How to Steal from a Knitter

1. Stare blankly as she picks out yarn for her new project.

2. Tell her she’s weird for her choice in color.


3. Ask her what she is making and give her the crazy look when you hear the response.

4. Grudgingly touch the softness of the yarn because she is so excited about it, but don’t confirm that it is in fact cloud like.


5. Walk away once she casts off her project and wait for her to begin her quest for a tapestry needle to weave in ends.

6. Grab the finished item, try it on, and declare that it its the most beautiful thing you have seen and you will never ever take it off.


7. Avoid flying needles and yarn.



Sometimes You Need to Make Your Own Rainbow

I was in a bit of a dark place yesterday afternoon.  I have a pretty good idea why, but I couldn’t figure out what to do about it.  Those slumps are hard places to be, and harder to get out of.  I was about to head over to a friends house for the evening but contemplating calling it off.  I wasn’t feeling up for socializing.  There was a little voice in the back of my mind – a tiny, squeaky thing that I can ignore most of the time – but it was telling me that right then, in the state I was in, I needed to go out and be with friends, more than anything else.  So, I wanted a piece of knitting to take with me that was mindless, quick, and happy – something that take me out of the dark place.  Then I remembered this really stellar yarn a friend gave me, and dove into the stash to find it.


A few false starts later, and I was knitting away at what I hoped would turn into some sort of cowl.  This yarn is ridiculously soft and squishy.  The fuzz is fantastic and fun, but doesn’t get everywhere which makes it amazing in my book.  The colors are incredible – so vivid and eyecatching.  This was the only ball I had and it did not come with a ball band.  If I knew what it was, I would run out to every store possible and buy it up.  I want to hoard this colorful, soft stuff for my rainy days – make a roomful of pillows to plop down in when I feel like crying because there is no way to cry on something so beautiful.


Turns out, I needed a rainbow – so I made one.

In Which Something Is Finally Finished

The chaos of my knitting temperament of late means that a lot of things are on the needles – and none of them have appeared to be making their way off.  This was leading me dangerously close to a fiber snap in which some piece of innocent knitting was going to be thrown across the room, stamped on, maybe turned into a cat bed for a while, and then stuffed in a bag.  However, last night I made a great push to complete the project closest to completion, which has thankfully restored my desire to trudge forward.


And behold, draped around the neck of my besmircking youngling, the completed purple sparkly scarf-turned-inifinity-cowl for Ellette.  She loves it, which is good, because if she didn’t I may have just strangled myself with it.


The yarn is Polaris from Rozetti yarns.  It had the sequins stranded into the yarn directly, which made for easy knitting and adds the fun sparkly bit.  Honestly, though, I thought I would be in love with this yarn because on the shelf it was enchanting.  Knitting it up, however, was a bit of a pain.  The yarn is underplied and splitty and the sequins occassionally did not want to slide through the stitches easily.  I tried to make an invisible seam but the sequins kept getting in the way and puckering the yarn.  I finally ditched that effort in favor of a quick crocheted seam.


The stitch pattern is a simple seafoam pattern, which if you do a Ravelry search there are dozens of examples.  I believe this is the one that gave me the inspiration though.


I don’t really have anything else close to completion at the moment, so it’s back to trudging for me.

Quick Knit for Christmas – and a Coupon Too!

Because I am entrenched in miles up on miles of boring stockinette stitch, I am changing the pace a little bit.

If you are anything like me, and I assume you are a little because you are reading this, you will be furiously knitting (or crocheting) wonderful woollen creations for those you love.  At least, those you love who will not accidentally felt that gorgeous aran sweater or has abnormally large feet or whose favorite color is unicorn vomit pink.  I keep discovering things that I want to make for those people around me who adore and crave hand knit items, so my holiday list is getting longer and longer.  I am contemplating putting a cap on it (keyword being “contemplating”).

While I may not have hope left for me, there may still be hope for you, which is why I am offering you this promo; a discount on some of my quick knit, single skein patterns.

Up first: Keyhole Cowl


This little cowl is knit flat, on a bias. The ends are then sewn together, and stitches picked up around the top and bottom for a neat garter ridge.


It is great for layering, for wearing indoors when your office is chilly. And it only uses one skein of a heavy worsted/bulky weight yarn!

Just use coupon code QuickKnitKeyhole at checkout to receive $2 off this pattern.

Check in next Wednesday to find out what pattern is up next!

Presenting the Cascading Leaves Cowl!

I would like to introduce to you my latest pattern:  The Cascading Leaves Cowl:

This cowl is knit flat and joins the leaves as you work your way around.  It is a quick, easy knit – using only 62 yards of bulky yarn and basic knitting techniques.

