motivated), I have been cleaning.  We recently lost our roommate.  Perhaps lost isn’t the right word.  The living arrangement wasn’t working out for a very poignant reason, which will remain personal.  In short, we have had a large, hot room to clean and the stress of recent events and a somewhat emptier house left me with the urge to clean.  I pulled back carpets and moved furniture in order to vacuum and mop.  My bedroom is clean for the first time in months.  I have been trying to piece my studio back to working order but that has been slow going due to the onslaught of commissions instead of stock work.  We have opted out of replacing the roommate for at least the summer, which is all for the best in my opinion, and a large portion of that right now is the simple fact that next weekend is opening weekend of Bristol and we will not be around for the next 9 weekends.

On that subject, last summer I fell off the radar due to the pressures of working at the fair.  Anyone working 12 hour days in ridiculous heat when dressed like this would agree:

(photo courtesy of Steve Spitzer – he rocks)

Although, this summer I am not selling roses; I am teaching kids to juggle and be silly.  I am happy to return to The Complete Fool.

Monday arrives and all I can do is enjoy the afternoon of freedom it provides.  This year, however, I am going to supply you with at least one picture from the weekend every Monday, so you can suffer the heat, drink, and festivities with me.

Aside from that, the back-to-back shows of the autumn are pushing me to complete stock early.

The roses I had been working on were completed and sent off to the shop where they will be happily displayed.  I am now cranking out even more for the rest of the summer.

During a brief cold spell, I cranked out some chunky knitting, which actually happened at just the right moment when inspiration struck and I wrote a pattern.  Pattern will be available at the end of August.  The scarflette however is pretty simple and will be available before then.


When I have been able to sit down and work, I have been easily distracted by Luna, who alternately wants to help and run away.


The hardest thing right now is to muster the willpower to work with wool when the temperatures are soaring above 90*F (that’s 32* Celsius) and we don’t have A/C.  Bear with me.

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