A Little Nerd in All of Us

Last night, I stayed up well past my bedtime.  I almost finished a hat, but when I tried it on, it didn’t fit right.  Out came the needles as the project hit the frog pond.

Rather than tackling that mess again, I did some serious research into colorwork, gave it good long think with a bottle of meade by my side, and cast-on (for the fourth time) the cape for Ellette.  Today, I reached that source of fresh yarn.  It is that point where you know you have made it past those previous mistakes, and whatever lies ahead is going to be completely new and wonderful.  Until, at least, you mess up again.


I am happy to report that much frogging, math, charting, and knitting later, I have reached that point, and it is beautiful.  I think I know what to do now.

To keep myself on track, I created a spreadsheet.  And then I created a bar graph, and then a line chart.


I don’t think I have been excessive yet.  Over-enthusiastic, maybe.  But not excessive.

28 Days Later

I have a sweater.  Truthfully, 27 days, but as I am posting pictures now, I feel like it is 28 days of work.  Twenty-Eight days and 66,736 stitches!  If I counted every stitch I made in every project, I am pretty sure I would go bonkers quickly.  Even so, just this one project, while entertaining as the spreadsheet was (what can I say – nerd at heart?), in the end, watching the tally go higher and higher, I was kind of cursing the length of the work.  However, I am pretty sure this is a win.  National Knit a Sweater Month needed 50k stitches to reach completion, and here I have exceeded that by quite a bit.

I love this swearter.  It is warm, without being bulky, and the color is really nice.  I was worried the tweed would be overpowering, but it ended up being less frequent than I feared.



The yarn is soft and wasn’t bad to work with.  It is not my favorite, mind you, but for a gal with a budget who really ought to be on a yarn diet, it was nice.  Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed, in Dill heather.  I used 13 balls, almost exacatly.  I have 2 left over that need something to come of them.  What can I do with 200 yards of worsted tweed?


The pattern is Barberry, from Twist Collective.  There were a couple of errors, which I was hoping TC would take care of before I got to those sections.  They didn’t, so I improvised.  Clearly, it worked out in the end, and everything else was written clearly.  I think this is the best seaming job I have done so far, although I’m not too keen on the hood.  I think that lies in the weird construction of that piece rather than my seaming abilities.

I think I will be looking for every excuse possible to wear this one, although I have some plans for what to do once holiday knitting is over.

Speaking of holiday knitting – it is sort of zooming by, which is awfully dangerous because it makes me feel confident in adding more items.  I anticipate a fatal fiber error at some point in the coming weeks.  Until then – needles crossed!

Drowning in It

My buttons arrived, and last night they were attached to the sweater.  At some point in the evening, however, the taunting, dangling ends were just too much for me and I had to put the sweater aside for something simple and mindless.  This morning, refreshed, I finished weaving in the loose bits and put it on.  I am kind of crazy about it.  That post is for another day though – hopefully tomorrow.  I am in the process of conning one of my coworkers to take a 5 minute break for photographs.


Those buttons almost killed me though.  They are wooden (branches?) and they have the most pleasant earthy aroma to them.  It is going to make washing the sweater a pain, but the effect is wonderful.  In case you are interested, here is where I got them.  The shop title is Woods of Narnia.  How appropriate is that?  I also picked up some acorn caps that had been turned in to buttons.  If only I knew what to do with them…


In the meantime, my mindless knitting is the body of a Mr. Fox Stole My Heart, by Tiny Owl Knits.  This designer is so enchanting!  There are so many things she has in her shop that make me squee with curious delight.  Her brain works similarly to mine and most of her designs are in my queue.  I’m glad that I am able to finally knit one as a Christmas gift.  So far, it is well written and flying off the needles.  This afternoon, I was able to get a little farther than this photo – I am almost done with the tail now.  I am going to have yarn left over, and I am trying to think of other little fox things I can make out of it.

Are you making anything for the holidays?

NaKniSweMo Day 26


Almost there!  I bound-off the button band last night and tried it on.  I am in love with it so far, which is such a relief after that stint of hating everything on my needles.

I need to sew on the last sleeve, weave in a few stray ends, and add buttons.  I ordered buttons a couple weeks ago, and only just realized they were shipping from Europe and Asia.  I cursed myself – rather loudly and a little vehemently –  for not paying better attention.  However, this weekend I received a pink slip from the post office saying I missed their delivery and need to pick up a package in person; a package with a country of origin being Ukraine, and I think they are the buttons that I have in mind for this.

