28 Rows Later

I sort of zoned out at knit night yesterday.  Really far out.  To the point where somone across the table waved at me, and I turned around to see who she saw through the window, looked at her, pointed to myself quizically, and when she smiled and nodded, I turned atound again to see who was in the window.

I think that means I have officially lost it.

I did make some headway on the baby blanket.  Being to konked to chat had its upsides.


This is how far I got.  I stretched it out and asked how it looked for a baby blanket.  There was silence.

” Um, while the lace is very nice, baby fingers and toes are awfully small.”

I am in the process of telling myself that it only looks so holey because I am right at the center where the lace is most congested.  The pictures on Ravelry don’t look so open.


Besides, I don’t really have time to start over.  If anything, it will be a pretty heirloom blanket.

I realize that is probably what will happen.  That is perfectly ok.

I am about to launch into a massive 3 day – 12 hours per day weekend.  I was hoping to launch a new pattern today, but it doesn’t seem possible.  Maybe that will be a good “Back-To-School” thing.  Keep an eye out.

Losing my BRAINZ!

I was up until midnight adding coils of brains to zombie hats.  It was a little fun, but mostly tedious. I broke up the monotony by working on a chunky cowl.


I have about a dozen hats done, in a wide array of colors.


Bright green and fuschia and gray and black and yellow.


I love the yarn – Berrocco Vintage.  There are loads of colors to chose from, its super soft, and completely washable.  Some of the hats were also worked up in Cascade 220.  I have gotten the brains sewn in and now the ends need to be woven in, but I’m hoping to bribe some of the ladies at the crochet shop (Tangled Fibre by KittenCrochet) at the Renaissance Festival to do it for me.  Who can turn down chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick?

Tonight, I think I’m going to make a big push on the baby blanket at knit night.  I can’t have that little baby shivering in the chill October air because her godmother is a slacker.


I know I failed to deliver on Monday with pictures of the weekend.  It wasn’t until early evening that I discovered I left my camera sitting in my yarn basket sitting under the counter of the juggling shop at the fair.  I think that is fine, since I was only out on Sunday and on Sunday it rained the entire time.  There really were no good pictures, although somewhere floating in the world wide web are photos of me pretend jousting on a zipline.

By the time I made this discovery, it was already late, and I had sort of been in a slump all day.  Work had been exhausting, and I had personal things to deal with that I was not happy about, and upon arriving home, attempted to craft.  I started a new project, deciding it would look nice in crochet, and pulled it out because I started with too many stitches.  I tried again, and pulled it about because, this time, instead of making a rectangle I had started making a triangle (one of the reasons I dislike crochet).  Pulled it out, started over, counting every single double crochet across every single row.  I made it four inches before I realized that, not only would I not have enough yarn for the project, but I hated the pattern.  I pulled it out, rewound the yarn, and fetched my knitting needles.  Cast on once, cast on too many stitches, pulled out.  Cast on again, realized I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t like whatever my hands had improvised, pulled it out.  Flipped through stitchionary to no luck, cast on again anyway, created a rather pleasing zigzag.

The cowl on the left is a seed stitch and the one on the right is the hellion from Monday.

In any case, the slump was not condusive to blogging.  I was rather upset all evening for no apparent reason and Odin took the brunt of it for a moment.  Sorry.

I could have blogged yesterday, and I had every intention of doing so, but I was having data connectivity problems with my phone and couldn’t upload anything.  Besides, I got into the zone of crafting and didn’t stop until 11pm.  At that point, I was pretty tired and fell into bed.

This morning, I remembered to take photos of the things I have been working on in order to share them with you so I could blog.  The above is the product of a few days work.  And this is the other thing:

I have been working on these all summer, but just recently began adding the finishing touches.  I have a handful of them complete, and for the rest, I just need to sew on flowers, buttons, and any other embellishment I can think of.

Tonight, it is all zombie for me, as I have yards of pink cording to sew into the dozens of zombie hats I have been cranking out.  Not to mention, wings and tutus to wrap up, a number of tiny top hats that need to be sewn to headbands, and a baby blanket that only has a few rows completed.

This weekend marks the last weekend of the Renaissance Fair, which I am a little bit relieved for (maybea lot relieved – I’m exhausted), and I will be happily managing the juggling shop for Rebecca.  Unfortunately, this means that I won’t be spending much time walking around, getting photographs.  Since it is a three-day weekend, whatever photos I have will be uploaded on Tuesday.  I’m thinking about getting a couple of appropriate after-hours shots as well, since that is a seldom seen side of the fair.

This may be my only post of the week – I will see how much I complete before I leave Friday evening.

