A Much Needed Quickie

I have several projects ongoing that feel like they are taking forever.  Truthfully, it’s more likely that they are taking so long because I’m jumping between several long projects, stretching out each already time-consuming task five times.  This weekend, anticipating spending most of the weekend in the car on a not-so-fun road trip, I wound a ball of yarn and started what I hoped would be a quick knit.


The pattern is Autumn Leaves, and was so easy and quick to knit up.  The yarn is Linsilk – a nonwool, linen and silk blend yarn that I actually enjoyed knitting with.  However, I foresee it pilling if washed too aggressively.  All that is left is to sew the sleeve seams and add 3 little buttons and it’s finished – fast enough for me to regain some knitting mojo and keep trucking through some projects I really want complete, and some that I’ve promised others I would do.

The Follow Your Arrow shawl is stalled as I was trying to decide which option of the 5th clue I was going to use, and I was a little dismayed about those choices (more to come on this).  However, I am going to finish up the Over the Rainbow one starting this weekend so I can wear it for our trip to Seattle at the end of the month.

I have also promised to knit a shawl for an indie dyer to use as display, and I have the yarn, but not the pattern.  I’m hoping this will be on the needles for the plane ride and city wandering in Seattle.

And, I have one wee little sweater to seam up for a Ravelry friend, which I’m hoping will be completed by Saturday.

In between all of that is a bag design I’ve been working on for publication, and another little bag design that I’m trying to work out as a gift.

Besides all of that, Burning Man tickets will be on sale soon, and thinking about my summer plans has caused an influx of inspiration.  I want to get all of the necessary things off the needles and out the door so I can start working on those designs.

Finally, A Finished Object

I was up until well past my bedtime on Saturday, determined to finish this lovely little item.  I had figured out who it was going to  be for, and Sunday was going to be the last time I see her before the babe is born.  I’m glad I had the thought to bring the item with me so I could finish it up, and even remembered my bucket bin!


This is the Summer Pelisse from Jane Austen Knits.  I used a cotton yarn (the name escapes me at the moment) in cream to work up this adorable summer cardigan.  I was giggling while sewing in the puff sleeves.  I adore puff sleeves.  I want them on everything, but on most adult garments, they tend to look silly.


The horseshoe lace is a mindless pattern for me.  I don’t have to think about it anymore.  This cardigan is designed with just a little bit of ruffle at the top of the lace.


I’m not quite sure how I feel about the drawstring.  I’m not sure if it’s actually useful or practical, since my experience with babies is that they like to grab and pull.


The buttons are simple purple ones I found in my stash.  They were perfect – that excellent pop of color, feminine, but not over the top.

When the mother received the gift on Sunday, her reaction was the best.  A sharp gasp and her eyes went wide and that drawn out “awe” followed, and continued, and then there were tears.  She is 8 months pregnant, after all.

I love this pattern so much that I am making a larger one for my god daughter, and I will probably make a third for her sister.  I have to knit quickly to finish it all before other responsibilities take over.

Little Things

The three day holiday weekend yielded an almost complete baby cardigan.  It is on the blocking board now.


I am incredibly enchanted by the tiny puff sleeves and can only imagine how they are going to look on an actual infant.


Speaking of, I was thinking this would be a nice summer wardrobe addition for my goddaughter Jeana, but when we saw the crawling fiend this weekend I realized that it wouldn’t fit.  Rather than rip out the entire body of the sweater, I decided simply that it would be for some other baby and a new, larger one would be made for Jeana.  I don’t mind, as this is a love pattern to work from – easy, straightforward, a little mindless.


Classy and simple, yet interesting and girly.  I want one for myself!  The pattern: Summer Pelisse.  All that remains to be done is the seaming and chain for the eyelets around the waist and arms.  It shouldn’t take too long, right?


The other knitting – the secret knitting – is coming along nicely.  My designs have stewed long enough in my head, with charts and calculations done here and there.  All that I need to do is buckle down and knit.  I’m getting awfully excited about what appears to lie ahead.  Every twist and turn will be an adventure.

Pleasant Distraction

Some of the projects I have underway at the moment need to be kept secret, and that means that the blog would essentially be going dark until I finished.  But that isn’t any fun.  Last night, at knit night, I started a Summer Pelisse for, well, whichever baby comes first. I know so many pregnant women at the moment, I can’t get my head wrapped around how much baby knitting is necessary.  I still have lots of goodies I want to make my little goddaughter (who is now crawling, for the love of wool!)  This may be for her, it all depends on what size it is when I am done.


More things underway, and I promise to keep one active project that I can show you while I knit quietly in the dark over here.

Perhaps You Can Help

I have a problem.  I want to make Ellette a sweater for Christmas.  I don’t usually make Ellette things (outside of hats and toys), so something she can wrap herself up in would be awesome.

I bought a skein of Cascade Eco + when I was in the Windy Knitty, because it fit my price range, was the perfect shade of variegated lavender and was a bulky wool.

Now, I am searching scouring Ravelry for the perfect pattern.  But I can’t find it!  This is what I get for starting this one last.

I want something sort of like a swing coat, with a loose bottom and cuffs.  Not flared, I think that would get in the way, just not fitted.  I was hoping for something seamed, so the weight of the wool wouldn’t stretch it out of shape, and with a couple of buttons at the top, or a tie.  Preferably, using only 478 uds of yarn too.

All I am finding are baby sweaters, sweaters at the wrong gauge, or not quite right sweaters.

If I were a better designer, I would just say I can make my own.  And, at any other point in the year, that is exactly what I would say.  I have one week to pick a pattern and make it before we leave.  I can work on it in the car during the 13 hour trip and block it in Virginia, but hiding it from Ellette would be quite an undertaking.  I could ignore blocking it until we get home, however.

Anyway, what I am thinking, and perhaps whoever is reading this with more knitterly wisdom than myself can direct my choices and maybe tell me a good way to modify the patterns…

I found this old photocopy in a pile of really old knitting books a friend gave me:

The Best Friend Cardigan











I think I can meet gauge if I hold the yarn double, and should have enough from one skein of Cascade Eco +.

I love the shape and design of the Garter Yoke Cardi from Knit.1 Fall/Winter 2008:











But that would require some serious modifying on my part.

Similar to that are these cardigans for babies:

Garter Yoke Baby Cardi (Check out her blog!  It’s fun!)

And Swing Thing









I think that last one might be the closest I have come.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I’m getting awfully desperate.  And don’t sit back, waiting for me to have a meltdown because you think it would be funny.  That’s just cruel.


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