The simple construction allows ample room for personalization.  Use thinner yarn and add more repeats to make a delicate, lacey cowl.  Add more repeats to make a slouchier cowl.  Make a long chain with a simple join to make a wonderful scarflette.  It’s all up to you!

Little Green Pixie is proud to introduce your new favorite winter accessory: The Cascading Leaves Cowl available for immediate download on Ravelry.  Coming soon to Etsy.


I know I failed to deliver on Monday with pictures of the weekend.  It wasn’t until early evening that I discovered I left my camera sitting in my yarn basket sitting under the counter of the juggling shop at the fair.  I think that is fine, since I was only out on Sunday and on Sunday it rained the entire time.  There really were no good pictures, although somewhere floating in the world wide web are photos of me pretend jousting on a zipline.

By the time I made this discovery, it was already late, and I had sort of been in a slump all day.  Work had been exhausting, and I had personal things to deal with that I was not happy about, and upon arriving home, attempted to craft.  I started a new project, deciding it would look nice in crochet, and pulled it out because I started with too many stitches.  I tried again, and pulled it about because, this time, instead of making a rectangle I had started making a triangle (one of the reasons I dislike crochet).  Pulled it out, started over, counting every single double crochet across every single row.  I made it four inches before I realized that, not only would I not have enough yarn for the project, but I hated the pattern.  I pulled it out, rewound the yarn, and fetched my knitting needles.  Cast on once, cast on too many stitches, pulled out.  Cast on again, realized I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t like whatever my hands had improvised, pulled it out.  Flipped through stitchionary to no luck, cast on again anyway, created a rather pleasing zigzag.

The cowl on the left is a seed stitch and the one on the right is the hellion from Monday.

In any case, the slump was not condusive to blogging.  I was rather upset all evening for no apparent reason and Odin took the brunt of it for a moment.  Sorry.

I could have blogged yesterday, and I had every intention of doing so, but I was having data connectivity problems with my phone and couldn’t upload anything.  Besides, I got into the zone of crafting and didn’t stop until 11pm.  At that point, I was pretty tired and fell into bed.

This morning, I remembered to take photos of the things I have been working on in order to share them with you so I could blog.  The above is the product of a few days work.  And this is the other thing:

I have been working on these all summer, but just recently began adding the finishing touches.  I have a handful of them complete, and for the rest, I just need to sew on flowers, buttons, and any other embellishment I can think of.

Tonight, it is all zombie for me, as I have yards of pink cording to sew into the dozens of zombie hats I have been cranking out.  Not to mention, wings and tutus to wrap up, a number of tiny top hats that need to be sewn to headbands, and a baby blanket that only has a few rows completed.

This weekend marks the last weekend of the Renaissance Fair, which I am a little bit relieved for (maybea lot relieved – I’m exhausted), and I will be happily managing the juggling shop for Rebecca.  Unfortunately, this means that I won’t be spending much time walking around, getting photographs.  Since it is a three-day weekend, whatever photos I have will be uploaded on Tuesday.  I’m thinking about getting a couple of appropriate after-hours shots as well, since that is a seldom seen side of the fair.

This may be my only post of the week – I will see how much I complete before I leave Friday evening.

In Sight

The finish line is in sight!  I am finishing up a custom order as we speak and begin working diligently on the sweater for Ellette.  I still have a small amount of the Phedre mittens to complete and put in the mail before we leave on Thursday, but Hope springs eternal.


This is the Honey Cowl by Madelintosh.  I absolutely adore their yarns.  Although, the yarn I used was actually Lana Bambu from Cascade (if you follow the link, the color I used is number 17.)  I used two skeins to make a fat cowl long enough to wrap twice.  And I dare not say who this lovely little piece is for, lest the recipient be reading and spoil the surprise.

I also had Ellette photograph the gifts for Odin’s mother.

This is the Leafy Muff, from Jane Austen Knits (which I am totally in love with.  I want to make just about everything in the publication!).  I believe the outer is Malabrigo, held double and the inner is Ariosa, by Classic Elite Yarns.  It’s a supersoft merino cashmere blend that I find delicious.  I know his mom is going to love it.

These are the mitts to go with the muff.  Belladonna, which is a wonderful pattern offered by Knit Picks.  This was relatively easy to knit up.  The most tedious portion was working the lace detail around the cuff.  After that, however, it was a piece of cake and went so quickly.

And for the record, I was totally freezing my bum off standing on the snowy beach with no jacket on just to get good photos of the knitting.

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