NaKniSweMo Day 11 (or) I Have Found the Black Hole of Cables

I have *just* added ball number three (of 8) to the sweater, and the body measures 12 inches (of the necessary 17.5 before sleeve separation).  I spent all weekend working on it, but it still measures 12 inches.  I have worked my way through the cable charts at least once since my last measure, and still only 12 inches.  What are the chances I block the torso and all of that knitting decides to show up?  Hello, 25 inch sweater!

Remember that addiction to the cables I had last week?  Mmhmm…It’s starting to fade.  I have every other round I have to cross check several charts to make sure I’m cabling in the right direction, or realize after the fact that I went the wrong way and have to tink back to fix it.  I want to be done with these cables.  I meant to start the sleeves this weekend just to break up the monotony, but left the double pointed needles on my cat tree before leaving.  Why they were on my cat tree is a mystery.


Oh! Also, while doing all of this measuring, I realized that my row gauge was slightly off, so my calculations are incorrect.  Instead of the 54 thousand stitches I was anticipating, I’m looking at over 61k.

The specs:

Total stitches knit so far: 21,280

Percent complete: 35%

Stitches needed per day to finish in time: 2,097

We’re one third of the way through the month, I have only used one quarter of my yarn, and I am now knitting more stitches than originally calculated.  Somehow, the odds don’t appear in my favor.

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