Halloween Pattern Sale

Eek! I just realized how little time there is before the costume parties begin!  I have one on Friday and two on Saturday (one of which is a Vaudeville Burlesque party that I am hosting).  Not to mention the actual day of Halloween when the school has a party followed by after-school trick-or-treating.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve waited until now to start your costume planning.  While I have had ideas of what to do this season, actually getting my butt in gear to make it a reality just started.  What you want is something quick, easy, preferably inexpensive, and bonus points for something you can wear throughout the rest of the fall season (unless it’s super cheap – than a one-time costume is totally cool).

Now through Halloween night, I am offering 25% off any of my “Costume” patterns via Ravelry (You can also go to my “Patterns” page on this blog and receive the same discount).  No coupon code necessary!


You could be a fearsome Dragon Slaying Pirate


An unfortunate victim of the Zombia Apocolypse


A sneaky sweet little witch

And more, like the Faery Gauntlets or Pumpkin Beret for something a little more versatile.

This is my favorite time of year, so you bet I’ll be posting pictures of my costumes for all of the parties!  What are you dressing up as?


Photographing Fairies

It was the most fun I’ve had at a photo shoot yet, I think.

The kids had a blast, really getting into their characters – although it was a little more difficult getting Calvin into it than Ellette.  Go figure.

I, of course, had no trouble whatsoever.  We couldn’t stop giggling all throughout.


I am going to be making postcard adverts!  If you would like one sent to you when they are done, send me your mailing address via email at thewishingstar(AT)hotmail(DOT)com – changing the words for the appropriate symbols and there ya go!

Photographs taken by my friend Ted of Ted Glasoe Photography.

There is a Fairy in my House





Some time ago, I started making a pair of slippers to warm Ellette’s feet.  They were such a fast knit.  I put them through the wash to felt, did a little hand felting, and then abandoned them.  What had happened, I suppose, is that I realized the heel was a bit tight while I was hand felting and tried to stretch it out a bit before it could dry.  I pulled to hard, and the seam, which I had read was a very important seam to reinforce (but, obviously, didn’t reinforce) split.  Discouraged, I dried the slippers and threw them in my UFO pile.

Well, while reading a book on fairies with Ellette, I realize these slippers would make fantastic Tinkerbell shoes.  So, I sucked it up, got out the thread and pompom maker, and fixed them up.  She loves them.  Wears them whenever she is in the house.  She loves dressing up and has quite a collection of clothes with which to do so (and a mother who keeps adding to the collection with every thrift store run), these slippers are perfect.  She wants me to make them in every color!

I must say I do enjoy watching her prance around the house in them.

The Pattern: French Press Felted Slippers by French Press .  I used the helpful notes from sarahlauren to turn the adult sized slippers into a child’s size 1.  Instead of putting the band and button across the top, I made two large pompoms to sew down.  Yarn was Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Evergreen (I don’t remember what I used for the poms).

DaVinci’s Flying Machine

I finally have the photos to show you!  I am very excited, and I hope you enjoy!

(Wings are now available as a Made-To-Order set through my Etsy account.  Follow the link)


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