NaKniSweMo Day 29 (or) There May Be Hope

I had absolutely nothing to do today, so that’s what I did.  Nothing.  Except for knit.  I can’t believe how far I was able to get today.  The yoke is done, and the right shoulder saddle has been started.  I am only 5,000 stitches away from completion, which is a lot farther than I was expecting to be, and makes completing this thing by midnight tomorrow a strong possibility.


I’m so excited!  The only thing I’m not excited about is how narrow the torso seems.  I keep telling myself (and others) that it will stretch.  It still needs to be blocked, and it will stretch more than I think.  I hope I’m right!

Total Stitches Knit: 63,406

Percent Complete: 93%

Total left to knit: 5,048

Keep rooting for me!


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