NaKniSweMo Day 15 (or) Cables Hate Me

Yesterday, I knit and knit and knit some more, well into the night.  I am not sure how much I got through, but I’m willing to bet at least 1000 stitches.  My sleeve now measures a glorious 11 inches, and I think I can add at least 4 tonight.  I worked a bit on my lunch break today, and just when I was laying it flat to measure it’s length, I noticed another terrible error – this one even more tragic than the cable yesterday.


I messed up, and labeled it here for you to see, because to the non-knitter, the error is almost imperceptible.  But to me, it’s a glaring mistake in the name of all that is wooly.

The cable pattern has a line of center cables.  The cables cross left once, then right, then left, then right – and so on and so forth.  At least, that is what they are supposed to do.  If you look closely, I started strong and knowing my directions, and then decided that I was going to cross left every time instead.  It’s several inches below where I’m working now.  That means, I would have to unravel several inches worth of knitting to fix it.  You know what really sucks about this mistake?  If you look at my photos from yesterday, you see where it happened – that same row that I realized my other cabling error!!

Do you think the sleeve is in cahoots with the body?  Has the body conned the sleeve into not cooperating until I finished the body?  Or does this sleeve just not want to come into being?  Are the cables testing my resolve to knitting a whole aran in 30 days?

Yesterday, I unraveled 8 stitches and only 8 stitches to fix my mistake.  I’m not about to unravel what’s necessary to fix this, nor will I frog to the offending crossover.  Instead, I am going to keep going, and revisit the error once the sleeve is complete.  I need to look forward, not backward, or I will mess up.  But trust me, I’m keeping an eye out for these stealthy twisting buggers.  They will not get me again.

The specs:

Total Stitches Knit: 30,778

Percent complete: 50%

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