Last Weekend

I fail.  I totally fail.  I really should have updated sooner, and I should have tried a little harder to take photos at the festival.  In my defense, I worked a 40 hour work week in 3 days.

Saturday rained.  Sunday and Monday were nice.  By Tuesday, I was pretty much dead to the world.  I slept a lot, and stayed in front of the computer knitting while streaming movies.  On Wednesday, I played the always-fun game of catch-up, because on Saturday I drive out to Valparaiso, Indiana for the popcorn festival.  Why did I decide to do that one?  it starts at an ungodly hour in the AM, which means I have to be awake at like…..4.  Really?  Clearly an indication of my mental instability.

In other news, school started without a hitch and I’m losing sleep trying to manage after school childcare on a budget so tight my wallet squeaks.  I’ve got some cool plans coming up for knitting, fairies, and my Etsy shop.  A couple of nice promos are on the way, as well as one or two new patterns, so keep an eye out.



Sixth Weekend

Fifth Weekend

I am sorry for missing yesterday, there were errands and appointments that took a lot longer than I expected, and I got home tired and a little cranky.

Third Weekend

Steampunk Weekend…

First Weekend




If I Ran the Zoo…

Oh wait, I do.

I came home from work today to find that someone had made a bold attempt at taking the trash out.  And failed horribly.  Oh they removed the bag from the trash can all right.  They did not tie it closed.  They did not put a fresh bag in the trash can.  They left the open, filled, bag – well really, bags – of trash, by the stairs and next to the couch, and promptly forgot about them.  I returned home to a living room that reeked of rotting foods, and a bag that had been nibbled on by the cat – who happened to have failed in cleaning it’s bottom properly before leaving the cat box and received both a bath and a smart tap on the behind for scooting her little behind all over my hard wood floors.  Mop and bleach in hand, I was given the “privilege” of cleaning the house.  I’m in somewhat of a sour mood.

If that hadn’t been the most recent thing to have happened, I would have said this beautiful spring day was entirely pleasant.  Work was engaging.  I knit more on the skirt (I now only have 14 stitches in the purl section). I made a hat for a co-worker who gave me a bag of yarn so long as I made her a hat:

It’s a 2×2 rib pattern so it stretches.  I know it looks a little silly here.  Like the yarn version of Cousin It or something.

I had a highly entertaining aerial class today.

This is really the only decent photo of me doing Spanish Web.  It is mighty difficult getting good action shots.  We were spinning. (Although, shortly, on Facebook, there will be a video clip of me doing the “fast spin” – which was very fun indeed!)  Other students in my class did this:

Look ma, no hands!!  I tried, but couldn’t get my foot in the right position, and hanging up there with your ankle being crunched in a loop, your hips all twisted, and the blood rushing to your head made it incredibly difficult and tiring while I was pulling myself upright.  Just in case you thought it was all fun and games, I had to give my feet a good foot soak to relieve the pain of rope burns:

Although, foot soak, soothing cream, and wine have lessened the pain considerably.

This afternoon, I took some of my juggling toys outside while waiting for Ellette to get off the bus, and the neighborhood kids all came over to learn how to play.  We all had fun, enjoying the sunshine and playing with Diabolo and Devil Sticks.

I am looking forward to the rest of the night nursing this bottle of wine and working on the skirt.  I keep getting trapped in the “just one more round” motif and losing sleep.

A Spoon Full of Sugar……or maybe whiskey

The most effective illness/bad day remedy I have ever come across was given to me in a little town called Glencolmcille in Co. Donegal, Ireland.  It was my first trip out of the country.  My first time flying for more than 2 hours.  And it was winter.  In Ireland.  I was a poor, 18 year old archaeology driven college student.  And I had caught a cold.  Remedy number 1: a trip to the pub for my first ever pint of beer.  Remedy number 2: a cup of hot whiskey.

Whiskey, lemon, clove, sugar, topped off with hot water.  I was in stuffy nose heaven.

Since that fateful day some years ago, I have prescribed hot whiskey to friends and self countless times.  It has always been my first choice when I can’t sleep, when I can’t breathe, and when I’m too exhausted to move.

And, today, my friends, was an all around bad day.  It started off bad.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to end bad.  And, with the exception of a burp of an hour on a trapeze, it was bad in the middle.  Sour milk bad.  Cat poo on the floor bad (which was my treat when I arrived home no less!)  And I am grateful that my 5 – almost 6 – year old recognizes that mommy needs some space and that we still have some Bunabhainn on the liquor shelf.

To that burp of an hour, however.  Today kicked off the start of my classes at the Actor’s Gymnasium.  For one hour every Friday I engage in aerial acrobatics.  While I have had minute experience with silks (thanks to, Tribal Circus and their adorable little girl Kia!), it has been some time since I was last as active as was required of me this afternoon.  At the time when I traded sitting for lessons, I had also taken 9+ hours a week in dance and yoga studies, worked on core strengthening, and juggled pretty much daily.  I was learning hula hoop (which couldn’t be taken off my hips on the nice sunny summer days) and basically, I had some pretty decent core, bicep, and leg strength.  Oh, and endurance.  That’s key.

So today, for this beginning aerial lesson (note: BEGINNING), I was not expecting too much demand to be placed on every single muscle in my body simultaneously.  I was expecting to gradually increase demands as the weeks commence.  I was very, very wrong.  I was required to work on several different maneuvers and combinations, working core, biceps, triceps, pecks, back (all of it), ankles, wrists, and hands.  By the end, when we were presented with the most complex set of instructions on the trapeze, I groaned and though my arms would fail.  In fact, in the middle of a maneuver, my arms started qwacking and I had to dismount quickly, and, well, unceremoniously.

All I wanted to do when I got home as lay down on the couch, watch TV, and knit.  Just knit.

But my arms were too sore to actually hold the yarn.  Or move the needles.


Followed closely by a cup of hot whiskey.  Maybe two…

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