Some of the costumes came in for our recital next month. I’m so excited! They are beautiful!


Halloween Pattern Sale

Eek! I just realized how little time there is before the costume parties begin!  I have one on Friday and two on Saturday (one of which is a Vaudeville Burlesque party that I am hosting).  Not to mention the actual day of Halloween when the school has a party followed by after-school trick-or-treating.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve waited until now to start your costume planning.  While I have had ideas of what to do this season, actually getting my butt in gear to make it a reality just started.  What you want is something quick, easy, preferably inexpensive, and bonus points for something you can wear throughout the rest of the fall season (unless it’s super cheap – than a one-time costume is totally cool).

Now through Halloween night, I am offering 25% off any of my “Costume” patterns via Ravelry (You can also go to my “Patterns” page on this blog and receive the same discount).  No coupon code necessary!


You could be a fearsome Dragon Slaying Pirate


An unfortunate victim of the Zombia Apocolypse


A sneaky sweet little witch

And more, like the Faery Gauntlets or Pumpkin Beret for something a little more versatile.

This is my favorite time of year, so you bet I’ll be posting pictures of my costumes for all of the parties!  What are you dressing up as?


Under the Sea

This past weekend saw me dressing up as a mermaid for a benefit for the Actor’s Gymnasium.  I was telling stories about all manner of sea creatures to adults at the event.  Somehow, it was difficult to get kids to sit and listen to stories.  Overall, I think this was one of my more challenging venues.  I felt unprepared – this character and stories were all created in less than a month, and the last few days saw me frantically sewing the costume and making a cheat sheet notebook to carry at the event.  I also felt that, compared to the contortion and acrobatics and aerial work that was being done as well, I didn’t stand out.  It was still a great learning experience for me, and I know that a reached a few people, not to mention I have a cute mermaid costume now.  I’m looking forward to developing this character more.


Initially, I was going to have a monofin on the bottom so I couldn’t move, but I ran out of time and improvised as best as I could.  I took different colors of iridescent tulle and organza, cut it in a spiral, singed the edges so they wouldn’t fray, and sewed them to the bottom hem.  Then, I made over the knee leg rompers for a “fin” like appearance when I walked.  I spent so much time on the skirt that I lost inspiration for the top and ended up going with a simple bandeau.  The jewelry is stuff I made years ago and the hair falls were made by a me a few weeks ago.  I’m excited that the costume can also come with me to Burning Man.

I took Sunday off as a day to myself because the past few weeks have been fast paced and more than a little stressful.  It was the best choice I’ve made in a while.  I cleaned, I finished laundry, a got rid of boxes of give-away stuff from the massive purge of Ellette’s bedroom, and I knit.  I would have finished the adorable baby cardigan if I could have found it. (Even though I cleaned, the house pixies seemed to have stolen my knitting).  Instead, I worked on a baby blanket (one pattern repeat and a border away from being finished!), I blocked a secret knit (and picked out buttons), and finished and blocked a Burning Man knit.  I also stash busted some chunky rainbow yarn into a waistband for another project, crocheted a couple of roses, cut out pieces for a unicorn costume, and sewed flannel jammy pants for Ellette for Burning Man.  I don’t know how I managed to squeeze ALL of that into one day, but I did.  I just hope that my remaining nights and weekends can see a similar warping of the time vortex.

Up this week is prep work for my trip to the Aerial Dance Festival – I leave bright and early Saturday morning.  I’m super excited about spending a week in Colorado exploring one of my passions!  Then a three week scramble to finalize details for Burning Man and pack.  I teach two workshops and spend 3 days working at the Renaissance Fair. I have a face painting gig on my birthday and immediately after, load up a rental vehicle and start the 2000 mile drive to Black Rock City.

And then summer is over.  Ellette goes back to school.  I resume my day job, my teaching schedule starts again (5 hours of aerial every Sunday, I’m really looking forward to this!) and somehow I have to cope with the “normal.”

I can’t believe time is passing so quickly!

One More Day to Enter the Giveaway!

Don’t forget about the beautiful wing giveaway I have for this month.  The winner will be picked at random tomorrow, but you have to follow certain instructions to be entered.



This is a charming set of wings that I want to send out into the world to show my appreciation for all of the wonderful people in my life (including you, reader!)  They are made of a heavy silk-ish fabric with purple chiffon/organza peeking through.  A purple spiral wire accentuates the center of these wings.



They flutter and flap as you move and breeze captures them.  The tie comfortably around your shoulders or by sliding down the back of a dress/bodice for a strapless appearance.


This is the important part!  To enter the competition:

I am giving you three chances to make them yours. Each action is an additional entry into the random drawing.

1) Follow this blog

2) Reblog this post

3) Share this post via a social media site (Facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.)

Then, leave me a comment on the original post saying that you did one (or all) of these entry requirements and your name will be added to the hat.

If you are already following the blog and would like to be included, leave me a comment letting me know!

Thanks and good luck!


Completely unrelated to the yarny endeavours of late, I have been cleaning up the studio area in preparation for people moving in.  This means I have been organizing, cataloging, photographing, and uploading fairy wings.


Not your typical, store-bought wings – these are individually handcrafted, one-of-a-kind creations by yours truly.  They use different mediums, from fabrics to papers to other weird things like monofilament and ribbon and moss.


They are lightweight and durable, with heavy gauge wire threaded through key parts of the wings to offer firm structure while still allowing the wings to flutter beautiful as you move. 


The paper ones are made from recycled materials, are then hand-painted and coated with a polymer resin to make them water and UV resistant.


They are now on Etsy for purchase, along with a slow progression of more as the week continues.

Want to make them yours?  Follow this link!

Just Another Pumpkin Post

I love autumn for the trees, and the apples, and the pumpkins.  I like the crisp air and colorful trails.


That’s what’s been going on around here.  I am knitting like a fiend to restock popular items before my last weekend at the Farmer’s Market.  Ellette still does not have a Halloween costume.  I want to be a zombie Isadora Duncan but don’t have a party to go to.



Perhaps part of the reason I like this time of year is because I begin to feel everything slowing down.  That means I can focus on my family, my house, my own personal goals.



No Time At All

Yesterday I did not get as much done as I was hoping.  I made a really noble effort towards the laundry, and ended up getting sidetracked as I prepared for and attended the end-of-year picnic.  We had so much fun and spent a lot longer there than I had anticipated.  We didn’t get home until pretty late, and by that time everyone was tired and ready for bed.  I stayed up a bit longer working on wings and stuff, but the desire to work was fleeting.

I did finish and mail the custom set.  This fabulous little pair is on its way to a little mud fairy somewhere.  I hope she likes them.

They were more difficult than I had anticipated.  I encountered a number of obstacles that made me want to throw them out the window.  But I persisted.

They still are not quite what I was going for, but I think it’s the best I’m going to be able to accomplish.  Maybe at the end of my season I will invest more time in this technique.

We are just about all packed.  I did a TSA purusal to find out exactly what I can and cannot put in my carry-on luggage.  I discovered this helpful note here, stating that knitting needles are permitted aboard flights.  I printed it out and have it tucked into my sock bag so if any of those evil, over-zealous TSA agents tries to take away my needles and I can whip it out and gobsmack them with it.  They don’t want to mess with me.

In no time at all I will be on a plane and heading to a wonderful vacation.  That’s where you will hear from me next.

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