A Blob of Yarn

Some of my projects, when photographed, just look like blobs of yarn – like I unwound an entire ball, wrapped them around my needles, and photographed them.  Then, I post them here and ask ‘What do you think?” as though I’m testing your ability to discern the stitches and lace amongst the fibery chaos.

This is no test, but it is one of those pictures.  Esjan is flowing off the needles, I just have to remember to work on a lot of other things while I’m trying to complete this before it gets too cold.


I’m kind of in love with it though.  I wasn’t sure how I would like the colors when I started, since everything has been pulled from my stash and I have a million shades of green, but not much (or enough) of other colors.  I actually unraveled another WIP that I wasn’t happy with to get the variegated garter stitch start to this project.  I may not have enough of this particular shade of green (although, according to the amounts Mr. West says are necessary, I should have more than enough).  I’m thinking I might do the next lace section in the same variegated as the top, and the last lace section in the remainder of the green.  It will all be edged by that delicious chocolate brown for a stark division of the sections.  Thoughts?

Something Finished Something Started

With NaKniSweMo starting on Friday, I have been simultaneously prepping for that while wrapping up everything else possible.  The yarn is purchased and wound (I have just over 1500 yards here, I really hope that’s enough, but get the feeling I should buy one or two more skeins).  I am knitting An Aran for Frederick, which has been in my queue since the pattern was released a couple years ago.  It was the first aran I saw that I thought suited my desires in an aran sweater.


For those of you who don’t know what NaKniSweMo is, let me explain.  The month of November has traditionally been allocated to budding writers as a challenge to write a full novel with a 50,000 word count within the 30 day month.  It has been called NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month.  Well, knitters (and to a lesser extent, crocheters) have decided to take the month for themselves and create our own challenge.  Enter, NaKniSweMo (or NaCroSweMo) – National Knit a Sweater Month.  We have 30 days to knit a sweater consisting of at least 50,000 stitches.  Seems like a lot, right?  Most adult sized sweaters knit with a standard worsted weight yarn have at least 50k stitches in them, so it’s not too much of a stretch for most.  This will be my second year participating.  Last year, I made Barberry and discovered a lot of useful information about knitters, math, and technology (I had so many awesome spreadsheets to manage my stitch count).  I finished in 28 days with a stitch count exceeding 66 thousand.  This is still my go-to sweater!


So, last night I stayed up later than I meant to, determined to make as much headway as possible before Friday.  I finished my pokeball purse – a holiday gift.  Although, when I finished weaving in the ends and got a good look at it, it strikes me as more of a magic pill (think the Matrix) than a pokeball.  The bottom is not rounded enough.  I will get through as much other knitting as possible, and if I still don’t like it later, I will rip back to the red and try again.  It’s a good, mindless pattern, so I think it’ll go by quickly.

I worked a bit on other things, but they didn’t end up complete which is why they are not pictured.  I worked a few more rows on Esjan and even brought out my Tech Square Afghan!  I worked on some of the duplicate stitch things (the major thing I’ve been putting off), and then sewed on some of the embellishments.  It needs probably 20 minutes of loving before being complete, and my own resolution is that I have it done by Thursday night.  Tonight I have my Cyr wheel class and will be getting home late and sore, so I’m not sure how much I can accomplish tonight.


This is how I think best. I’m working on choreography for our December recital.


Oops! My Apologies!

Well, it happens.  And as a fledgling designer, I have to shrug and accept it, change the mistake, and move on.

An error was found in the Little Witch’s Cap pattern.  I have since corrected it, revamped the layout, and updated the download link.


It’s a lot of work to go through my sales history and find out who has purchased the pattern since it was released, so let me know if you need the updated pattern!

It’s one of those things you have to take in stride.  Errors happen, and I am no math whiz, so they are bound to happen for me.  This pattern was released before I discovered the awesomeness of test knitters.  I am slowly working through my old patterns and having them refreshed and tested to make sure errors are fixed if they exist.  I do appreciate all of the kindness and patience from my peers.  Mistakes happen, that’s embarrassing enough for me, so telling me gently instead of getting upset (while I know having to stop in the middle of a project because Row 25 doesn’t make sense is frustrating!) is wonderful.  I promise to fix it as quickly as possible.

By the way, it’s available for download from this blog (go to the “patterns” page), Ravelry, and Etsy.  And remember, now through Halloween, my “costume” patterns are a whopping 25% off! No coupon needed.

Also, show me your Halloween costumes in my Rav Group!

Tonight kicks off the start of my Halloween celebrations! I will try to upload photos of my costumes when I get a chance. I was up past midnight last night working on the one for tonight’s Blues dancing bash!

Giving In

Startitis has been strong over the past couple weeks.  Holiday knitting is interesting, and I have been telling myself over and over that it needs to be done, it helps stash bust, and it’s better than knitting just for me.  Only two more months until the holidays are over.  However, one of those months is NaKniSweMo, which ties into my holiday knitting, but because I love a challenge is going to be challenging and thus, time consuming.  It doesn’t help that designers and publishers are having sales, I’m finding all sorts of really cool things I want to make, and inspiration is bombarding me from every angle.  There’s only so much a girl can resist!


Last night, I worked a little bit on holiday projects (the red bowl shaped thing on the left) and then couldn’t resist casting on a Esjan, because it just looks so cozy in the photographs and it is starting to get chilly out, almost freezing even, and it uses worsted weight, which takes up a lot of room in my stash so I need to get rid of it quick, and it’s knit on fat needles and I hear it goes by quickly and…and…

The best way to get rid of temptation is to give in to it.

Halloween Pattern Sale

Eek! I just realized how little time there is before the costume parties begin!  I have one on Friday and two on Saturday (one of which is a Vaudeville Burlesque party that I am hosting).  Not to mention the actual day of Halloween when the school has a party followed by after-school trick-or-treating.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve waited until now to start your costume planning.  While I have had ideas of what to do this season, actually getting my butt in gear to make it a reality just started.  What you want is something quick, easy, preferably inexpensive, and bonus points for something you can wear throughout the rest of the fall season (unless it’s super cheap – than a one-time costume is totally cool).

Now through Halloween night, I am offering 25% off any of my “Costume” patterns via Ravelry (You can also go to my “Patterns” page on this blog and receive the same discount).  No coupon code necessary!


You could be a fearsome Dragon Slaying Pirate


An unfortunate victim of the Zombia Apocolypse


A sneaky sweet little witch

And more, like the Faery Gauntlets or Pumpkin Beret for something a little more versatile.

This is my favorite time of year, so you bet I’ll be posting pictures of my costumes for all of the parties!  What are you dressing up as?



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