Something Finished

I finished something.  I did.  There was moment when I wasn’t sure if I would because of the way the colors were pooling.  This is the perfect commuter project though, and I love the end result.


Pooling is when colors start to group together in a project.  That happened here – in kind of an odd way.  If you look at this photo above, you will see three lines of rings.  I had no idea that colors were going to do this.  It just happened.  When it first happened, I was bummed, not sure what it was going to end up looking like.  After the second group formed, I rather liked it.  It adds some visual interest to an otherwise ordinary pattern.


What’s really cool about this pattern – the main draw for me – were the loops at the edge.  I had been dreaming up something like this for awhile, but could never land the perfect idea.  Then, I found Clincher, and knew it had to be done.


The skinny end of the scarf goes through the loops, making  an interesting scarf that doesn’t need to constantly be adjusted to stay put.


Sad to say, however, that I started something new.  The hood on Ellette’s sweater is just killing me.

The Finishing Touches

I’m wrapping up party planning for our epic birthday bash tonight, trying to wrap up packing for Burning Man (I think my food situation is taken care of, finally), and trying to gain control over my recent project explosion.  A lot of things have been cast-off, just not finished.  I seem to have deluded myself into thinking the bind off was enough and I could start something new.  Now, I have a half dozen almost finished projects taking up space and I really need to get them actually finished before we leave.


So, I’ve buckled in and set to work with my tapestry needle.   I’ll be seeing my goddaughter’s parents tonight, so I started with the baby things that will go home with them.  Over the next week, expect to see finished items.  I leave in 7 days!!

Finishing School

Last night, I completed the main body of the Tetris afghan and was startled.  I have been eyeing up several other projects, anticipating the moment when I could dedicate my time to them.  Instead, I finished the last square and immediately started picking up stitches for the edge.

Perhaps my subconscious realizes that if I were to stop now and move to something else, this afghan might not get finished.  Perhaps the demand for a pattern is pushing me along.  Perhaps I just need the sense of accomplishment.

What pushes you to finish something?


Almost Over

Last night, I cast off the last stitches of the scarf.

This morning, I grafted the two pieces together.

I pulled out the grafted stitches about four times, checked references, tried again, pulled it out, contemplated chewing scarf to little bits, and tried again. Realized the proper way to graft garter stitch would be to stop knitting one row before end.  Decided you wouldn’t notice the one row of stockinette after it has been blocked anyway.


Scarf needed before Halloween.  I will actually be in the same town as the recipient on the day of my Grandpa’s birthday, so  I hope to cross paths at some point and hand over a perfectly completed scarf.  17 days to go – and I have to weave in the ends, block, and add the tassles to the ends.

I realized about halfway through that I hadn’t been weaving in the ends as I went, and noted that this would have been the smart thing to do and it wasn’t too late to start.  And still I did not weave them in as I went.  Now I pay the price.

I am dreading these final stages.  My sanity will truly be tested.

So close!

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