A couple years ago, I started doing an epic stash bust in preparation for my adventure.  I was determined to par down my stash to what I actually wanted, needed, realistically would use.  (This purge incited a panic attack in some of my yarn-hoarding cohorts, who quickly became the instigators in the yarn stores.  Having one who works for a dyer sure didn’t aide in this endeavor, either.)

Upon our arrival in Colorado, I unpacked several boxes of yarn, and one box of UFOs.  The UFOs sadly remain relatively untouched.  And, as my knitting time remains somewhat sparse, opening any of the other boxes has been a rare occurrence.  What I have managed to make has all been pulled from stash and was primarily destined for friends.  Two of those projects are still on the needles, but I’ve reached an “I’m too bored to go on” state with them.

And then, I found this crochet-a-long that captured my attention and I have been hooked (ba-dum-ching!)  Sorry, that was a terrible, yet irresistible, pun.


I keep going around and around, curious about the next color change and texture.  I really ought to be working on the two projects I have to ship out for friends.  I really should.

Let me just pour another tot of whiskey, sit in the sunshine, and get right on that.

My Distraction

I’ve been trying to knit and stash bust and work quickly because the holidays are approaching whether we like it or not, and several people close to me are expecting little humans.  Enter, the stash bust blanket.  I have this black/white boucle that someone gave me.  It was one of those giant bajillion yard skeins that came without a label, and it’s been sitting in my drawer without a project because, while I like the color and it is rather soft, I hate knitting with boucle.  It’s impossible to get stitch definition, and if you screw up, say goodbye to your project because there is no ripping back.


And then I thought about one of the babies we’re expecting in January, and how the mom is allergic to wool and what could I possibly knit from stash that is wool-free, and this yarn jumped out at me.  So, I’m making a simple garter stitch mitered square blanket.  This is great because I can stop when the yarn runs out and it will always be a square. I only hope that it is large enough to swaddle a tiny person in.  I think with vigorous blocking it will be fine.

And strangely, this project has been addictive.  Maybe it’s the excitement for having a little human to put it around.  Or maybe it’s the softness of the fiber.  Or maybe it’s that I really, REALLY, want to get through my stash so I can finally go to the yarn store guilt free.

(To illustrate how addictive it’s been, I started this project before I left for Burning Man – completed a couple of inches, then picked it up again last Wednesday.  This is how far I got in 5 days.)

Bind Off Cast On

I started casting off the baby blanket on my lunch break yesterday.  Something about the size of the border just seemed right to me.  Looking at it all laid out (pictures to follow another day), I think it was a good move.  It looks a bit crumpled right now, because of the nature of chenille, so I want to block it a bit before I really show it off.  Maybe a nice steam blocking…


I have 4 balls of this yarn left and I really don’t know what to do with them.  I’m not a fan of the chenille.  It is super soft and great for the baby blanket, but doesn’t lend itself easy to inspiration or knitting – it’s a bit hard on the hands.  If you would like them, say the word and I will package the 400ish yards up and send them straight to you.  Otherwise, I fear they will be stuck in my stash for ages.


This morning, I was glancing about trying to figure out what to take with me on my day.  I always have a project to work on during my lunch break, but didn’t seem to find anything in my WIP basket that was small enough to take.  That’s not true – I grabbed the Bosc scarf and put that in my bag, then looked around for the pattern (why I didn’t keep it with the project, I have no idea).  I couldn’t find the pattern, but I did find Entrechat, which has been in my queue for a while.  I have a ton of single skeins of worsted, also, as well as a quickly growing god daughter and pregnant friends.  So I grabbed a set of needles, a ball of yarn, and the pattern and left the house.  I’m a few rows away from binding off the sleeves, and I’m super excited.  This is another project that may be knit up several times.


If I have it done by Sunday, you will definitely be seeing more of them.  This is Madeline Tosh Merino Superwash, which is absolutely marvelous to work in.