I am eager to be completely finished because, somehow, my holiday knitting list keeps getting longer (strange how that happens, isn’t it?).  I have one project completely marked off, one that is mostly done, but is need of a bit of surgery (the hazards of knitting on the fly), and a third started as of this morning.  I cast-on Ellette’s cape over the weekend, and then stalled on how to shape with the fair isle I was adding. It is sitting in my knitting bag with only two inches completed and I am scratching my head.  Thoughts?

NaKniSweMo Day 21


Major knitting finished!  Tomorrow I will block it before heading out for the holiday and Friday I will begin seaming.  That is an undertakung.  I squished the hood so it would be recognizable for this picture, otherwise the whole thing looks like some tweedy, fibrous pterodactyl.

I am just incredibly excited to have finished the bulk of the thing at this point.  No idea how many stitches to date.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

This is Not a Sweater

I reached the hood of the sweater, for those of you who are wondering after my progress.  Although, I may just be deluded in thinking that there are people who seek no more fulfillment to their day than wondering what my current stitch count is, have the buttons arrived yet (they haven’t), and whether or not I’m going to finish on time.  Deluded.

I seem to have entered a fiber vortex again – worse than the body portion of the sweater.  The hood is knit back and forth, and every row adds 2 stitches.  So every row takes a little bit longer to finish.  It has taken me days to suck it up and plow through the monotony, but I am still 7 rows away from hood completion.  I then have the two fronts to knit – and I am still waiting on errata, but I think I may have to wing it on shoulder shaping in the end.

To protect my sanity, my temper, and the happiness of those who live with me, I started a new project.  This is the balaclava that I am knitting for the White Elephant.  I love it so far, although if I decide to reknit and produce a pattern, I am going to make a few big changes to the design.


Madeline Tosh Worsted on size 10.5 needles.  I don’t know the colorway offhand, but I adore it.  It has very subtle browns mixed in here and there that really add dimension to the overall effect.  The cables are nice and chunky, but not overpowering.


I am about 3/4 of the way through it, and I think I will be sad to see it completed.  It is fantastic mindless, transportable knitting that I can work on anywhere because it doesn’t matter who sees it.  Unlike that cape that is looming over me right now, making me wonder how I am going to finish it and get enough sleep in the month of December, because I can’t work on it when Ellette is around – and I swear, that curious 7-year-old will be around every waking moment.


I spent my free time today, of which there wasn’t much, putting things on Etsy.  It’s going to take a big push to get through everything, and I really hope I can have it all up by the end of the month.  I have a lot of plans for December – coupons, giveaways, contests, etc.

Today, on Etsy, I listed my extra Rose Headbands <- follow that link to see the listings.


And I utilized the lightbox.  I really like how these pictures came out.


These headbands make great gifts.  They are small, inexpensive, and fantastic stocking-stuffers.  Good for small children all they through adulthood with a variety of colors and a comfortable metal headband that hides in the hair to be mostly invisible.

Between Ellette and I, I think we have one in every colors imaginable.  She loves them.  I have a few in my jewelry mish-mosh that I wear occasionally.

Tomorrow promises to be sunny and relatively warm, so I am hoping to get outside to photograph some more items.  Check out my shop tomorrow night to see if there is anything new!


NaKniSweMo Day 16


About to start the hood.  I’m so excited!  I have 6 balls left, so I’m pretty sure I will have enough.  (Famous last words).  I haven’t done a stitch count yet.

And There Shall Be Happy Feet

I crossed off one item on my holiday knitting list:  The Boot Socks.


Two skeins of Blue Sky Worsted Alpaca – such a lovely, lovely yarn that I just wanted to lay in instead of knit.  I wish I could afford to make a sweater out of this for myself, but I think I would have to give up paying rent and feeding my family in order to do that.  The black on the toes and heels is Berroco Vintage, another yarn I really like – that is washable and fits my budgetary restrictions.  (Why do I have such expensive tastes??)


The pattern is Walking Into the New Year.  It is a well written pattern – that of course I modified as I went.  I took out the heel flap in favor of an after-thought heel because I didn’t know if I would have enough yarn.  I shortened the leg by about one repeat and left out the ribbing at the ankle.


Here’s to hoping it is just what the recipient wanted!

Baby Charm

This past weekend we went to see the baby and her happy, exhausted parents.  She worked her infant charm on everyone, as babies do.  I had her model the atrociously small number of hand knits i have been able to make her so far, and vowed to make her many more in the coming months.  (It did snow last night, after all).

The blanket is Doily with a Spiral, knit on US 6 needles in Knit Picks Comfy Worsted, colorway Fairytale.  I like this yarn overall – a good heavy non-wool that washes easily.  My first choice when picking something for the baby.

Now I have to start making the sweaters and rompers and other cute baby necessities.


(The bonnet, by the way, is from Jane Austin Knits Fall 2012).


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