Relaxing in the air.

Can You Tell?

This sweater has really been giving me the run around.  Or rather, the yarn itself has been rather uncooperative.  It was a gift from a friend who was stashbusting.  Those kinds of gifts can be amazing (for instance, same friend just sent me a bag of yarn, and it was more lovely than I could have imagined!).  This gift was a wonderful gift; it is that some of the balls had been knit, and therefore were caked without ball bands.  I know what the yarn is, and roughly what color, just not always which dye lot.


So this sweater has been a bit of cobbling together what I think is all the same yarn, realizing I don’t quite have enough and trying to piece together other yarns for it.  This is the back of the sweater, and therefore what the main body will look like.


I bring up the color thing because the shoulders are white.  They are white because I ran out of the blue ball in the very last row.  When I attached the next ball, I realized that it was ever so slightly paler than the previous, and crocheting a whole row would have been awkward.  So, the white was thrown in to distract you from the color difference.

Can you tell?

The last three balls of blue I have are also a tad mismatched.  Two are the slightly lighter shade of blue, and one is the same blue as the front.  Do you think a shade difference between front and back would be noticeable?

Vacant Expression

I’m still working on this sweater, expecting it to be bigger every time I pull it out of the bag, even though I don’t work on it except for the 1 hour lunch break I have Monday thru Friday.  In the evenings and on the weekends I’ve been working on a different summer sweater – a new pattern that I’m really excited about.  This one, though – with the rows and rows of blue ripples – just sits there mocking me with it’s “Eyes Wide Open.”


Granted, I have been spending a lot of my evenings with a similarly blank expression.  Something about my life right now is exhausting me to the core.  I had enough energy to get very upset about the state of cleanliness (or lack of) in my apartment last night, and then realized that the mess is all mine and I can’t get mad at other people for it.  My jam-packed schedule is also entirely my fault, and complaining about it doesn’t get me sympathy, just smirks.

Tonight, I hope to blast the music, clean the house, work on my hula hoop routine for this weekend’s performance, and knock out a bit more of this sweater before collapsing in my bed.  If I can get even one thing crossed off that list, I’ll feel successful.  Check back later for either “Pixie’s Mischievous Meltdown” or “I Deserve a Gold Star.”


Back to my regular posts. Yay!


Waiting for Spring

I’m back to work on my Eyes Wide Open sweater.  The sleeves are done, and here is my progress on the front.  Afraid that I was going to run out of blue (I’m still unsuccessfully stashbusting), I threw in a few rows of white.  Then, later that same day, I found two more balls of the blue.  I’m leaving the white in, though.  I like the contrast.


The most exciting thing about this picture, if you look closely in the upper right hand corner – GREEN.  There’s no snow on the sidewalks, just sunshine, and things are starting to turn green again.  Don’t be fooled – the wind is still gnarly, but I’m choosing to focus on the happier parts of the weather.  This sweater is going to be a fantastic spring/summer layering piece.

How are you getting ready for Spring?

Lyra Legwarmers – A Pattern

Crossed off my to-do list is the release of my newest pattern: Lyra Legwarmers!

Lyra Edits 1

They were an idea I had one night when I couldn’t sleep.  I jumped out of bed, did a little math, and started knitting until my eyes would no longer focus.

Lyra Edits 2

The simple little cable spirals up each leg, popping out of the ribbing in an eye catching way.  The yarn I’ve used (Miss Babs Yowza Whatta Skein – is so soft and comfy.  The color really complements the design.


I’ve been doing a lot of lyra, lately.  The training regimen I’m doing has been very inspiring, and I can’t seem to find enough time to work out all the designs I’ve got going on.  Keep an eye out for what’s coming up.  I’ve enlisted the help of others so they can get worked up and tested as quickly as possible.  What kinds of things would you like to see?


No finished things to show you just yet.  I have a few more ends to weave in before we photograph, and I was hoping to take some awesome aerial photos of them, so I’ll have to wait until I have studio time again.

In the meantime, while in search of mindless knitting, I wound some hanks of yarn and made some swatches, which were finally set up to block this morning.  I took the measurements necessary and now I simply have to hammer out the math, type up the pattern, and take it for a test drive.  I say simply, like math was ever simple for me.  Ha!


Also, this lovely number has just been sent to test knitters, and I think I may keep it secret until it is released next month.  This article of clothing has been bouncing around in my head for awhile, and I’m going to work out another one in a fingering weight yarn – most likely this summer while traveling so it packs up nicely.


I’m in love with the cables.

All of this fiber, combined with the above-freezing temperatures, is putting me in a good mood.  Spring has to be close.

I’m Back!

With a new phone, which means that the blogging I have been doing on the go (which seems to be the only I can find time to blog, apparently) is up and running again.  I have so many exciting things to show you!  I was so busy this last weekend that taking photos of the new designs I’ve completed didn’t happen, but let me assure you – they are super exciting for me.

For now, two sleeves from my latest endeavor – a nice crochet summer sweater: Eyes Wide Open.


I love the shape of it.  It’s fast, easy, and interesting – not to mention it’s helping me stash bust.


I’m going to leave this here as a teaser for what’s to come over the next couple weeks.


The blog went dark for awhile, I couldn’t really help it. Everything kind of went crazy – including my phone, which decided it no longer wants to work (and has continued to frustrate me to the point of tears). I was cleaning and packing and designing and finishing and worrying and antsy. And then I went on this fantastic adventure around Seattle to celebrate my munchkin’s 9th birthday, and it was a really special trip that I would have liked to post about from Seattle if only my phone were working consistently. And I started knitting this shawl at the airport and four hours later is doesn’t look like much of anything, but one thing it is is inspiring. And I’ve got these designs that I’ve been sketching that I personally think are wonderful, and I just haven’t had the time to work them up and it makes me a little sad.

And so I went quiet. When there was so much to say – so much I want to rant about endlessly and so much joy and excitement that existed in my world – my mouth zipped shut and my fingers couldn’t handle much of anything. I need to get a new phone, and I think that will solve some of the issues, because then I can upload photos and tell you what’s happening around here.

And with the Seattle trip completed and other plans falling in to place, I think I’ll have much more to write about, and wonder about, and share. You’ll be excited, too.

So bear with me as I get things back on track. I’m exhausted and my emotions are hanging by a splitty thread at the moment, and my poor family has taken the brunt of it. I want to focus on recuperating and then I can focus on inspiring.

And…and….Thank you for understanding.

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