Maybe I’m Addicted

That little shrug is probably the quickest thing I’ve ever crocheted.  Once I understood the lace chart, it flew by so fast I think I got yarn burn on my wrapping finger.  I’m entirely enchanted by the lace edging, which is exactly why I was drawn to this pattern.  It’s easier than it looks (it also desperately needs a blocking, so hang on to your opinions until the after-blocking photo shoot.)  The only thing hampering my flow was trying to watch a show with my family while I worked on it.  I can knit and look elsewhere with ease – stare out a window while churning out miles of stockinette, or chatting happily away as my fingers deftly creating ribbing.  But crochet – the yarnovers and chains and there are so many holes to put your hook through – eyes on the prize the entire way.



I think this will be a perfect project for the plane to Austin on Thursday, but this time in my size.  This morning I dug through my fingering weight skeins and tried to select the perfect one.  I kept getting drawn to this skein of Aracauna in fuschia and gray.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be so excited for the finished item that I complete it before I even leave for the airport?


That’s ok, though.  Ellette asked for a shrug also, and I have the perfect yarn for hers.

My Distraction

I’ve been trying to knit and stash bust and work quickly because the holidays are approaching whether we like it or not, and several people close to me are expecting little humans.  Enter, the stash bust blanket.  I have this black/white boucle that someone gave me.  It was one of those giant bajillion yard skeins that came without a label, and it’s been sitting in my drawer without a project because, while I like the color and it is rather soft, I hate knitting with boucle.  It’s impossible to get stitch definition, and if you screw up, say goodbye to your project because there is no ripping back.


And then I thought about one of the babies we’re expecting in January, and how the mom is allergic to wool and what could I possibly knit from stash that is wool-free, and this yarn jumped out at me.  So, I’m making a simple garter stitch mitered square blanket.  This is great because I can stop when the yarn runs out and it will always be a square. I only hope that it is large enough to swaddle a tiny person in.  I think with vigorous blocking it will be fine.

And strangely, this project has been addictive.  Maybe it’s the excitement for having a little human to put it around.  Or maybe it’s the softness of the fiber.  Or maybe it’s that I really, REALLY, want to get through my stash so I can finally go to the yarn store guilt free.

(To illustrate how addictive it’s been, I started this project before I left for Burning Man – completed a couple of inches, then picked it up again last Wednesday.  This is how far I got in 5 days.)

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