The Right Motivation

Week 7 started (I think it’s week 7, but time is kind of blurred because it’s going so fast).  Also, session 2 of the program, which means that some of our classes have changed.  Technique changed from slings to rope and harness, nutrition to kinesiology, pilates to modern dance, and contact improv to handstands.  I’m still putting in extra training, dealing with sore muscles and stiff joints, and wanting to cry at least once a day.  I never thought I would call my life ordinary, but what I’ve been working on has reached such a point of familiarity that I forget there are others who might be interested in hearing about it.

Recent highlights and realizations?  In no particular order:

* Last week, ballet did not bring me to tears.  This is a huge accomplishment.

* It has been amazingly easy for me to make friends – I can’t even tell you.  I am full of gratitude, love and awe for the people I’ve been meeting since arriving in Boulder.  I have honestly never felt this integrated in a community.  Not only integrated, but a part of the community that helps it thrive, and a part that is missed when it is absent.

* I know our final performance is still 7 months away, but I found my song.  It’s still a secret, but I’m excited about choreographing for it.  I’m stuck between static trapeze and chains for my showcase.

* I have to do an assignment involving “space” (i.e. spacial awareness, movement through a space, etc.) and I have no idea how to show my interpretation of space.

This will all be elaborated on later.

My desire to feel like I am good at something, to feel accomplished at something, created an interesting case of finishing-itis.  That is, taking all of my knitting projects and trying to finish them.  I have had no desire to start anything new, just wrap up what’s been left on the needles for who knows how long.  This is partly spurred by the desire for a clean and organized house (nevermind the fact that all that is happening is a project is getting moved out of one box and into another location – nothing is actually freeing up more space).


So, since Friday, I have been adding the last little details, weaving in ends, and blocking projects.  Last night, I finished an afghan I’ve been working on for nearly two years, and I can’t tell you how proud it made me.  I had been gifted a lot of a mystery yarn by a friend, and had no idea what to do with it, and it slowly became a blanket.  A rather large blanket, that ate up some of my scraps as I went.  Ellette loves it and doesn’t want to snuggle with any other blanket.


I also realized that I have given away most of my hats – so I need to cast on for one, but can’t decide which.  And, October is almost over, which means NaKniSweMo will be starting soon (National Knit a Sweater Month), and I want to participate but don’t know which sweater to chose.  I’m stuck between Enchanted Mesa and Belle.  Thoughts?

Flip Flop

There are so many projects in work right now, and I want them all done NOW.  However, I haven’t quite worked out how to knit and crochet four things at once.  I need to find some radiation so I can grow six extra arms and maybe another set of eyes.  And while we’re at it, how about super human organization skills?


I find myself carrying several projects in my bag throughout the day, because I never know what circumstances will allow for and which project I will be in the mood for.  Above is the head of the king piece for the chess board in the works (look for the completed ebook March 1st).

Below is what I have come to call the Rag Afghan.  I was given 7 or 8 balls of this strange raggedy yarn from a friend.  They were already wound into cakes and had no identifying tag.  They were neatly bundled into a brown paper bag and given to me.  I have had them sitting in my stash for a while now, and only just realized that I could make a wonderful afghan from them.  I don’t know what the material is, but it definitely has cotton or linen in it.  There are smatterings of turqouise and purple and orange, so I can tie in other colors if I end up not having enough yarn for the size of the afghan I would like, and the large granny squares I am working on are easy to carry around.  This is my “zoning-out” project that I primarily work on after Ellette goes to bed and I need to unwind.



Last week at knit night I finished the very last square of the Tech Square Afghan that I began two January’s ago.  The very last square was the fair-isle square, with steeking.  It was my first steek.  I tried to get pictures of the process, but alas, my camera battery died at the very beginning.  For a brief second, I contemplating postponing the cut until the battery was charged, but I was already in the proper frame of mind for taking a pair of scissors to my knitting, and I didn’t want to chicken out.

This morning, remembering it was Thursday and I have been trying to have non-essential knitting at Knit Night, so that I can remember the joys of knitting instead of the tedium of churning out tiny top hats for a living, I quickly washed and blocked the last two squares.


They were dry when I got home from work, so I started laying them out to decide how I am going to put them together into the afghan.




It was remarkably difficult trying to find the right balance of color and stitch pattern.  I didn’t want it to seem color heavy on one side and texture heavy on the other.  I didn’t want too much action on half the blanket and not enough elsewhere.  If you look in the second row up from the bottom, you can see in the picture the salmon pink I started out with (the cables and lace square) all the way on the right, and the darker mauve (Intarsia square all the way on the left) I ended up with on my next LYS trip to restock on yarns.  This isn’t too much of a problem since the colors didn’t ever come together in a square.  Would you believe it is the same color, too?  Dye lots are essential!

I just hope the two different dye lots of brown I picked up for the edging aren’t too obvious.

Another Pattern!

Once I figured out how to work in the program, completing the pattern was a cinch.  It’s so easy to knit and the pattern is simple and easy to follow.

The Tetris Afghan is now available for sale! Find it here on Ravelry, here on Etsy, and of course it is available via this blog.  Just go to the “Patterns” page at the top of this page and scroll down until you find it.

