Prep Work

I have been over here questioning the wisdom of my decisions.  8 days in the desert? Really?  Nothing available to me if I forget it?  The idea of not having enough water, or food, or stable shelter is a little worrying right now.  Ironically, I was completely fine and stress free until a coworker stated that he would be losing his mind if he were in my shoes.  I couldn’t sleep last night.

When I got home from work, I set to further food prep.  I had picked up a dozen apples, sent them through the slicer/peeler/corer.


And set them to soak in lemon juice and water so they wouldn’t turn brown.  While they were soaking, I worked on other prep stuff – gauging how much food I had and whether or not it will be enough (I alternately go from thinking “Whoa, this is a lot” to “Oh my god, this can’t be enough for a week!”)  I also cleaned the house, because I don’t want to leave for so long and leave a mess for my roommates to deal with.


Once the apples were good and soaked, I placed them on trays in the dehydrator.  My house is loving this machine – from dried strawberries, to mangoes, to vegan jerky (more on that later), it has constantly been in use by just about everyone in the place.  Our kitchen smells amazing!


I kept them drying at a high heat, shuffling them around to make room for more rings, and turned the heat down low before going to bed.  They are all done now, and looking delicious.  I still feel like I have so much more to do.  Knitting time has gone out the window (which is probably a shame, because if I spent more time knitting I might not be so worried), and I’m packing and making lists and labeling boxes and trying to think of what I’ve forgotten.

But I know it’s going to be wonderful.  It will work itself out in the end.  We will leave on Saturday, and I will chew my fingertips to the nib and get a little antsy on the freeway and maybe say a few snarky things to my driving companion along the way (sorry about that in advance, dear).  We will pull up to the gates on Monday and I will probably get out of the car and jump around in anticipation (and from being in a car for 48 hours), and the next week will pass in a colorful, sunny, chatty, hug-filled, dusty blur and you will be given dozens upon dozens of photos to prove that it happened, and all of this frantic prep work was totally worth it.

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