Olympics – Day 5

We are on day 5 now of the Olympic games and the parallel running Ravellenic Games.

My start was a shaky one.  I cast on exactly at 3:00 and started knitting.  Not for very long, of course, because I was still at work, but enough to feel satisfied with my start.

Then, I realized that I had started all wrong, and had to pull out my inch of work.  Not like an inch is much when you’re doing what I’m doing, but it was enough for me to cringe.  I cast on again and started correctly.  I got to the same point again when I snapped a needle in half.  I held the two broken pieces in horror.  I had no idea where the rest of my size 1 needles were.  I was rapidly falling behind.  I sent out an SOS on Team Windy  Knitty’s Ravelry page, asking that anyone going to the kick off party – please, PLEASE – loan me a set of needles until I could locate my spares.

I did a massive search when I got home.  I contemplated chosing a different project instead.  And then I remembered I had thrown all of my bamboo size 1s in my sock project bag for the road trip, to protect against needle breakage/loss during our vacation.  With the crisis averted, I set to work once again on the chess pieces and set off for the opening ceremony kick off at Fireside.

And here are in the present – Day 5 – and where am I?

8 pieces done.

24 pieces to go.

25 % completion.

High probability of having enough yarn for the board.

Medium probability of actually getting the board done, if I do have enough yarn.

Completing an average of 1.8 pieces per day.  Need to complete 2 pieces per day to finish in time – more if I expect to knit the board, too.

I’m a little worried.  This week is packed.  Tomorrow we are celebrating Odin’s birthday (even though it is on Friday), then Thursday it looks like we are heading up to Milwaukee for more celebration.  I have faire again on the weekend, which cuts into my knitting time severely.

How are you doing?

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