Slowly But Surely

There is progress.  Not much, mind you, but it is noticeable.  I have had a very busy couple of weeks and knitting has not been high on my list of priorities, unfortunately.  If it were, I’m sure I would be in much higher spirits.


Most of what you see here was acheived Sunday morning, when for once, I had nothing scheduled and blissfully sat in the sunlight knitting away for hours.  I want to say I am about one third of the way complete.  I plan on working until I am almost out of yarn.

A Knit-A-Long

I don’t usually participate in Knit-Alongs.  That is partly because I don’t really have the time for it, and partly because many of the knit-alongs I have encountered are either too rigid, or I plain don’t like the pattern.  I cannot fathom spending time and money on an item I will not enjoy when it is complete.


Enter the lovely Anastasiamw over at For The Knit of It.  She recently posted about some very lovely scarves, and I commented that there was one inparticular I loved and mentioned that it would make a wonderful knit-along, because I was intending on knitting it anyway.  The idea stuck, and beginning today, we are starting the Bosc Scarf Knit-Along!


The Bosc Scarf (Ravelry link there) is a lovely cable pattern that I think looks like butterflies – hence it’s appeal to me.  I did a stash dive for the yarn and surfaced with this lovely worsted superwash merino, approximately 500 yards, in a deep mossy green, that I had purchased at Stitches Midwest last summer.

Unfortunately, this is as far as I’ve gotten so far.  I have sort of been taken down by a migraine, so I am moving slowly.  Heavy thinking is beyond me at the moment.

Want to join the knit-along?  It’s super easy.  Grab a copy of the pattern and join the Ravelry group.  Start at any point this month, and we are hoping to finish on the last day of March (but that is just a guideline – we all understand that life sometimes gets in the way).

Something New

This month I decided to branch out a bit and hit two birds with one stone (being vegetarian, I would rather not kill birds – I would rather not hit birds, but that is how the expression goes…)  First, I decided to join a KAL.  Not only that, but this KAL happened to involve a series of classes in it’s process.

The project?

The Tech Square Afghan.  This is an afghan composed of 12 squares, each exploring a different knitting technique – from Cabling to Fair Isle as well as finishing techniques.  In all, it will allow me to learn techniques I’ve never used as well as perfect the techniques I’ve been using for years.  (For instance, I finally know how to properly execute a provisional cast-on.  What a “Duh” moment that was!)

Once a month, a group of KALers get together at the Mosaic Yarn Studio to work on one square of the afghan together.  Seeing as how there are 12 squares to the afghan, it lines up perfectly with the 12 months in the year.  This project is going to take a loooooong time.  Haha.  My main goal of doing this is to get out and socialize as a 1) Knitter, 2) newbie to the area, and 3) young mom (it is difficult to find people – gals – I have a lot in common with; so knitting moms, no matter the age, I tend to bond with easily).

Well, January was Cables and Lace:

I am using Ella Rae Classic.  I don’t know what I was thinking with this weird Salmon color.  Originally, this skein was going to be used in the Selbu mittens, and next to the gray it looked great.  Then, I decided to go more classic with the mittens and substituted white instead.  So, when this KAL began and the shop suggested using Ella Rae, I thought: “Wonderful! I already have a ball I have no clue what to do with!” and so, the afghan commenced on a rather granny note.  I do not want this to end up like one of those whacked out acrylic afghans everybody’s granny made them in the 70s (you know you have one in your closet!).  I’m hoping to pump it up a bit with some more darker berry colors and maybe a cream and a brown to offset the colorful nature with some neutral tones.  The only thing I can really do now is wait and see how it develops every month.

Check in again mid-February for the next installment: INCREASES!

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