When You Lose Your Needles

I’m working away at my bag jump Ravellenic Game challenge.  It’s almost large enough to start the edging, but not quite.  My biggest obstacle at the moment is that I seem to favor size 8 needles, which means all of my circular needles are in use elsewhere – specifically in one project, my stash busting domino afghan that I’ve slowly been working on (and for some reason have not photographed or written about it).


All of my stitches are getting squished together on double-pointed needles as I work around and around. I am getting more and more worried that I’ll be dropping stitches soon, but I’m almost ready to decrease again, so maybe I’ll be alright.

I really like the pop of green against in the purple berry tones.  I wonder how dramatic it is going to be once the bag is felted.  The shift between the two shades of purple is not as dramatic as I was expecting, so we’ll see.  I’ve decided to try out a zipper closure instead of a button or snap.  I don’t work with zippers much, so this will be a better challenge – stick with me as I push myself over the edge.

Besides the needle obstacle, it’s been a fun, interesting, and quick project (she says before daring the zipper to a duel).  I can’t wait to type it up and offer it to the world!

Casting on with the Olympics

The winter Olympics have begun, and with that – the Ravellenic Games.

The biggest downside to not owning a TV is that when I want to watch things in real time (like the Olympics) it’s really difficult.  I have to stream everything – which is fine 90% of the time.  Just not today.

My challenge to myself is two-fold.  Firstly, I am going to actually design something that’s been in my head for awhile.  I cast on over my lunch break:


Secondly – I want to make my new niece some girly clothing.  I have a sweater and yarn ready to go.

I also need to keep working on my Arrow shawls.  The next week in knitting is going to be eventful.

What’s your challenge?

NaKniSweMo Day 30 (or) I Win

Coming in at a total of 67,886 stitches, I’ve completed my Aran with little time to spare.  Luckily, I had someone on hand to model the finished garment (and think about waffles in the process).  I’m overall pleased with the finished item, I’m only concerned about the sleeves being long enough.


This is the Aran for Frederick – something that has been in my queue for a couple of years.  It was delightful to knit, even with the miscrossed cable disasters.  I’ll give more of a background to this sweater after it is in the hands of the recipient, but know that it is a huge relief to me for it to have been completed.

The yarn is Berrocco Vintage in color 5175 (so original).  I adore this yarn.  It’s wonderful for projects that are going to see a lot of use, since it’s wool and acrylic, washable, but soft and warm.

And, now that November is over, I don’t want to pick up a set of needles for a few days.  I don’t really want to touch yarn for a while.  This was a lot more intense than I anticipated.

NaKniSweMo Day 29 (or) There May Be Hope

I had absolutely nothing to do today, so that’s what I did.  Nothing.  Except for knit.  I can’t believe how far I was able to get today.  The yoke is done, and the right shoulder saddle has been started.  I am only 5,000 stitches away from completion, which is a lot farther than I was expecting to be, and makes completing this thing by midnight tomorrow a strong possibility.


I’m so excited!  The only thing I’m not excited about is how narrow the torso seems.  I keep telling myself (and others) that it will stretch.  It still needs to be blocked, and it will stretch more than I think.  I hope I’m right!

Total Stitches Knit: 63,406

Percent Complete: 93%

Total left to knit: 5,048

Keep rooting for me!

NaKniSweMo Day 27 (or) It Finally Looks Like a Sweater!!

I’m a little ashamed to admit that last night was when I joined the body to the sleeves (hence, not wanting to post about NaKniSweMo for a few days).  I’m behind.  I finished the second sleeve over the weekend,  but ended in a different place than sleeve one.  Since Sleeve 2 was perfect and we all remember the grief sleeve 1 gave me, I ripped out about half of sleeve 1 and reknit it.


But now everything is on track again and I’m so relieved to have finally put the pieces together.  This has renewed my desire to complete this sweater, and I am working my little butt off trying to finish by Saturday.  I have a ways to go but 3 days off, so maybe it will even out.

Total stitches knit: 54,448 (of 68, 454 – that’s another thing, my math was off again in my spreadsheet, but I didn’t realize until I got to the yoke)

If I can knit 4,668 stitches per day, I can do this.  Seeing as how I’m working about 300 stitches per 15 minutes, I’ve got around 12 hours of knitting left.

Hmm…does it look narrow to you?  It looks narrow to me.  Oh no.

NaKniSweMo Day 22 (or) I’m Always Behind

I can see progress, just not as much as I hope to.  The sleeve has 30 more rounds until it is complete.  I estimate about 20 rounds for the body, and then the join.  Can I get through it tonight?


Total Stitch Count: 43,612

NaKniSweMo Day 21 (or) Second Thoughts

I’m about halfway through the second sleeve right now, and so far I cannot see a cabling error.  This is a giant sigh of relief, but I am cautious to become too relaxed, since the cables have already proven to be sneaky little mongrels.  I stayed up so far past my bedtime that by the time I went to bed, I was too wired to get much sleep, and had strange dreams about all manner of things that have been on my mind lately.  From circus, to people, to fiber tumbling everywhere, I can’t make sense of anything.


I have a total of 40,208 stitches completed, with 4,452 in this sleeve alone (the total for the sleeves is 9,996, and for the sweater 61,582).  That sees the sweater at 65% complete, with November being 70% complete.  Yep, I’m consistently behind.

I really just want to be done with the sleeves and the body, so I can get to the yoke – that point when the sleeves join the body and it becomes recognizable as a sweater, when the end shows itself for the very first time.  According to sleeve 1, sleeve 2 has around 74 more rounds before it is complete.  I’m not sure how much more for the body of the sweater (I’m still 2 inches short).  Is it too optimistic to want that portion done by Saturday, so I can start the yoke this weekend?

I’m really starting to wonder if I can complete this in time.

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