Randomly on a Thursday

  • I don’t feel like I have anything cohesive to say, but I feel like I should say something.
  • Tomorrow is my birthday.  I am not working.
  • Tonight we are dancing.  It’s going to be great.
  • My birthday present to myself was a new cellphone.  It’s smarter than I am and I can’t figure out much of how to use it.  That makes me feel really old, even though it is my generation that should be using this newfangled technology with ease.  Technology has never been my friend.
  • I have downloaded apps that have been trying to suck up all my free time.  I knew this would happen.  I’m fighting it bravely.
  • I downloaded Square – which makes me ridiculously giddy.  Having something that can run credit cards has been a shop goal of mine for some time now.  This was my main motivation for upgraded my phone.
  • There is a baby due in October, and I only have 5 rows of her blanket completed.  The baby shower is in a month.  For some reason, I keep telling myself I have time.
  • I really don’t have time.
  • Instead, I am knitting like a fiend on hats and scarves and trying to update my stock for the back to back shows this autumn.
  • Zombie hats have consumed my life.

  • I have also been using my phone to play with my photography settings.  There are already loads of photos…
  • 10 Zombie hats nearly complete.  I just have to add the brains spilling out of the side.  My goal is to have a minimum of 20 by September.
  • Pattern available: Zombies Ate My Brains (also if you go to the “Patterns” page up at the top of the screen)
  • My house is a mess.  I have been working every waking moment and Odin isn’t a cleaner.  One day we’ll get around to it.  Until then, I have vacuumed only when my allergies threaten death and the catboxes start to smell or we are out of wine glasses.
  • Our wine supply is getting dangerously low.
  • I feel like I must be the most boring person alive right now, since I go to work in the morning, come home and stream tv shows and movies and churn out Zombie hats.
  • Next up – Pumpkin Berets.
  • And I still have to make about 20 more tutus.
  • I don’t know if I’m going to make any more wings this year.  I am going to try to clear out stock.  In November, I am anticipating a massive wing-cleanout-SALE, so keep your ears up.
  • Knitted items will go up on Etsy around October 1st (but don’t quote me on that).
  • Two more weekends left of Bristol.
  • Then back-to-back shows for me.
  • I am longing for respite.

Olympic Recuperation

Finally, I can bring to you the end of my Ravellenic Challenge.  I really meant to do this last week, but somehow time escaped me and before I knew it, it was Friday.  I feel like that has been my summer, though, and most especially the 17 days of the Olympic games.  I am just now feeling like I’m catching up on things, and I think that is because my awesome parents asked to have Ellette for the rest of the summer and my house is blissfully (and sometimes saddeningly) child-free.

Anyway, I did not make it to the finish line.  I really tried.  The Saturday night before the end, I was up until goodness knows when, trying to finish the last few modules I had left.  I probably shot myself in the foot doing that, because I had to rip back the same module three or four times due to counting errors.  After I finished the modules, I Threaded a lifeline through the remaining live stitches and blocked it out.  I was hoping to block it lightly enough to hold the shape, yet be dry enough that I could take it with me in the morning to finish during class and fair.  I used a spray bottle to spritz over it, but apparently didn’t realize how much water I had used because it was still too damp to move in the morning.  I gave up hope at that point.

I didn’t cross the finish line, but I still finished, and I think that is the most important thing.  I crossed this beautiful fan shawl off my WIP list and I am completely in love with it (I planned my wardrobe around it this morning so I could wear it to the office).  Photographs were taken in a public flower bed in downtown Evanston yesterday.  I received some really strange looks from passersby.

The specs:  Panda Silk Fan Shawl on size US3 needles.

Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in 852 Persia – at least one skein is.  I used two skeins, and the second skein is something else.

Mods: I used a much smaller yarn, for one, which required smaller needles.  I also added two more rows of fans to make it a little bigger.

Seventh Weekend


I don’t quite know what to say about the weekend.  The wool fumes got to me somethin’ fierce.  I should have brought reinforcements to help me manage the market place.  The colors and fibers and crush of people really disoriented me.  But I generally don’t do well in crowded areas.

Anyway, the Crazy Quilt Knitting class was pretty cool.

We made little quilt squares, which I have not figured out how to use yet.

With all of the instruction and talking in the class, it was difficult to count for lace pieces.  I added this simple eyelet pattern towards the end, when it was reasonably quiet and I could focus better.

There is supposed to be embellishments all over the place, but I haven’t quite had time for it.  It’s a miracle I have the time to write this post right now.

This was the sampler that Myra Wood used.  It’s four squares in the same angled pattern that we did in class.  It’s a great size, and the Noro mixes beautifully.

This is a tunic that Myra made, which is absolutely stunning.  You can see the embroidered detail along each line.  It is really inspiring! It makes me want to get a book of applique and embroidery so I can do that to all of my stuff.  Speaking of, this 6 hour class followed by a weekend at the renfair has left me with a million-bajillion ideas for how to utilize this technique.  I have several projects that I have begun stashing yarn for, and when I get some down time (in like…November!) I will be making templates and beginning these projects.

I must say, Myra, this class exceeded my expectations.  There are so many interesting things you can with this technique, and so many things I never would have thought of.  I need more hours in my day to accomplish everything!!

When I was leaving the conference center, I saw this fun van and had to stop my car to photograph it for you:

Dear Van Owner:

You rock my socks!

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