It’s Friday ALREADY?!?!

So as I predicted I’d get to distracted to finish any of the 6 projects I had in my head that I wanted to accomplish this week.
Along with being crazy exhausted from working the ren faire all weekend it was also the first week of school for my 4th grader so that meant killing 1 night with curriculum night. At least I got to meet the class pet he’s been so excited about, a bearded dragon named Tiger.
Last night was my Dad’s birthday so there went another night with no sewing time but I found a pretty good cookie recipe to make him which is sometimes a challenge when dealing with gluten free. These are actually gluten free, no sugar added, vegan & approved by the 4th grader – that doesn’t always happen… I encourage you to try them cause they were super simple to make too.

3 mashed bananas
1/3 cup applesauce
2 cups oats
1/4 cup almond milk
1/2 cup raisins (optional)
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon

Mash it all together, drop by spoonfuls onto your greased cookie sheet (I flattened them a little, they don’t spread out at all). Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.

Super simple.

And now to distract you from my unproductive-ness this week here’s some kitteny cuteness.


The Jealous Substitute

(I want to thank Rose for guest blogging for me while I’m gone.  When I asked her about it a month ago, she was very hesitant.  “What would I write about?” she asked.  Rose has been a wonderful friend and a constant source of inspiration to me.  She’s a whiz at creating cheap crafts for her kids to do, and I see the ideas she has and think their genius.  I went over to her house one day and she was working on a pair of shorts – which she writes about here – and said to her “See!  That!  That’s awesome.  Write about that!”  So, she put together this post, which I am super excited about.  Thanks, Rose!!)
I totally feel  like a substitute teacher filling in for Pixie while she’s at Burning Man and I am incredibly jealous because while she is waking up to stuff like this:
I am waking up to stuff like this: 
Need I say more?
At least I have an adorable little monster to keep me company and she is wearing the latest sweater from her Godmommy Pixie. She wasn’t exactly a co-operative model for me but I think she likes it, she would hardly let it lie for me to get a good picture of it & she still has it on hours later. It is a bit big on her which is good because it will be just about perfect for sweater  season….at least theoretically, this is Chicago after all sweater season could be tomorrow.
I’m also a bit distracted by some kitteny cuteness…. Anyone need a kitten?
I have been acquiring quite a bit of vintage lace and crocheted bits from my grandmother who got a lot of it from her grandmother so I’m working on creative ways on using it. 
I started with my favorite pair of shorts, adding some cute flirty lace made me love them even more. Then I added some daisies to my jeans in the hopes they would glow at Pixie’s blacklight party…now I kind of want to add some details to all of my jeans.
Hopefully if I’m not too distracted  by cleaning up from the monster or the kitteny cuteness  I’ll have at least one other finished project to show you later this week.

Overwhelmed – My Packing List and Me

I’ve been up late every night this week packing, thinking about packing, worrying about packing enough of the right things, worrying about packing too much, and sometimes even dreaming about packing (that was a weird one).

We leave tomorrow. To put it into perspective, I bite my nails as a nervous habit.  I’ve got no more nail left to bite.  I want to get on the road so that I can stop overthinking about what I’m bringing (There is currently a bright pink, poofy prom skirt draped over my boxes as I hem and haw over bringing it).

The spreadsheets are what keep me sane.  I have been eyeing them up to figure out what still needs to be purchased (camp fuel, batteries and vinegar) and what needs to be packed still (not much, in truth), and what has already been packed.  I am looking at the boxes of three people’s possessions in the dining room and I wonder how we are going to fit it all in the SUV tomorrow morning.  My travelling companions have agreed to stand back while I and my innate special reasoning and mad-Tetris skills work to fit everything in the car.

I have three knitting projects set aside to accompany me.  One pair of socks, one pair of shorts I’ve been meaning to design, and 3 balls of a chunky yarn that has been destined to become some sort of sweater for Ellette.  I’m calculating 70 hours on the road, half of which I am going to be driving, and a third of the remainder I will probably be sleeping, which leaves around 20 hours of prime knitting time there and back.  I am also estimating upwards of 6 hours in a gridlock waiting to enter and exit Black Rock City, so an additional 12 hours added to my prime knitting time.  Am I delusional in thinking that one of these items can be completed in that allotted 32 hours?  Should I be adding another ball of yarn?  Oh dear…

Tonight is the last night to prep.  I am going to finish the purchasing of items and collect the straggling bits that need to be packed.  Pile everything in the corner and reassess.  Then, I am going to see if I can fit anything into smaller boxes, or if I can split up a big box into two smaller boxes for easier packing.

I will be able to blog until we get past Reno, at which point a lovely friend of mine will be guest blogging for me.

Prep Work

I have been over here questioning the wisdom of my decisions.  8 days in the desert? Really?  Nothing available to me if I forget it?  The idea of not having enough water, or food, or stable shelter is a little worrying right now.  Ironically, I was completely fine and stress free until a coworker stated that he would be losing his mind if he were in my shoes.  I couldn’t sleep last night.

When I got home from work, I set to further food prep.  I had picked up a dozen apples, sent them through the slicer/peeler/corer.