Pack, Unpack, Rinse, Repeat

Pack, unpack, rinse, repeat… Pack, unpack, rinse….  That has been the last couple of months for me and it has been glorious!!  I started packing Ellette for Burning Man while packing myself for the Aerial Dance Festival.  When I came home, I pulled out the extra goodies I had picked up on Pearl Street in Boulder and added them to her box.  Then, I went shopping for First Aid supplies and built an extensive kit for the Playa.  From there, I have been throwing my clothing and other things I think of into a pile in the corner, all to be packed over the coming days.  For now, I’m washing the stuff I took to Colorado, much of which will then go into the Burning Man Mountain.

In the meantime, I’m trying to wrap up projects on the needles.  I have a new project ready to take on the road with me, but I don’t want to abandon my summer knits.  I cast off the green socks (pictures still to be taken, sorry!) and committed myself whole heartedly to the green baby blanket (I seem to have a thing for green…).


I’m on the border, and I think it’s a death trap.  I did not count how many stitches I picked up, but the blanket is fairly big, and all four sides are on my needles right now.  I feel like I’m man-handling a fuzzy jellyfish.  I have only managed 5 rounds for the border, with each round taking about 20 to 30 minutes.  I don’t know how wide I want the border, but right now it looks silly, so I’ll just keep going.  I still have 4 balls of yarn so it could last a while.  Unfortunately, none of the photos are really appealing because the magnitude and pattern aren’t really visible in it’s current state.  If I do two rounds a night, it should be done within a week.  I think.

Thoughts on a Tuesday

I’m so close to being done with the baby blanket that it has practically become an addiction.  It’s only *not done* because the obsessive compulsive side of me would like it to be a real square, so I keep measuring the cast-on edge to the length I’ve knit so far and estimated I’m not done yet, a few more repeats, a few more rows.  Once that’s done, I want to add a border.  I’m debating a garter stitch border to keep it simple like the main checkerboard design, or a more intricate border that pops against the monotony of the blanket body.  Thoughts?


You will be relieved to hear that I found Jeana’s cardigan.  It was in a bag with balls of Sugar ‘n Cream so that I didn’t realize it was there.  Those silly house pixies are more clever than I thought.  I will have to keep a better eye on my knits.

Sad to say that besides the monotony of checkerboard knitting and the victory in finding a lost wip, all that is happening in my world is Burning Man planning, with the awareness to start throwing clothing into a suitcase as I think about what needs to be packed for the Aerial Dance Festival, as I leave at the crack of dawn on Saturday.  More headway will be made on this later this week.

Something to Wrap Up In

There are babies on the way.  (Not me! Don’t worry!)  I am excited because some of these babies are in close proximity to me.


I think what I am enjoying most about that is the knitting.  Baby things use a small amount of yarn and time to produce, so I feel perfectly justified purging my stash to make tiny little things to put them in.


Floating in my stash for close to a year has been a few hundred yards of this cotton chenille someone gave me.  I am putting it to use in a one-off blanket.


This is my mindless knit, a simple little basket pattern on size 8s.  It’s moving along nicely, and I’ve only reached the second ball (of like….8) so I know I will have enough yarn to see it to the end (famous last words, as I live and breathe).  It’s promising to be a sizeable blanket to wrap a wee one in, and super soft and totally washable.  My biggest problem? There are so many babies right now, I don’t know who to give it to!

Baby Charm

This past weekend we went to see the baby and her happy, exhausted parents.  She worked her infant charm on everyone, as babies do.  I had her model the atrociously small number of hand knits i have been able to make her so far, and vowed to make her many more in the coming months.  (It did snow last night, after all).

The blanket is Doily with a Spiral, knit on US 6 needles in Knit Picks Comfy Worsted, colorway Fairytale.  I like this yarn overall – a good heavy non-wool that washes easily.  My first choice when picking something for the baby.

Now I have to start making the sweaters and rompers and other cute baby necessities.


(The bonnet, by the way, is from Jane Austin Knits Fall 2012).


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