I am so relieved to have it done.  I’ve begun work on new projects already.  The ideas just keep rolling in.

Birthdays and Blankets

I finally feel well enough to do things after the phenomenal birthday party.  It was terribly exhausting for us, and may have gone on past our threshold – but we hung in there.

The pizza was a huge success.  We didn’t know what extra toppings to get with the cutie pie kits from Homemade Pizza Co., so we went with pepperoni, pineapple, and tomato.  The pepperoni was used.  And then the girls got creative with the pineapple.  Some of them were adventurous and put it on their pizza.  Mostly, they liked to make pictures with the pieces and gobble them up.  Odin and I got ourselves a pizza as well, which was good because I had no thought to my own welfare during all of this.

I’m amazed at how excited the girls were for Ellette to open presents.  They all knew she would love their gifts and couldn’t wait to see her excitement.  They chose presents before cupcakes.  I had labored tirelessly over the cupcakes, by the way.  I convinced Ellette not to go with the marshmallow popcorn idea she had (don’t ask) and instead I made “sleepover” cupcakes:

Somehow, I suffered camnesia through most of the evening.  I didn’t even think to get photos of the cupcake creations until the kids had started eating.  I shrieked a “wait!” and then ran around the table trying to take pictures quickly.  They all looked at me like I had lost my marbles – which I suppose by that point I had.

They settled down for a movie and I wandered back and forth, making sure they were comfy, unafraid, watered, bathroomed, and given ample girl sleepover privacy.

I was totally relieved when 3 of the guests departed for the night.  The other 2 were spending the whole night with us, so as soon as I could I had them make their beds and brush their teeth.  I saw them to bed, turned out the light, and retreated to my own room where, through the open door, I could still hear their giggles and whispers for some time.

Sunday was spent recouping.  Ellette lazed around for the morning and then started playing with the trillion balloons that once held helium and had sadly sunk to the floor overnight.  I watched episode after episode of Once Upon a Time and worked on an afghan while Odin created a hanging garden on our back porch and planted Nasturtiums.

The afghan, by the way, is the Tech Square Afghan that I had started in January of 2011, with the intention of finishing it in the space of a year.  Last week, just before heading to knit night, I sat in my studio wondering what in the world I was going to take with me, picked up and put down several balls of yarn and WIPs before remembering this afghan.  I loaded the bag and took it with me.  Sunday saw the completion of another square, which needs to be blocked.  But I finished this one on Thursday:

Now I only have two squares to go – the intarsia and the fair isle.  I have been putting them off as the most fiddly and I didn’t like the geometric pattern in the intarsia one.  I tried to map my own and ripped it out twice before tossing the yarn aside today in a tangle of bobbins and circulars.

It feels good to be working on old projects.  I am looking forward to getting this one done and out of the way.

Games in Q Basic

I have discovered that if I take my UFOs to knit night – the ones that only need the ends woven in, or something sewn on – I have a much higher chance of actually finishing.  For instance, the Tetris afghan has been lounging around my house for a solid two weeks, waiting patiently for the loose ends to be woven in.  I would make feeble attempts here and there, but could never bring myself to just get it over with.

After two hours and one beer at knit night, it is finished.  I was so happy, I had to show everyone as they walked by.


This morning, I took it to work with me, where I was able to package and meter it without leaving the office.  It is now on it’s journey to California to warm a friend of mine.

The construction is fairly simple – mitered squares that are worked together as you go along.  It makes for quick knitting, and the color changes keep it interesting.  It is almost fully reversible.  I would be interested in seeing the picked up stitches done in black, so that every square has a border.

And it is finished with an I-Cord edging which nearly made me strangle myself from frustration.

There have been several requests for a pattern, which will be out next week if everything goes right.  There may be another pattern coming out before March as well.

In the meantime, I rewarded myself with more yarn and have begun mapping out the next project in my head, although it is not so much a Spring project.  Some of the others are, so I may have to get through this one real quick to get on to the others.

I would damn the inspiration, but you never know when it will decide to leave you.  So I will offer it a humble thanks.


Tuesday night, Ellette stumbled into the room and vomited.  I was just getting ready for bed myself.  What ensued was a night with a bucket and several loads of laundry.  Wednesday, she missed school.  This morning, I got received a call from the school office approximately 1 minute after signing in at work, informing me that another parent found Ellette laying down on the playground ( I would not have taken concern at this.  Kids are strange) and took her to the health office.  Ellette said she was feeling a teensy bit sick, and I got the call.  (I’m a little peeved that they didn’t take her temperature.  She was kind of pampered for suggesting she might not be able to stay in school.  WTF?)

So today was spent with a not-so-sick child (but still unable to be returned to school – district policy).  I’m kind of annoyed with her, and confined her to the couch with only the most boring of acitivities available.

In the meantime, I started work on a commission.  Unfortunately, it is going to take a few more days on the Tetris afghan.  (I’m bummed too – maybe).

This is going to be an interesting project for me:

The interest in this project is starting to wear thin.  Those scales are kind of fiddly and annoying.  Argh.

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