On The Board

My to-do list does not appear to be getting any smaller, but I do see progress being made.  The lovely little sweater I was working on last week has been cast off and set to block.  The Pelisse was blocked and thrown into my project bag for seaming and button bands, and then that’s done.  I’ve also got 90% of a bikini top knit for the Playa.  I’ve worked out the details for one of the costumes I’m making for Burning Man.


Outside of the dining room, which has become the craft explosion area, the house is clean and prepped for tomorrow’s birthday party.  I’ve been dehydrating food like the apocalypse is next week and I need dry goods to last for months, if not years.  And my laundry has actually been finished and folded, with a good portion of it getting put into the Burning Man packing pile.  I really ought to go through and make sure I have what I need.  Silly dresses and funky belts are all well and good, but nothing if I don’t have clean socks and undies.


I realize that we will be gone, camping in the desert, for 8 days with no access to anything should we forget something, and by that account, the pile being built here is fairly small.  I still feel like I’ve got far too much going on here and I need to remove some items.  The only things not included in the stack so far are kitchen goods (food, utensils, etc.), sleeping bags, and water.  Most of the camping gear, first aid kit, and clothing are packed – however disorderly at the moment.  That should give me hope.

I think I’ve switched on auto pilot with all of the things going on.  A well placed survival mechanism when my world starts going haywire.  I don’t stop to think, I barely talk to anyone and socialize anymore.  I’ve simply been jumping from one task to the next to the next, crossing things off the list, remembering new ones, working a little bit at a time toward completion.  But in doing so, I feel so alive!

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