I feel so far behind.  I really need to buckle down.

Yesterday, I finished the edges of the Celeste wings I had gotten framed and added what will become the spirals.  I finished putting the ribbons on two pairs, which gives me a grand total of 5 complete pairs of Celeste wings for this weekend.  At this point, putting the ribbon on is averaging me around 20 minutes, which means that for the remaining 9 wings (those that have been framed), I need 3 solid hours.  Will life leave me alone for three solid hours?  Probably not.

Of course, I still have other things to work on.

You saw the custom wings with the moss yesterday, but before I went to bed I checked them again and they didn’t look right.  Odin and I putzed around with a sample piece until we figured out a method that seemed to work.  When I checked it this morning, it seemed to be working right.  I am hoping to get phase 1 underway this afternoon.  It will still be a few days before I can finish them, which makes me sad.  They have already taken longer than I was anticipating.

Last night, Odin and I watched an episode of Man Men, and I did some needle felting while we did it.  I didn’t get one house done, but I am almost there.

It will have a strap, I just have to felt it.  Speaking of, I’ve got a few things going round and round in the washer to felt.  Tomorrow, hopefully, I will get to sew them together and be done.  I will, unfortunately, be missing knit night so I can crack down on work.

Tonight, I have my aerial class, and I can only hope that when I get home I will have enough energy to do a little crafting.  More felting or sewing or something.

It doesn’t help that I’ve got other stuff that needs doing that is totally unrelated to my shows.  Such as right now, I am writing this post while I’m on hold with the State of Illinois Department of Revenue, trying to figure out why my taxes were rejected.  I need to get an ID for Ellette to preempt problems of flying.  Not that I anticipate problems, I just want to be prepared.  The last thing I need is to get to O’Hell O’Hare and be told that I need proof of ID for Ellette.  This means tracking down a birth certificate (I know I have one somewhere, just not sure in which pile of paperwork) and taking the time out to go somewhere (where does one go for a non-driving ID?).

One for Me, One for You

This past week has been Spring Break, and I have not been posting as much as I should have, considering.  Not because there is a 7 year-old home, because there isn’t.  She asked to spend the week with my parents.  The house has been amazingly child-free.  I forgot how much you can get done when there isn’t another semi-helpless human being begging for your attentions.

I have signed on as a consigned artist for the Chocolate Festival in Long Grove the first weekend of May, as well as being accepted as a vendor/face painter at the Valpraiso Popcorn Festival come September.  Check out the “find the faery” page for the deets on those.

What this means is that the start of my season was brought forward a week, eliminating a much needed week of preparation.  But as it turned out, I had the house pretty much to myself this week – free from distraction.  And when my mind gets into the groove, I kind of never stop working.

For me, I made new curtains for the living room:

We have been talking about the fact that our plans have changed drastically since we moved here.  Where we had only intended on staying a year or two, we find ourselves anticipating a couple more.  This, for me, means that I need to actually turn our “house” into a “home” – a transformation Odin does not quite understand, but allows me to indulge in.  Our apartment was built in the 1890s.  Tall ceilings, tall and numerous windows, an antiquated heating system, and the remnants of a coal-burning fire place.  Odin and I are interested in steampunk – come on, take an engineer and a girl with a passion for lace and corsets, it was destined – so I want to add some of that punk and victorian aspect to our apartment.  The white curtains are just the first step.  But don’t worry, I will let you in on the rest of the transformation as it comes about.

For you:

Things are being made.  And quickly.  I have been forgetting to eat and then stopping to stretch, only to realize I’m ravenous.  I drink too much tea and then into the evening I start drinking wine to wind down so I can go to sleep.  My mind is reeling with everything I need to make, and everything I want to make, and how little time I have to do everything.

I have found it necessary to take at least 20 minutes each day to work on something “for me” – thus the curtains were finally done.  If I don’t do something non-work related, I start getting angry at my studio for the amount of time I am forced to spend in it.

Stick with me; this will be great.

Tiny Houses

This weekend involved loads and loads of laundry.  Ellette and I went through her closet and dresser and got rid of loads of stuff that she doesn’t want or doesn’t fit, and everything else went through the wash.  (I recently discovered a cup of fermenting apple cider in her room, and the fear of little critters nesting about meant that her room has been ripped to shreds in the name of sanitation).

Laundry means that the dozens of knitted things destined for felting went through the wash several times, including a new item I’ve been working on:

The one in back is too short and wide for my taste, so this morning I hunted for my needle felting supplies and started decorating it.  I wanted to know how difficult/long it would be to decorate so I can judge my remaining 7 weeks (yikes!) wisely.

Ellette even helped!  She made half of the butterfly on the roof.  I think I have to get her her own kit so I can have full use of mine.

Ellette is keeping this one, for which she was so grateful she picked me a bouquet of flowers this afternoon.  And I am set to work making dozens more.  *sigh*

What do you think?

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