My Yarn Ornament

This is the first time Ellette and I will be celebrating Christmas at home.  I’m not big on Christmas for reasons that do not need to be discussed here.  Ellette, however, loves the idea of it – spending time with family, being secretive, surprising her friends and family, and making, giving, and receiving gifts.  She has never had a visit from Santa, nor has she ever had a stocking or even tree.  Family members we have spent the holiday with in previous years had both, but not us.

My gift to Ellette this year is decorating our apartment for the holidays.  She made her own stocking.  We have a tree and hung lights, but we have no ornaments.  That didn’t seem to matter to her, though, because as soon as we plugged in the lights and the Christmas tree lit up, so did her face and she squealed over how proud Santa will be.

Rather than spending money I don’t really have on ornaments we don’t really care about for a holiday I’m not too keen on, I suggested to Ellette that we use our creativity and the supplies we have on hand to make our own ornaments.  Then, each year we can make a couple more.  This way, everything will be meaningful and well-suited to us.  I see trees in the apartments of acquaintances that are idyllic – garlands, lights, and standard glass ornaments, and they look lovely.  But to me, they lack the warmth and spirit of the holiday.  It is how these individuals think a tree is supposed to look, and while that may be perfect for them, it is not for me.

Enter: Pinterest.  I’ve been scouring the online world for ideas on a handmade Christmas.  Some of these ideas I have been sending to Ellette’s nanny to work on afterschool, and some I have been saving for myself or for us to do together.  Last night was the start of our ornament-making adventure, which leads me to the subject of this post – I now have a yarny ornament on my tree.

You will need: A Styrofoam ball, a ball of yarn, two bamboo skewers, scissors, hot glue, and two beads that fit over the skewers.


Step 1: Stick the skewers through the Styrofoam ball at whatever angle suits you best.

Step 2: Cut the skewers to the length you desire.  I cut them short so the ornament would fit nicely on our tree.


This is what it looks like when you are ready.


Step 3: Glue your beads to the flat ends of the skewers.  (One end is pointy, one end isn’t).  Ellette chose purple heart-shaped pony beads.

Step 4: Glue down the end of your yarn of choice to the ball, and start wrapping!


Keep wrapping until you can’t see the Styrofoam underneath.  This took a lot more yarn that I had anticipated.


Step 5: Glue the end of your yarn in an inconspicuous location.

Step 6: Use yarn or ribbon to create a loop for hanging the ornament.  (Can you tell this was an afterthought for me?)


Step 7: Hang it on your tree!

I want to get tiny Styrofoam balls and toothpicks and make a dozen more.  Maybe make a garland of tiny yarn balls.  That sounds like heaven.

Do you have any special ornaments on your tree?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Whitney
    Dec 10, 2013 @ 10:14:35

    My parents made their tree topper when they were living in a tiny apartment together about.. 35 years ago. It is a piece of cardboard (from a shipping box) cut into a star shape with a hole in the center (for a white tree light to be stuck through). It is covered in aluminum foil and glitter.

    My mom tried to replace it once. “It is old.. we could just buy a new one.” My sister and I threw a fit. The star has always been our favorite ornament, because it MEANS something. It is symbolic of family in a way that nothing else on our tree really manages.

    I think making your own ornaments is a fantastic plan.


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