And set them to soak in lemon juice and water so they wouldn’t turn brown.  While they were soaking, I worked on other prep stuff – gauging how much food I had and whether or not it will be enough (I alternately go from thinking “Whoa, this is a lot” to “Oh my god, this can’t be enough for a week!”)  I also cleaned the house, because I don’t want to leave for so long and leave a mess for my roommates to deal with.


Once the apples were good and soaked, I placed them on trays in the dehydrator.  My house is loving this machine – from dried strawberries, to mangoes, to vegan jerky (more on that later), it has constantly been in use by just about everyone in the place.  Our kitchen smells amazing!


I kept them drying at a high heat, shuffling them around to make room for more rings, and turned the heat down low before going to bed.  They are all done now, and looking delicious.  I still feel like I have so much more to do.  Knitting time has gone out the window (which is probably a shame, because if I spent more time knitting I might not be so worried), and I’m packing and making lists and labeling boxes and trying to think of what I’ve forgotten.

But I know it’s going to be wonderful.  It will work itself out in the end.  We will leave on Saturday, and I will chew my fingertips to the nib and get a little antsy on the freeway and maybe say a few snarky things to my driving companion along the way (sorry about that in advance, dear).  We will pull up to the gates on Monday and I will probably get out of the car and jump around in anticipation (and from being in a car for 48 hours), and the next week will pass in a colorful, sunny, chatty, hug-filled, dusty blur and you will be given dozens upon dozens of photos to prove that it happened, and all of this frantic prep work was totally worth it.

The Finishing Touches

I’m wrapping up party planning for our epic birthday bash tonight, trying to wrap up packing for Burning Man (I think my food situation is taken care of, finally), and trying to gain control over my recent project explosion.  A lot of things have been cast-off, just not finished.  I seem to have deluded myself into thinking the bind off was enough and I could start something new.  Now, I have a half dozen almost finished projects taking up space and I really need to get them actually finished before we leave.


So, I’ve buckled in and set to work with my tapestry needle.   I’ll be seeing my goddaughter’s parents tonight, so I started with the baby things that will go home with them.  Over the next week, expect to see finished items.  I leave in 7 days!!

On The Board

My to-do list does not appear to be getting any smaller, but I do see progress being made.  The lovely little sweater I was working on last week has been cast off and set to block.  The Pelisse was blocked and thrown into my project bag for seaming and button bands, and then that’s done.  I’ve also got 90% of a bikini top knit for the Playa.  I’ve worked out the details for one of the costumes I’m making for Burning Man.


Outside of the dining room, which has become the craft explosion area, the house is clean and prepped for tomorrow’s birthday party.  I’ve been dehydrating food like the apocalypse is next week and I need dry goods to last for months, if not years.  And my laundry has actually been finished and folded, with a good portion of it getting put into the Burning Man packing pile.  I really ought to go through and make sure I have what I need.  Silly dresses and funky belts are all well and good, but nothing if I don’t have clean socks and undies.


I realize that we will be gone, camping in the desert, for 8 days with no access to anything should we forget something, and by that account, the pile being built here is fairly small.  I still feel like I’ve got far too much going on here and I need to remove some items.  The only things not included in the stack so far are kitchen goods (food, utensils, etc.), sleeping bags, and water.  Most of the camping gear, first aid kit, and clothing are packed – however disorderly at the moment.  That should give me hope.

I think I’ve switched on auto pilot with all of the things going on.  A well placed survival mechanism when my world starts going haywire.  I don’t stop to think, I barely talk to anyone and socialize anymore.  I’ve simply been jumping from one task to the next to the next, crossing things off the list, remembering new ones, working a little bit at a time toward completion.  But in doing so, I feel so alive!

Bind Off Cast On

I started casting off the baby blanket on my lunch break yesterday.  Something about the size of the border just seemed right to me.  Looking at it all laid out (pictures to follow another day), I think it was a good move.  It looks a bit crumpled right now, because of the nature of chenille, so I want to block it a bit before I really show it off.  Maybe a nice steam blocking…


I have 4 balls of this yarn left and I really don’t know what to do with them.  I’m not a fan of the chenille.  It is super soft and great for the baby blanket, but doesn’t lend itself easy to inspiration or knitting – it’s a bit hard on the hands.  If you would like them, say the word and I will package the 400ish yards up and send them straight to you.  Otherwise, I fear they will be stuck in my stash for ages.


This morning, I was glancing about trying to figure out what to take with me on my day.  I always have a project to work on during my lunch break, but didn’t seem to find anything in my WIP basket that was small enough to take.  That’s not true – I grabbed the Bosc scarf and put that in my bag, then looked around for the pattern (why I didn’t keep it with the project, I have no idea).  I couldn’t find the pattern, but I did find Entrechat, which has been in my queue for a while.  I have a ton of single skeins of worsted, also, as well as a quickly growing god daughter and pregnant friends.  So I grabbed a set of needles, a ball of yarn, and the pattern and left the house.  I’m a few rows away from binding off the sleeves, and I’m super excited.  This is another project that may be knit up several times.


If I have it done by Sunday, you will definitely be seeing more of them.  This is Madeline Tosh Merino Superwash, which is absolutely marvelous to work in.

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