Strands of Technology

Last night, Odin pulled up this really amazing piece of technology.  We were watching videos of what innovative people have done with it, and I was awestruck.  In the past, we have geeked out about fibers together.  He asked for advice on sewing fiberglass fibers through layers of support to strengthen something (I didn’t get the gist of the conversation past fiberglass fibers, I was still wincing from the thought of handstitching something like this.)  I watched him use carbon fiber to strengthen the mast of his wind surfer (which he snapped in two by the end of the summer).  We talked about the use of spider silk, which unfortunately is not commercially produced that we could find.  However, I am curious about knitting with spider silk – what are the structural properties?  How would it feel on the hands? In a swatch?  Would it be similar to silk or would it be stiffer, heavier?

This discovery coincided with a post by Knitgrrl about knitting and e-Readers, and I spent my day considering where technology has taken Knitters, and where Knitters have pushed technology.  E-Readers have become rather popular in the knitting community because of their ability to store patterns and allow us to manipulate those patterns to suit our goals.

The latest edition of Knitty offers a really cool pattern for those of you with touch screen anything.  Touch screens make hand-knit mittens and gloves a little useless, as you have to remove the handwarmer to operate the phone or iPad or whatever.  Teknika is a pattern that utilizes Conductive Thread (available for purchase here) and combines it with stranded colorwork for a fashionable and useful glove in this modern world.

After doing some searching, we found Talk2MyShirt, a site focused on wearable technology.

The device that inspired this train of thought is the Arduino Lilypad, a small circular, programmable disk that can be sewn into just about anything and programmed to do just about anything.  This video on YouTube has a display of many things that it has been used for, and it is kind of mind-boggling.  One of the things that caught me off guard (and really shouldn’t have), was the assisted knitting purse, which holds patterns in it and relays them back to you via light sequences.  There are so many possibilities to incorporate this technology into our knitting, my head is reeling!

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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