Fuel For the Fire

I get shushed a lot in class, but that is pretty on point with how i have been my entire life.  I process things quickly, make interesting revelations, and have no fear in asking a million questions.  At some point in my hectic lifestyle, I started creating lists and color coding my calendar as methods for staying on track, not to mention the epic spreadsheet of my life that gets everything plugged into it – short term and long term goals, financial necessities, expectations, and adventure  goals.

The result of all of this is that I can be a little manic when I expect something, such as our showcase.  I have several reasons for counting down the days, the first of which is that I’m a bit nervous and a bit excited to present my piece.  The other is that several people close to me are coming into town for the show, and I can hardly wait to spend all of my free time with them.

The show is one week away.  We start tech week on Monday.  That means this week is our last week of classes, which I have been very vocal about.  We are nearing the end of the program rapidly, and that means our time working together is drawing to an end.  It has been an emotional journey, and we have all gotten fairly close.  Some of us are sticking around and others are planning their departure.  We are trying to savor these last classes together, and the way I chirp in with me “only 8 more days!” isn’t helping.

That being said – only 8 more days to showtime!!  If you are in the Denver/Boulder area, please consider joining us for the evening.  I promise it will be unforgettable.


PS: Our pro-photo shoot photos came back.  Jamie Kraus Photography did an amazing job!  What do you think?

Two Weeks and Counting

A couple of friends asked me if I would have time to get together, and I glanced at my calendar in dismay.  Time?  You mean, spare time?  I have a sprinkling of 15-45 minute windows in the next two weeks.  Meet me at the cafe across the street where we can slam a shot of espresso, sneak a quick hug, and tear off for the next rehearsal or class?  That’s about all I’ve got time for.

While yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I managed to give my dear mother a quick phone call between one class and another, I personally did not get to celebrate my motherhood.  Ellette gave me her handmade gift Saturday night, knowing that Sunday would be a parade of classes, private lessons, and our first run through for the show in two weeks.

Speaking of – we had our first run through!  A few weeks ago, we all underwent the Liz Lerman process for our acts, receiving feedback and figuring out how to move forward, punctuate or clarify our routine, add, subtract, and clean the piece.  That’s the last I saw of many of the pieces, until yesterday.  While I enjoyed the pieces at the beginning of April, I was completely enthralled with them yesterday.  So many things have changed and they look amazing – the stories are so clear, the costumes are fantastic.  I made it through my piece with no snafus and mostly hitting all the right cues.  I did tear my tights and puncture my thigh somewhere, but I can’t tell where (ah….the life of an aerialist.  No idea where all these bruises and scrapes come from.  They are like magic.)

Everything is moving forward, and I feel like there’s no room to think about it.  I have to keep pushing through – through the bruised knees and sleeplessness, through several cups of coffee a day and the nightly epsom salt baths for the sore muscles.  I have to continue believing I can make this happen – that the nerves won’t get to me when the amber lights bring me to focus for the audience, that the chain won’t swing unexpectedly and cause me to fall, that the dynamic release moves I’m doing will be caught with ease.  I can do it, and yesterday’s run through was evidence of that.

The Countdown Has Begun

It is now May 5th.  Our show is May 22nd.  We have our first full run through on May 10th – that’s 5 days away.  FIVE DAYS!  I have only one more day to work on my piece before that.  We then have one more week to finalize costume details, fix any little bugs, and launch ourselves into hell week.  Erm, tech week.

I will attempt drive-by bloggings until then.

In the meantime, I would like to share with you the sneak peak video I made and posted to YouTube over the weekend:


And if it leaves you wanting more, and you are in the Denver/Boulder area – May 22nd at 7:30pm – ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Click here to buy tickets!


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